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Review: MAC Lazy Day Lipstick

Yikes, sorry for over-posting today, but I can't wait until tomorrow since these are selling out pretty quickly.
I've caved in and got one thing from MAC's To the Beach collection, and duh... it's a lipstick. I should feel ashamed at this point and stop obsessing about lipsticks. I've noticed that every time I get really stressed or annoyed I go out and get a lipstick. haha.. so yeah, today wasn't a good day for me :p

I was originally thinking of buying "Beachbound" and/or "thrills" along with lazy day, but none of them really appealed to me. Beachbound is definitely a beautiful pale peach lippie and I understand why everyone is going crazy over it, but it just doesn't fit my face. I tried it on and it DOES look like I literally went to the beach and had a mouthful of sand. My lips look too grainy and dusty-dirty looking, even though the lipstick is a glaze. It brings out the yellow and redness around my mouth (old acne scars and such) and makes my mouth area all dirty and weird.
But nonetheless, here's a small swatch of beachbound along with lazy day and one of the lipglasses.

Okay, enough of beachbound - let's get on to Lazy Day.
Lazy day is a Lustre finished lipstick described as a light dirty blue pink by mac. I think it has a bit of a grayish hue to it too. It's more on the smokier pink side than bright and light.
It's hard to see with the naked eye, but this lipstick has a bit of silvery flecks in it.

A lot of people assumed that it was similar to Lady gaga lipstick or Angel, but I think it's neither. If you look at the tube, the color looks almost identical to Angel, but when you swatch it it's totally different. Lady Gaga doesn't even get close to Lazy Day's color.
I think the closest match I can get with my lipsticks is Aloof from MAC (discontinued). Aloof is super sheer but Lazy Day is even more! All swatches were swatched three times on the back of my hand and you can see how sheer Lazy Day's pigmentation is.

Let's see how it swatches on the lips. It's definitely not a "stand out" pink. I had to swipe and swipe over and over again on my lips to get the color going.
Ha, sorry - I didn't have any makeup on and wasn't in the mood to take pictures with my glasses on. But as you can see it's a very subtle pink color that's not as bright or neon as Gaga or other light pink lipsticks.

The texture is extremely creamy and isn't drying at all. The only problem is the weak pigmentation. And because of that I had to pile on a lot of lipstick, which resulted in the lipstick sliding around. So when I talk or open my mouth - the lipstick would have a line of goo across my lips. :( not good.

Other than that, if you like light pinks that aren't screaming for attention - this could be a great lipstick. :)
If you like brighter, bolder colors - you should pass on this one.


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  1. hahah i normally only listen to what u suggest when it comes to lipstick! seeing that u and i have similar skin tones :D when the to the beach collection comes out over here, im definating getting the lady day lipstick, it looks really good on you!

    ahah the picture of u is mad cute :)



  2. love that pink on you.Your skin looks great in those pics.

  3. can you do a lip swatch of flurry of fun? i've been dying for a non-crappy non-sheer orange lipgloss forever. i want to see if it's promising :)

    the pink lippie looks great on you~

  4. aww those sunnies are absolutely adorable on you!! :) Lazy Day has honestly become one of my favorite lipsticks. The color looks awesome on you. I always love your lipstick reviews. ^o^


  5. I love all!
    I love the pink on on you!
    MAC is the best ><

  6. you look so cute in the pic!!! ^__^

  7. you look so cute in the pic!!! ^__^

  8. hey, bella. nice post! your last picture looks a bit like Park Bom~ btw, i love your travel makeup post. you may consider doing a travel makeup tutorial? it seems that u pack quite a lot for a trip~ha ha. since i'm going to visit Korea next week, that post really helps. thx~

  9. Love the color!! :)
    Keep DOING what you DO!! :)

    Much Love,
    Enchi :3

  10. ! this is making me want lazy day! ( :

  11. can i just ask, where you got those glasses! they're so adorable! :D

  12. That lipstick looks lovely on you! And really random but you look like Park Bom in that last photo with the retro frames (:

  13. hope your day gets better :) and i think the lipstick looks awesome on you :)

  14. @Grace: The glasses are from H&M :D I think they're in the men's accessory part hehe, but they're 10 dollars ;)


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