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NYC Meetup

Hi everyone, there was a small NYC meetup today. It was nice and cozy and not too overwhelming. Sorry I didn't post anything about the meetup. I wasn't sure if I could go or not. Anyway, they are planning to do another meet up in October, so I'll keep you guys posted :)

So here's some pictures that managed to come out nice.

Mel (

Angela again (this is my favorite picture of the day)

Amy (

Charlotte (Mona's dog)

Angela and Mel

Girls Walking

And the crazy.

After the meetup Mel and I walked from 14th and Park Ave. S to Port Authority (42nd and 8th), which was a nice walk, haha. And Mel got her first taste of Shake Shack :D for those that are visiting NYC or in the area, you guys should def. try out Shake Shack. and I mean it!

It was really fun meeting up with the girls :D hope there will be more meet ups soon.

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  1. there's an error with michele's account; it's michele1218

  2. Shake Shack! I spent a week in NYC earlier this summer and ate at Shake Shack twice, hehe. Good thing I live on the west coast... Lovely photos, too! I just started following your blog ^_^

  3. That was so fast girl!! Had so much fun w/ ya. Let's do this again! Hehe

  4. You have some cool Photography skills...May I ask what Camera you have used?

  5. AWW looks so much fun! Wish there was on in FL!

  6. No these photos were only resized. It's the lens (85mm) that captures photos like so. I used a canon 50D and a 85mm lens

  7. aww the girls are so cute! The homeless man (I presume) looks interesting to say the least :)

  8. What kind of 85mm lens did you use? f/1.2 or f/1.8? I love the effects it has on your photos!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. OMG...i subs mona's YT and what a small world...can't believe she's your friend =) LOL


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