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Missha MISA BB cream and more

I used to think "psh... why BB creams, when there's the better option: foundation?"
well, now I'm slowly changing my mind. Foundation is good for a short period of time, or for special occasions. But if you have to apply something on your face every single freakin day, then the whole story changes.
I've tried.. I tried keeping up with my foundation routine everyday for the past 5 weeks, and I have to tell you - it sucked. I felt so liberated when I sporadically had bare-faced days. I bought a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (since a lot of people swear on it), but couldn't feel enough coverage. So I turned to BB creams. The Skin 79 BB cream actually gives a dewy look, but breaks me out. The Missha BB cream I had is quite matte and nice - but if I put on too much, my face looks ghostly. The tony moly BB cream has a bit of too much gray in it. So I invested my hopes to another new BB cream. (I know -_-; I like buying similar products over and over again).

Okay, so to make a long story short - I found a BB cream that I am quite liking at the moment. I have used this for my face for a week now and no break outs!!!! yay!!!!!!
It's the Missha MISA BB cream. (geez, I feel like a missha spokesperson, but I can't help it, I love their products :p)

It's read MISA in Korean, meaning Beautiful Thought (I guess;;). Although it says that it has SPF 30/PA++ I'm such a sun-ophobic I have to put on my moisturizer, suncream AND my MISA BB cream before I do my eye makeup.

The formula applies pretty dewy (like the Skin 79 BB) and at first leaves a bit of white-gray tint. The thing I like about it is it isn't sticky or greasy. It doesn't come off on clothes like heavy foundation, yet it seems to have pretty good coverage. The only downside is, it kind of melts for those that have oily skin like me. My face pretty much looks shiny-wet when the clock hits 3:30pm. If you like to powder your nose through out the day, then the dewiness, leading to a bit of melt down, isn't that much of a big deal. But if you like your makeup matte and well kept, this might not be the right BB cream for you.

I did get a lot of other stuff from Missha. The thing about their store is you have to go there quite often since stock items seem to go in and out. But since I'm on the topic, I'll just simply introduce some new stuff from Missha.

BB cream compressed in a creamy compact!!
how interesting is that? :)
I still have a lot of BB cream to use, but I thought it was super interesting.
And the SPF is 50!!

This is a super famous one that I've heard about for such a long time.
The shimmering ball blusher.
I have the pastel one.
It's like a poor man's Guerlain Meteorites Powder, which is the product below.
I haven't tried Guerlain, so I can't compare, but I think Missha's ball blusher does the job.

Next is Near Skin - it's a filler for wrinkles. I don't really have any deep set wrinkles (I think my problem is dull skin, luckily I still don't have crow feet or any other wrinkles), but I do think it's time to take care of my skin.
It has collagen filters and all that, but I haven't had a chance to try these yet. I am thinking of starting this weekend, so we will see, hehe.

This is also an interesting product. The Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling. If you don't know how it works you're in deep doo-doo. So the pump squeezes out gel-type formula. What you do with it is, you spread it around your dry face and wait for a while. The formula will oxidate and start reacting. It will turn into a bubbly formula, which presumably acts as a exfoliating agent, and all you have to do is scrub your face with the bubbly formula.
You should only do this once every week or every other week since it was quite drying even to my skin. I use this because it's quite fun when the bubbles start to form, and I'm not quite sure of the actual results at the moment. I think I'll have to use it a bit more, but overall, the bottle does bring some fun to face cleansing.

And then last but not least is this Super Aqua recovery cream.

It comes with its own spatula, and is more like a gel-cream than a cream lotion. It's a bit chunky and gooey than regular moisturizers. I'm actually not sure what it's suppose to recover (at the moment), but I will let you guys know how it works. I'm going through it pretty quickly - so we will see if there is a visible difference in my skin by the next time I film a tut.

I just wrote this post mostly (or solely) concentrating on missha products since I wanted to rave about the misa BB cream. I will share with you all other non-missha products throughout more posts in the future.

Hope everyone is doing well :)


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  1. You should do more posts about Missha products! I love reading about them. haha :) I've been trying to buy some of the products that you posted about before, and it's so hard sometimes to find them in stock D:! I'd love to see you talk more about the blusher. I'm very interested.

  2. i tried Missha's perfect cover BB cream but I prefer Dr. Jart's silver label BB.. that BB cream compact looks interesting!

  3. Hi Catalina! How is the color range on this BB cream? I'm pretty yellow, so it's really hard for me to get a good color match with face makeup products. Thanks!

  4. i love missha! i am intrigued to try out the peeling essence..btw Cat, what sunblock are u using for your face? i have oily skin too and been looking out for a matte sunblock that's non comedogenic and pore clogging.your thoughts are super appreciated :)thanks!

  5. woah woah products alert! Thanks for the post :3 !!

    I just check the price of the Missha bb cream you just bought and well it's quite on the expensive side of Missha :/ I'll probably wait for some sales to try it out. I hope you'll post some pictures of this bb cream coverage like you did in your foundation review. I have the Missha signature bb cream and was wondering if you could do a comparison ^^

    I think you should try a retinol cream to prevent wrinkles instead of one that contains collagen filters or collagen-ish ingredients, because I wonder if it will work as well as retinol: collagen is a fiber that is quite huuge so I doubt it can sink through your skin cells membrane. Well, that's what my chemistry teacher said ^^"

  6. Omg, pressed Perfect Cover BB Cream? I want to try that! I already love the original Perfect Cover BB Cream by Missha :D

  7. @Lisa: I should! since it's still pretty new, yet accessible to a lot of people. I'll show you guys how to use it in a video soon. I think a lot of things are easier to explain via video

    @Khymm: ah.. ic, thanks for the rec +_+ I'll put that one on my list too

    @Suziee: color range is flat out super bright, or bright (imo).. I use 21 (which is pretty bright for NC20) and sometimes I feel like I have to use a darker shade powder to even the colors out. I have yellow skin too and it's harrrrddd to fine a good shade.

  8. I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first time commenting >_<

    This may be a stupid question (I just recently started getting into makeup), but does the pastel ball blusher come out pink, like actual blush, or is it like a highlighter?

  9. Hi Cat, this is the first time I have commented although I have been following your blog for a while :) the first time I saw your review on Misha's bb cream I went off and got myself one, it is seriously amazing and now you have mentioned their cream powder... WOW this is going to be dangerous for me cos I might not be able to control myself and get that cream powder too hehe :)

    Thanks for doing all the reviews and videos they're all very helpful :)

  10. I actually use the BB creeam in no.23 :) I really like the thin texture it has !

  11. Hi Catalina,

    which color is it for your misa bb cream?! Do you think its breathable for skin?!

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  12. This post reminded me.... I've been noticing in a lot of magazines that nude make up is really in lately.

    Could you do a tutorial on that? I would love you forever!! not that i don't already :)

  13. This post reminded me.... I've been noticing in a lot of magazines that nude make up is really in lately.

    Could you do a tutorial on that? I would love you forever!! not that i don't already :)

  14. Hmm it's literally "beautiful thought", strange name~ XD

    Oh that sucks, I'm super oily too ><
    the shimmering ball blusher is super cute! I don't quite get how the green/purple/yellow one would turn out xD

  15. Missha never fails to impress! My aunt has been raving about the Missha bb cream compact! I really want to try it out. I'm glad you've been turning to BB creams lately because that's exactly how I feel. I can't keep up with putting on foundation everyday.

  16. How does it compare to the real M signature bb cream? in terms of coverage, lasting power, color, etc?

  17. Hey Catalina. So I wanted to know if you ordered the Missha items directly from their website.. I want to order the compact BB cream. but I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to online ordering. Were there any problems with your order? If ordering online from the missha website is safe, I'm going to be SUPER mad at myself. ugh. The compact was on sale. :(

  18. You should try Etude House's Precious Mineral or BB Magic. They are both awesome. What's hot is that their Precious Mineral line comes in an oily skin (Sheer Silky Skin) formula and a dry skin (Sheer Glowing Skin) formula. :D You get to choose! ;)

    The coverage is pretty much your regular BB Cream :) And the shades matches nicely on any Asian skin shade I've used it on :)

  19. lols, thanks for your post on the "poor man's Guerlain Meteorites". I tested Meteorites in Sephora .. I don't get what it's suppose to do... Maybe i can look into Misha... thanks!

  20. I totally thought the same. Was like, BB cream is over rated. But once I tried it to see all the fuss, I instantly fell in love! Never heard of pressed ones so would love to try! using the Skin79 BB cream!

  21. I"m current using Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in Natural Light Ivory which BB cream colour should I be using? What's the different between M Signature Real Complete BB Cream and M Perfect Cover BB Cream?

  22. Also where can you buy Missha product excluding online?

  23. oo.. that new bb cream looks good~ ive tried missha vita and its good coverage and shade but bit 'oily'.. i need to try out some more^^
    you dont need wrinkle filler!! ha~ like you said you got no wrickles so theres nothing to fill:p
    the blush looks cute~ would love to see some swatches or a fotd with it~xx

  24. I tried missha perfect cover but i find tht it doesn't stay on my face thru the day..Do u find this bb cream appear greyish after application? =)

  25. I'm totally making my bf buy me that Missha shimmering blush/highlighter!

    Soooo pretty.

  26. I've read and heard so many raves about BB Creams. With the weather being so hot the last couple months, it makes sense to turn to a BB Cream, something light, gives me coverage, and protects my skin from sun damage. Sigh....I am in skin hell at the moment. I bought the Cellabel BB Cream because the SA insisted it's the best especially for my combo/oily skin. I broke out all over my face, all over. There were new breakouts every day. I wanted to die. For a couple of days, I stopped using the BB Cream in attempt to not use any products on my skin and let it breathe, and no new breakouts. But it's too late...I've broken all over and they've made sure their presence was known. I've been using the sample packs of the BB Cream the SA gave me when I bought the full sized BB Cream. Now, I have brand new, unused, full sized BB Cream sitting on my dresser. I want to take it back and exchange it for something else since they do not do cash refund. It is afterall $68. Sigh...I just know the SAs are going to have frowns on their faces. I have lost all faith in BB Creams.

  27. ohhh can you please do a more detailed review on each of the product??? specifically the perfect cover compact? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on it! :) thank you!! :D

  28. ur view about bb cream is the same wif an avid user of foundation and concealer but since i need to apply them everyday n it became a hassle to i decide to change to bb cream n it save my time more..but im still in search for my 'it' BB cream..


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