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The On-going Skin Challenge

is what I cry out every time I look into the mirror.
Ever since the beginning of 2010, I have had serious skin problems - and it doesn't go away. St. Ive's was the worst down-point of all, but the rest of the time wasn't fabulous either. I try not to stress over it and take it easy, butI seriously don't know why my skin is getting worse and worse. I don't put on anything heavy on the face, and cleanse it really throughly twice a day. I hydrate my skin pretty well (I think I do..-.-) and I basically use every known method to stop the break outs. Even the doctor didn't have a clear answer.

Anyway, so I'm getting really desperate and decided to reach out to mederma. I want to lessen the purple scars if I can't make my break outs go away.
So here's my sad skin situation.

Here's the right side.

And here's the left side.

So freakin gross, eh? The jaw line is so gross I don't even know what to do with it. When I look at my old videos and see my skin being in a much better situation, it makes me want to cry :'(

Anway, I decided to give mederma a chance and AT LEAST reduce some scars.
here's what mederma's about.

I am at a point where I pretty much gave up on the constant break outs, but I'll let you guys know how mederma works after a few months (or weeks).

And by any miracle, if my skin clears out - I will most definitely write a huge post on it.

Oh, Also, I have been using this Japanese cleanser after St. Ive's but recently I have switched to Neutrogena's oil-free acne wash since this product was one of the best acne killers that worked for me in the past.

Okay, hope you guys have a clear skin day! :)

Stay Happy!

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  1. Aw =( Those stupid products are evil to break out your pretty skin! =/ I really hope it heals up very soon. I've heard some people taking birth control and other things and it will go away through the use of hormones. Have you seen a derm? I really do hope it goes away for you and that the Mederma works. I have the same product... it has a funny garlic smell, but I do think it works. It minimized the scar i had on my arm after a few months.

  2. Skincare products can be so different from person to person >__<
    I'm sure you'll be able to find something that'll work :P & I'd love to hear about it when you do find what works because I've been having terrible breakouts too =\ Hmm I didn't know that mederma could reduce acne scars...Can't wait to hear how that goes ^__^

  3. Hey girl!

    You ever try Dermalogica or the Clarisonic face brushes? I've had serious breakouts (cosmetic acne, hormonal acne, you name it) since I was about 16 years old and I have gone to dermatologist after dermatologist to try and fix it! It wasn't until I started using these products that I have seen a difference. And within the first three weeks I have seen a drastic decrease in hyper-pigmentation (which to be honest I think is even worse than the actual blemishes-they are so hard to cover!!!!)! Let me know how it all goes or if you need any help!

    Good luck my dear!

  4. Hey Catalina! Being a silent reader I know you don't use very many skin products on your face other than moisturizer. I truly believe a serum of some type would help A LOT! I use to have constant breakouts and when I started to use serums BEFORE moisturizers, I stopped breaking out (except during the time of month, thats un-avoidable). You could try any from CELLNIQUE, C'audalie's Vitalizing Serum, OR what worked the BEST was Philosophy Miracle Worker (sephora). It's just retinol which helps with breakouts AND scarring. It is pricey tho but I still went back and bought a second box because it worked.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear your frustration with your skin =( It's not easy to fix, I know. My advice, is to NOT use mederma, not even for a week, at all!! I bought a long time ago for my acne scars, it literally broke me out 10x WORSE! The stuff is horrible for acne prone skin, it smells horrible because of the "onion" extract or what ever, but my skin just felt super irritated the more I used it. I had to stop using it because it was literally bleaching my skin instead of fading the scars, it just left my skin kind of pink and raw looking, like if it was being bleached! The areas you apply this stuff, get so blotchy they don't match your skin tone anymore, it took weeks for the white blotches to go away =(

    I'm sorry if im scaring you I just don't want this to happen to you.You can still use it if you don't feel irritation but as far as it's scar fading abilities I think it doesn't work as well as it advertises.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hey catalina :) i've been following your blog for a while now and i know how stressful and frustrating acne can be. especially when you have no idea what is causing it since you're doing everything right for your skin. maybe you are breaking out because you are stressing out about it :/ i don't know if it may help you, but i also have VERY oily skin that is incredibly acne prone/sensitive and after i've switched to using neutrogena's acne stress control scrub, my skin has gotten a lot better. it's a scrub but it's pretty gentle on my skin and surprisingly moisturizing rather than drying. as for the acne scars left behind, i'm still searching for a good product that lightens the red/brownish spots. i'm rather curious about mederma too. i wish you the best of luck and i hope your skin stops freaking out on you like mine has done a million times

  8. I'm sorry about the breakouts =((

    Are you allergic to something? Did you use a new detergent or something cuz it might be your pillow case.

    My friend uses Origins skincare from the Dr. Weil line... the mega mushroom. it's supposed to really calm down your face and it works really well for my friend. it's also 100% natural so maybe you should give it a try? :) you know just ask for samples from macy's to see if it works for you so your wouldn't have to throw away a lot of money trying a lot of different stuff. Good luck!!!!! =)


  9. have you tried topical tretinoins like retin a micro or differin? imo, mederma is just a moisturizer marketed as a scar fader.

  10. Wah I wish I can give some advice since I had severe hormonal acne.. But what I had seen that made the best difference in my skin (which is clear now) is to drink PLENTY of water!

  11. If you want to feel better about your acne scars, take a look at my blog - my acne scarring is waaay worse, haha! For acne, though, I've found that products with 2%-5% benzoyl peroxide works pretty good for me. Good luck! (btw, I love your blog and just started following! ^_^)

  12. Hi Cat~ hope your breakouts heal soon.let us know what you did^^ take care!

  13. Hey, Hello, I've had same issues years ago, it sucks and still coming up on my period time especially chin area..
    a NeoBenz™Micro 3.5% works good (you have to apply very thin layers) and if you're in Korea, get a Duac™ its the best!! but most likely drink lots of water and less skin care;use water based less chemical contained one.
    I love your bloggg!! cheer up! hope you get your pretty skin back soon!

    -from your big FAN babes! =)

  14. Hai Catalina. I just wanna share my experience with Mederma. Im not sure if its the exact same thing. But anyways. It does work. It does lessen the scars. But I think it works more on larger scars. And there seems to be some extent on how much it'll work. Like it doesn't do anything up till one point. But good luck trying it though ^^

  15. I'm sorry about your skin. I totally know what you're going through. My skin's been breaking out like crazy too!! Hopefully you and I both get some relief soon. :P Good luck with your product!

  16. I had moderate to severe acne for about 8 years. I tried every acne treatment known to mankind--over the counter, prescription oral meds, prescription topical creams, proactiv, herbs, high end skin care, changing my diet, not wearing makeup, etc... NOTHING worked. I did have months here and there when my acne would simmer down for a bit, but it always came back. My last resort was accutane. It's very expensive and very harsh on your body. I took it for about 5 months, and during those months, my skin (all over) got really dry and sensitive. My lips cracked and bled, and I had to religiously wear sunscreen or I'd burn. It was all worth it though. Although I still get the occasional pimple, I've been acne free for about 2 years now. For my acne scars, I got a series of peels/laser treatments. They're costly, yes, but a lot faster and more effective than any topical treatment. If you do decide to get peels/laser, do it before you go on accutane, bc once you're on accutane, your skin will be too sensitive to receive any of those treatments. Hope this helps... and hope you feel better soon :)

  17. Hey Catalina,
    I totally feel you, like seriously!!! I've had acne since I started college which was like 4 years ago & I used to break out at least 2x a day =/ And like you, I have tried every cleanser, treatment that is known to man. But around the end of the year last year I switched all my cleaners,etc to all Natural stuff. So I tried using LUSH Fresh Farmacy Face Soap, Enzymion Moisturizer, Tea Tree Water toner and Grease Lightning spot gel & surprisingly I broke out much less than I used to, until I completely stopped. I mean, I'm not going to say I'm fully acne-free, cause I'm not. Although, I can say that I only break out when I'm getting my time of the month. Aside from that, it's been smooth sailing.

    Also, I was given the chance to try out some Cellnique products. Their Derma Whitening Essence lightens up post acne scars like crazy & it works pretty darn fast. It vanishes most of my scars. Also, their Advanced Bio Renewal Masque is the best mild exfoliator there is, & it smells amazing too.

    Anyways, if you wanna check out my review on the Cellnique products that I had mentioned you can check out my post. I also included before & after pictures :)

    Hope this comment was helpful & good luck :D


  18. Are you using any topical treatments? I swear by La Roche-Posay's Effaclar K. Active ingredient is salicylic acid.

    Eagerly looking forward to seeing if Mederma works for you. I got Ambi Fade Cream, but then was nervous about using it because of the carcinogenic properties of hydroquinone (active ingredient).

  19. :( i know exactly how you feel. once i notice my skin clearing up, another million pimples start to pop ALL over my face! it's sooo frustrating!!!!

    my acne started ever since i was in year 8, but me being stupid, i just ignored it.. and it kept getting worse. and now i literally have moon craters all over my face and my doctor said that those scars will stay on my face forever. plus, he has told me that my acne problem is genetic (from dad's side) and also partially my diet (i eat a looot of junk food).

    he did tell me to use benzac AC which is a water based acne gel. and it helps remove my acne a lot quicker, but i still have the scars.

    hope this mederma thing works for you!

  20. Sorry I had to delete my other comment because I wanted to add something lol!

    Uhm, I tried Merderma on my skin and you know I usually put it on at night. My experience with it is that its a bit too thick and it made me break out even more... I stopped using it and I would use it every once in awhile and my skin kind of got used to it. Before Merderma I used Neosporin and that really worked well for me because Neosporin isnt so thick and creamy like Merderma.

    Hey Catalina,
    I just read your post and I know what you mean about zits. My whole right side flared up for no reason at all. I think it might be due to the lack of water and sleep and in addition to that the heat + makeup. My friend and I also have a beauty blog and my friend made a post on acne because she has severe acne since hs. I guess my advice for you is to try cleansers with salicylic acid, toners with it as well and moisturizers too. It might be a little too much for your skin, so I say not with the toner. Ive been using it for about 3 days and it has shown improvement! just letting you know! :)

    You can check out the post that she made on our blog


    I tried the gel cleanser and the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. My skin looked like what you have in the pictures for a while and when I used that it cleared up. Stay away from products with silica and silicons it should help.

    I use vitamin e oil as moisturizer, it helps fade scars.

  22. Hi

    i have the same problem with jawline acne and it's probably caused by hormonal imbalance. mine gets worse during my period and when i don't get enough sleep. Going on pills will definitely help but it may not be a long term solution as my dermatologist told me. gd luck

  23. =( i'm having the same problem too. But mine was caused by Bbcreams.

    Currently using clinelle blemish clear conceal stick + Gladerma Retacyln and it's clearing up my scars slowly.

  24. You poor thing!! I used to have similar on going acne problems like the photos you've just put up but my skin has gotten a lot better since I've found products that work harmoniously for me. I know everyone's skin reacts different to different products but I'd like to share some of my tips and maybe they might help you too (fingers crossed!) I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face day and night (it may feel like it doesn't clean your face but if you make sure you gently rub it all over in circular motions with the right amount and make sure you wash it off very well it works real good). I use neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer afterwards. To exfoliate try and find something that contains glycolic acid because what this will do is take away the top layer of dead skin and effectively remove impurities, thus increasing the regeneration of new skin cells. Try a tazarotene topical cream to avoid scarring and it make the big-under-the-skin pimples go away fast. Wiki says it might make acne worse but it actually makes mine go away really quickly! Sorry for the long post, I hope I was able to help in any sort of way. All the best and I hope your skin clears up for you asap! Don't let it get you down, we all think you are gorgeous!

    Michelle :)

  25. could it possibly be from overcleansing?
    i used Duac for a while, which is an acne antibiotic medication. my skin got better after that.
    hope it gets better soon!!

  26. I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION DAMN YOU ST. IVES! It is getting worse and worse for me, I"m going to the dermatologist, hopefully he has a miracle for me.

  27. Catalina,

    I'm going through the same right now. I've always had pretty good skin, just your typical monthly breakouts around the chin area and the odd pimple here and there. Then, in spring of this year, I started to get a cluster of painful acne on my cheeks - I was horrified! At first I thought the source was stress, but I've not been under much stress at all this summer and unfortunately I have not seen much of a change in the condition of my skin. *sadface* Though I have to say, while I'm still battling acne on my cheeks, I do think the size of the breakouts has gone done and overall they aren't as painful anymore. I'm hoping this means that my skin is going back to it's normal self, but we'll have to wait and see.

    What I've found helps a great deal with the aftermath of hyper pigmentation scars is Avène Diacnéal, it contains 0,1% of retinol and 6% of glycolic acid. You can use it daily (preferably in the evening), but I find it quite drying and only use it 3x a week at most, but everyone's skin is different. I hope this helps even though I'm not sure if this brand is easily accessible in the US.

    Anyway, good luck with your skin! Do let us know what works for you, I always enjoy your blog posts. :)

  28. Catalina, I'm sorry to hear about your skin condition. From personal experience it can be frustrating and depressing. My cousin had severe acne a few months ago and her doctor (not dermo) gave her some strong medication for it and it cleared it all up, including scars! she has flawless skin now. My advice is actually see a doctor but not a dermatologist. i know US doctors work differently but it might be worth a try instead of testing out unknown products on yourself. good luck, i hope this product works for you!

  29. hi dear.... I have the same problem like u too, I'm in healing process now. I use some skincare products, but then i have allergic reaction, according to my beautician. So, i attend to several facial treatment. Currently I'm using Hada Labo super hyaluronic acid face wash, toner and garnier aqua defense gel cream/essence (name different due to country i guess). My beautician let me try out a France product DERMEDEX, but today is my 1st day trying that out, so far, the results are quite good....
    I think using a hydrating skincare is much important that using those useless anti acne products, because my experience is : these products make my skin even worse.

    Hope your skin get well soon,hugsss~
    have a great day!

  30. Have you tried BHA (most of the time salicylic acid) peelings before? They work really well for unclogging pores and get rid of whatever's in your pores.

    I'm not an expert but the ingredients list of Mederma doesn't sound good at all..fragrance and parabens are somewhat known for skin irration and causing break outs. I don't use anything to reduce scarring as I'm more focused on 'having a smooth surface', so I can't recommend anything for that other than keeping it clean and having patience with it fading naturally.

    Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with your skincare routine..maybe use moisturizing/soothing masks more often? Acne usually lessen if your skin is calm and moisturized.

    Not sure if this helps but I hope it will be over soon! Good luck! ♥

    ★ Cookiie

  31. Sad to hear that the breaking out problem hasn't cleared :(

    From your video, I doubt you don't moisturize enough :P But recently, I've had a reallly bad skin reaction allergy that made me break out EVERYWHERE on my face (cheeks, chin, even on my eyelids) and I stopped using anything that claim to fight against acne (including my retinol serum prescribed by my dermatologist because I have hyperpigmentation) like my Neutrogena acne-free cleanser and anything containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Products that fight acne are usually irritating which is why I stop using them. Also, I bought a new cleanser, the Ren Cleanser for combination skin (bought it because the ingredients seem fine and from reviews it was a mild cleanser) and wow, my skin cleared after a week and a half! I still did have a few marks of the acne, but it is totally fading.

    Therefore, I don't think you should use mederma at all :/ Your skin must be quite sensitive already, maybe wait 'til your on-going acne eruptions calm down before trying to reduce the scars :/ I can't see how mederma can help your current acne D:

  32. aww...I feel you! my skin was worse than yours last year, I blamed my lame life cycle and etc..but it got a lot better with philosophy's makeup optional kit for congested skin.. I have oily skin and my biggest concern is acne since 4th grade till today as 27 years old. I know you have to go thru all those trials with different products but I hope you find the one for you and also this product could be a lil help for research.. your skin get well soon! be happy:)

  33. Hey Catalina! I've been your silent reader for as long as possible! But after reading this post, I decided to comment to you (: I've been having skin problems for as long as possible, years, I dare to say so. And even worse than yours right now. I've been using de lecon products; cleanser and its facial scrubs, you can look it up ^^ My face is starting clear up bit by bit now (: Ohh, and I've been applying this "Benzamycin Topical Gel erythromycin-benzoyl peroxide gel" by Dermik, Aventis on my acne, not the whole face. I know its name sounds pretty scary and all, but it really did help drying up my acne and lessen the redness. And it doesn't break me out. I bought it from a clinic over my place. Maybe you can look it up as well. Just keep your procedure as simple as possible. (: Hope this does help you (:

    Just one thing; if you ever came across proactive solution product, I'd say it doesn't work it magic. D: It breaks me out. D: It doesn't work for sensitive skin. I have sensitive and oily skin. lol. I hope this does help you! :D

  34. Hi Cat,
    I had a very similar skin condition to you. I'm also a 20 something year old asian young professional who likes to wear makeup.

    After trialing everything, I listened to a radio program where a doctor spoke about acne and looking after our skin. The program talked about the fact that your skin is just another organ, so anything you wouldn't eat, you shouldn't put on your skin. In reality, this isn't possible as us girls love makeup and beauty products.

    My solution to my problem was to choose all products for 'sensitive' skin. Even though we think our skin is oily, over cleaning or using harsh products with high alcohol content will exacerbate the problem. My regime now consists of:

    1. Cetaphil Lotion to wash everyday (1 exfoliator, once a week)
    2. Rosehip oil (100% organic) to moisuturise (it minimises pores too) or something mild like Avene moisturiser(which is almost all thermal water). The theory is that if the product isn't mild enough to use around your eyes, its too harsh for your skin.
    3. Using products with minimal alcohol and no fragance
    4. Tying my hair back as frequently as possible
    5. Eating meals on time each day
    6. Not using any makeup on the weekends

    I still have mild scarring and acne due to a stressful lifestyle but it's much better than in my teens!

    Hope it helps!

    P.s. huge fan, please continue making the fantastic videos :)

  35. I'm so sorry Catalina.. :( You have the same acne type that I used to have like 5 years ago. I know how bad it feels and how much it hurts..

    To get ride of it, I used glycolic acid which is kind of agressive but in 3 month my skin was much clearer. Now I don't have that acne, but as I have a acne prone skin, I have to use special creams and so.

    Vichy Normaderm has helped me so so so so much, it's an European brand, I don't know if you can find it in the USA. Also, Avene Diacneal for a spot treatment. And a pore minimizer to prevent more acne.

    I used to wash my face twice a day like you, but I learned from experience that can be too much. You are rising off all the naturals oils and could make it worse. Maybe, just wash your face with cleanser at night and with water at the morning, this also worked for me.

    Also, I don't wet my face when I apply cleanser, I just moisten it lightly and I rub with cleanser. It works much better...

    So good luck on your acne and don't be sad, you are beautiful with or without acne. Hugs!

  36. I forgot to say that rosehip can help you with the scars a lot.. and it's 100% natural.

  37. Have you tried Pro-Activ? For me, it's an instant solution. But you might also consider pharmaceutical-grade skincare, i.e. getting something something prescribed by a dermatologist. Hope your skin clears, it can be so upsetting having bad skin!

  38. Hi, Catalina.
    I had the same problem. My skin was alright until I suddenly broke out all over one side of my face that left me with huge purple scars. It can be a combination of things that affect your skin: hormones, stress, getting enough sleep, diet, and keeping your skin hydrated. This means drinking lots of water and not overwashing your face. I tried every acne-buster but found out that they irritate my skin even more, and are actually bad for your health. I stay away from acids, alcohols and parabens as much as I can. I switched to a completely natural/organic skin care line with ingredients I understand, only wash my face at night and put a light moisturizer, and tone in the morning. I found ways to cope with stress and forced myself to get adequate sleep. My skin has never been this amazing and everyone has noticed. I think the best thing was to not complicate my skin with random products- keep it very simple with a few natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lemon, lavender, etc. I did enjoy trying a certified organic skincare line from Australia called MiEssence ($$$) to detox my face, and there's many more available at health food stores. You may be going through stressful times and the status of your skin may reflect that or just stress you out even more. Take it easy and take care of your mind and body. Anyway, hope this helps.

  39. most of my friends had their acne cleared up after they visited a facialist. I'm sorry to hear about your frustration! On a positive note, you have no blackheads at all!

    Drink lotsa water and try flaxseed oil to reduce the redness! Goodluck<3

  40. have you already tried la roche posay? this skincare line is very gentle to the skin, it is actually for sensitive skin, and i really like it. Maybe you wanna try that. and if you could bare not using makeup for a while, it will probably help, i know it's hard in such a situation, but still.

  41. I've been struggling with acne since i was 12 yrs old. I'm 27 now and have spent thousands of $ on products and tried absolutely every prescription pill and cream, and nothing worked. After I cut out sugar and caffeine from my diet, the irritations lessened and the acne was able to slowly heal itself better. My advanced skincare professional put me on an organic skincare line from Hungary called Eminence that helped relieve all the irritation and strengthen my skin, so that other 'harsher' products (Dermalogica) could be slowly integrated into my skincare routine, to rid my acne for good. You have to heal before you treat, or the vicious cycle will keep haunting you.

  42. Hi Cat I hope you are well! I had horrible skin last year too! I changed to Clinque 3-step skin care last year (it was in summer) and in order to get "clean and clear" skin, I used cleansing mask from The Body Shop everyday to get rid of oil on my face. 3 days later my skin started to break out a lots, only on my faces but not on my forehead or nose. Then I realised that I really dried out my skin a lots so it produced oil underneath the skin! I stopped using Clinique and cut down my cleansing face mask to twice or 3 times a week. It stopped the breakouts but still took time to heal the acne scars. I used Bio Oil (only a little bit) for my scars and it seems OK. I really hope you are well and I will keep you in my prayers.

  43. Hey, babe.

    Don't give up! Somewhere out there has to be products that will work alongside your skin for clear results. Have you consider trying Boscia products? That is my "GO-TO" when my skin acts up. You really ought to check it out! Plus, it's natural botanicals that don't harm your skin.

    Don't forget, the hot, humid weather makes skin break out, too. Maybe once it gets cooler in the Fall, your skin will resort back to normalcy. I'm only 3-4 hours away from NYC, so I know what you're going through (heat-wise/pollution wise). Hang in there!!

  44. Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel.

  45. i hope your skin gets better real soon! my skin's been breaking out too for no reason. (i kinda think the ny weather is one of the reasons >.<) as my last resort i decided to change my skin care routine which i had for years. i have a feeling maybe my skin is use to my skincare products and now its time for a change. i'm trying lush products now like herbalism and the tea tree spray. i also purchased thebodyshop tea tree toner. i'm going to try a new skincare regime where i have 2 separate routines where i'll switch off every 2 weeks. maybe you should try new products or revisit old ones :) (if my idea works, i'll tell you -_- haha)

  46. Your skin looks like mine right now so I know how you're feeling.=C Actually, my skin is oily/dry and acne prone so it's difficult to deal with but recently, my acne had gotten worse and my skin has been feeling tighter and drier despite how well I was moisturizing. Turns out I was just washing it too much. I washed my face two times (each time washing about 2 times to get it really clean) a day out of habit but it's been stripping my face of it's natural oils. Looks like that was the trouble. My acne is fading now that I'm only washing my face two times a day and only once during that time. Odd as it is to say this, maybe your face is too clean? Either way, good luck!

  47. oh my god! I m sad to hear about your skin condition. I used to be like this half a year ago and I found that one of the causes of my acne was actually bb cream. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics and an acne treatment product called Differin. Differin worked miraculously well and now i'm free of acne! here's the website for your reference:
    hope it can help.xp

  48. My sister had similar problem like yours, then she went for facial wash & used Dermacologica. Then her skin got very much better already. I read from Jen Frmheadtotoe's blog that she used to use the same brand and it healed her acne problems.

    I won't suggest going to doctors, as my friends did that and all they gave were hormones pill which will make you bloat and let's say not so great for the health.

    I think it's all the hidden dirt under your skin erupting at a go, so facial may help. :) Personally i get break out once in a while because either I didn't wash my hair and they tend to go oily extremely quickly, during PMS or after a nuts (esp cashew nuts!) feast.

    Hope you'll get well soon.

  49. Do you think stress is the cause of the breakouts?
    Do you wash your pillowcase often?
    Maybe your laundry detergent is irritating your skin.

    I hope your skin gets better.

    When I had acne, my doctor recommended Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson & Johnson.
    Here is more info

    It is very gentle and worked for me.
    Sometimes your skin needs a break from all the skin treatments.

  50. I'm sorry your skin's going through an outbreak. have you thought about using some natural remedies? Honey, nutmeg and cinnamon are my go-to ingredients for acne. Helps with inflammation and scars.

  51. Aww, I'm sorry about the breakouts! Don't stress about it and I hope your skin condition gets better! Remember, drink lots of water! :)

  52. Ouch :(

    Are you sure it's not food allergy/food intolerance related?

  53. Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that.

    If you're willing to try a cleanser, try Fresh's Soy Facial Cleanser. It's done wonders for me.

    I hope this problem resolves itself. ):

  54. Oh dear :[ I hope you're not developing adult acne. I've had acne since I was 9, it started out as just hundreds of tiny bumps all over my face, then developed into painful cystic acne that scarred my face; I saw two dermatologists and went thru every treatment possible, nothing worked. Recently, I've stopped taking care of my skin and surprisingly, now it seems to be fizzling out. I still break out a little around that time of the month, but other than that, I just have scars. Ugghhh...I really hope the Mederma works for you, it's the one thing I haven't tried yet and I'll be interested to hear about your progress :o From the bottom of my heart, I hope you get better, I know what you're going thru, but try not to worry too much ok? :] Good luck!

  55. I'm sorry to hear about that. This summer is my first time having breakouts and I have a couple of noticeable red scars on my face and I'm planning to purchase scar to remove noticeable scars. I'm looking forward to hear the good news of that scars cream you got ;D

  56. hi, i think your skin has became like that due to some sort of bacteria or virus whereby it will recurr each time u heal.

    this is especially true if it's on the lower sides of ur face as this is where our lymph nodes are located.

    u may want to see a doctor to get some medication.

  57. I'm sorry to hear about your acne. And I agree with you, it does get frustrating. I've been suffering from the same problem lately too, and actually, it looks like we're breaking out in the same spots (chin/lower cheek/jaw areas). I've learned that breakouts in those areas might be due to hormonal imbalances. For now, I've been using Peter Thomas Roth's Max Correction Complexion pads and they've been working pretty well in terms of making my breakouts less apparent and less frequent. Taking Acidophilus pills regularly has also helped a little too.

    Of course, I'm no expert in this, so it might be best to see the derm. I hope all goes well. Remember, there's hope and I'm certain you'll find a solution to this. Keep your head up!

    <3 tiptoe

  58. You should really try Dermalogica's clearing skin wash with acne treatment! It's pricey, but works miracles within a couple of weeks. Both me and my brother were free of awful acne after one month using Dermalogica! Skinproducts is hard to find the perfect match, but you have nothing to loose so try it;)!

  59. Hi Catalina!

    A friend of mine who used to have really bad acne and oilyness (and now has the clearest, smoothest skin I've ever seen) said she uses a combination of: birth control, Paula's Choice BHA 2% Liquid, tropical retinoid/tretinoin (I can't remember which), and gentle cleansers and moisturizers (she listed two brands: CeraVe and Cetaphil). I'm sure everyone has different skin but I was just throwing it out there. Hopefully you find something/things that work for you!

  60. I hope your skin gets better soon! I've had acne for over ten years now too. But, I really trust Neutrogena products as well. I find St. Ives products to be pretty rough on the skin.

    But if Neutrogena has worked for you, maybe you should try this. Two of my friends and I have consistently used the Neutrogena Advanced Skincare 3 step acne treatment kit called the for a year; it runs for under 20 bucks (and some kits come with the bonus of their spot treatment). I use JUST this kit; I do not use anything else. I would not recommend using a toner with this cause when I did, it broke me out again because it's pulling away the salicylic acid that you get from step 1, the facial wash. And sometimes using too many different products can be overkill for the skin. Maybe you should try it sometime! Of course, it's different for each person. But I really do find that Neutrogena products to be realiable!

    This doesn't get rid of acne scars, but it prevents new ones from arising. And if you just give it time, they'll go away eventually. Just wear lots of sunscreen to prevent further darkening from those acne spots, and have patience. My ten years of acne scars are gradually fading away since I'm preventing new ones to arise too. :D

  61. Hi Catalina. I"m so sorry to hear about your face but I'll just want to let you know what I've been thru that stage and I read online somewhere they say that it's the end of our puberty stage. About 21ish. I got mine at 22. And when I had it, I used clearasil wipes everyday and some homemade blacksoap sold at the farmer's market :) It really helped and everything went away in 3 weeks! But I guess you can also try CS's african blacksoap? I heard it does wonders. I just thought you might want to stay away from 'commercial' chemicals for a while?

    All the best wtih mederma!

  62. hey catalina, i feel reli sorry for the breakouts! I suspect that the breakouts are from your normal skincare routine.

    I notice from your videos that you usually use oil-controlling products to prevent acnes. But i suspect that ur breaksout are caused by over-using the oil-controlling products. The reason is that our skin is a scale.normally, under the skin, (as i rmb)20% of it is oil and 80% is water. So if the skin has been dehydrating / lack of use of hydrating moisturizers, then ur skin will actually make more oil to protect ur skin. And when time passes, it gives u a illusion that ur skin is oil-based as the excess oil causes breakouts.

    So wht i suggest is that to have a change in your skincare routine before trying new products or going on medication :)

    hope this helps,
    feel free to email me if u wana noe more.

  63. Oh my god, I recently used the St. Ives Green Tea cleanser/scrub too, and my skin wasn't looking good, but then I switched to this Olay Blemish Control cleanser which was even worse. Now I'm stuck with so many acne scars on my cheeks; I miss the days when I used to have good skin -_- I'm just going to stick with Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash now, it's what's worked the best for me in the past.

  64. Hey Catalina,

    =:::( Ooowwiee...I know what your going through although, my problem was concentrated on the center of my face such as cheeks rather than the jawline. From what I've read..Mederma has little efficacy in terms of healing scars; however, I'm hoping that it may be different for you. I would recommend that you start on a treatment plan because the sooner you can control the problem the less scars you will have. Key things you should look into are horomone stabilizers such as birth control..and acne fighting topicals containing either Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, sulfur, and retinoids. Hope things clear up soon!

  65. take zinc 60g a day. your acne is prolly caused by hormonal imbalances. vitamin A and E will help too! i dont know bout mederma, but this product called skinoren works amazingly. i use it all the time.

  66. hi! I really feel for you I have been through a similar situation and it may be hormonal. The only thing that works for me is glycolic acid. Try DDF glycolic 10% gel it also has 2% salicyclic acid. It seriously changed my skin from huge cystic pimples everyday to a few small ones around my period. Also maybe you can go on a oral antibiotic for a month to jump start things, that has also worked for me. And have you ever heard of drinking spearmint tea for acne? There are a bunch of reviews on MUA for it and I drink 3 cups a day. I really hope your problem clears up soon!

  67. Awhhh i feel so bad for you! Don't worry, something like that happened to me not to long ago, like 2 months ago!!!
    I wasn't sure why i broke out, but it happened on my cheeks :(
    But it was the first time i had them really bad and caused really bad scarring on my face.. so i tried to use Bio Oil but that made it worse TT^TT
    I'm now only using Witch hazek & Tea Tree Foam Face Wash as my cleanser and works amazingly!
    As for the scars, i'm not using Bio oil anymore but just water!!
    Also i don't know if you get Clean & Clear... but that just made my skin even worse same with Clearsil!!
    Hope your skin gets better - Fighting ^^

  68. Im with u babe!! Ever since 2o1o my skin has been the worse ever!!!
    I had never had acne in my life but also my skin wasnt perfect. I usually get a pimple now n then but nowww i breakout severely everytime its the time of the month. The worse is it around my mouth area.. which indicates the cause of pimples r due to stress n hormone =( are u taking meds for ur acne? I was prescribed with the juliet contraceptive pill but hated the side effects so i went off it after two weeks.
    My acne would erupt when my period comes then they go away but leave bad scarring behind.
    try using peter thomas rothor Dermadoctor. and i know this might sound stupid but if ur acne is caused due to stress.. try booking a facial once every two weeks. It can help with ur stress and also ur acne.
    I hope your skin gets better and you find a regimen that works for u =)

  69. Hi Catalina,

    I really understand what you must be going through-- my skin did something similar 7 years ago and I am still left with very ugly scars and occassional cystic acne now; I have so much more to say but I'll just end off short and sweet with 5 advice that really helped my situation and I wish someone told me about then:

    1. NEVER overdry your face with benzylperoxide or harsh products ala what teaches, no matter how tempting or raving the reviews. I have a feeling neutrogena might be too harsh. Learnt this the hard way.

    2. Go get a good product that cleans out your pores to stop acne from taking root, and not merely treating pre-existing ones-- my absolute saver is dermalogica's gentle cream exfoliant. I swear nothing works as amazing at getting rid of acne that's just about to form/ calm down pre-existing ones.

    3. Oral multivitamin pills twice a day. Sounds crazy and useless but I read a fellow blogger's review on taking Centrum twice daily (for the Vit E mainly to fade scars, but pure Vit E didn't work as well for her)and decided to try it-- it did help fade scars alittle but mainly it helped my crazy hormones(?) and controlled my flare as good as doxycyclin ever did.

    4. Don't delay in seeing a good derm.

    5. Never burst your zit, accidental or purposely. Either way it leaves a scar. Red marks fade but scars rarely do. Always always wash your face with care/apply creams and meds with the pads of your fingers gently --and that means never use a harsh or even tiny beaded scrub. Any abrasion can lead to scarring or deeper set red marks that are harder to remove :( I have a few of those.

    Chin up girl, many of us have been through/are going through similar situations and it's tough but it can get better :)

    --qing (oops, didn't end up as short as I thought)

  70. Hi Catalina,

    I'm so sorry that you've been experiencing this skin crisis. I know how strenuous the circumstances are when you're working crazy hours in NYC and trying to battle the demons that plague your skin. Despite all these circumstances, I believe that when your skin goes cray-cray, the best thing to do is to go back to basics...

    By basics, I mean literally using 100% organic means of healing your skin, tossing out all the make-up that may further irritate your skin. Whenever my skin shows any sign of breaking out, I follow my mom's old school methods. I apply a diluted mixture of fresh tea-tree oil prior to applying an aloe vera gel face mask, effectively killing the bacteria causing the acne, and letting the aloe gel do its business overnight.

    I recommend using aloe gel directly from a fresh aloe leaf opposed to gel that you can find in a bottle at a supermarket. I've always seen better results when I gut open an aloe leaf and use all that goodness on my face. Here's a link to a pretty good tutorial on how to use it: (

    I'm sure you already know this, but I just wanted to reiterate that fresh aloe vera gel contains some mighty antioxidants and anti-fungal/microbial properties, fortified with Vitamin A & E...also, it moisturizes your skin while its promoting skin cell regeneration...I have never been disappointed by its results, and I'm sure it can help clear it up. I would repeat this method 3x a week, bc it does take time to heal.

    I really hope this helps. Stay strong, working woman!

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  72. The only thing that has ever truly worked for my skin has been meds perscribed by my derm. I got the whole kit kaboodle: cleanser, retin-a, minocycle (an antibiotic), and also a bleach.

    But after I ran out, my skin just went back to the way it was before. ;-; And if it makes you feel better,I'd pick your scars over mine any day. :p So don't worry! Good luck!

  73. My skin was that too, about a year ago, so i went to the dermatologist and the doctor said i was like in the Second/Third stage for acne like yours and he recommended me to use "Neutrogena's oil-free acne wash" and it did a wonderful job too! Also after I used the soap i put on the "Oil-Free Moisture - Combination Skin" and mix it with sunscreen. Than i put on "On-the-Spot® Acne Treatment" IT DID AN AMAZING JOB too! Now my skins soo clean!! xD

  74. My friend said she suffers from acne, and she doesn't use any toner or moisturiser. She uses just Savlon antiseptic cream and said it works, so she's never thought of using proper moisturiser. She's been using it for a few years!!

    I only found recently, I was so surprised cos her skin always look so good!!

  75. My friend said she suffers from acne, and she doesn't use any toner or moisturiser. She uses just Savlon antiseptic cream and said it works, so she's never thought of using proper moisturiser. She's been using it for a few years!!

    I only found recently, I was so surprised cos her skin always look so good!!

    Hope your skin gets better soon x

  76. hmm yeah breakouts are really stressful. im also asian and ive been struggling with acne for a very long time, and i am still, but i usually manage to keep my skin clear until that time of the month. ive tried almost EVERY acne set they sell at sephora, and ive tried all sorts of prescription medication from dermatologists, but there are very very very few that have actually worked for me. ive been using neutrogenas oil free acne stress control triple-action toner for at least 2 years now. i dont use any other products from their line, but this toner is really really great (i think it even keeps my pores small)! you should give it a shot... actually im pretty sure its quite popular bc whenever i go to duane reade or CVS to buy it, theres only 1 or 2 left. when you first use this product, it may seem a bit harsh on your skin, but this really is my miracle product. also try using mario badescu's pink powder acne treatment...i dab this on my acne before i go to sleep at night, and its the best spot treatment ive used yet. oh and face wash. have you tried any la roche posay products? you can find them at select duane reades, and they are GREAT. i use their EFFACLAR (this is their acne line) purifying foaming GEL which is PH5.5 mild, but it does wonders for my skin. ive been using this for at least 4 years now. oh also, on the days i put on makeup, i use shu uemurs clarifying cleansing oil and rub my face in circular motions, then i rinse it off with water, and then i use roche posay's effaclar gel and use my clarisonic brush with it (shu uemura gets off the makeup really well, but i dont like the slightly oily feeling it leaves behind so i wash again with effaclar and it gets rid of everything, but it doesnt leave you feeling dry)... to moisturize my skin, i find that estee lauder's DAY WEAR PLUS is great! when you first put it on it may feel a bit oily, but it gets absorbed quickly and this product never broke me out, which is amazing.and other than products, i found that the more important thing was TO DRINK ALOT OF WATER. when i drink at least 2L of water everyday, my skin condition improves dramatically (and you can increase the size of your bladder hehehe)! plus it helps you control your appetite. and please please stay away from oily foods and foods that have alot of salt or sugar or additives, and try not to eat late at night. wash your pillow covers frequently and keep your makeup brushes clean!

  77. hmm yeah breakouts are really stressful. im also asian and ive been struggling with acne for a very long time, and i am still, but i usually manage to keep my skin clear until that time of the month. ive tried almost EVERY acne set they sell at sephora, and ive tried all sorts of prescription medication from dermatologists, but there are very very very few that have actually worked for me. ive been using neutrogenas oil free acne stress control triple-action toner for at least 2 years now. i dont use any other products from their line, but this toner is really really great (i think it even keeps my pores small)! you should give it a shot... actually im pretty sure its quite popular bc whenever i go to duane reade or CVS to buy it, theres only 1 or 2 left. when you first use this product, it may seem a bit harsh on your skin, but this really is my miracle product. also try using mario badescu's pink powder acne treatment...i dab this on my acne before i go to sleep at night, and its the best spot treatment ive used yet. oh and face wash. have you tried any la roche posay products? you can find them at select duane reades, and they are GREAT. i use their EFFACLAR (this is their acne line) purifying foaming GEL which is PH5.5 mild, but it does wonders for my skin. ive been using this for at least 4 years now. oh also, on the days i put on makeup, i use shu uemurs clarifying cleansing oil and rub my face in circular motions, then i rinse it off with water, and then i use roche posay's effaclar gel and use my clarisonic brush with it (shu uemura gets off the makeup really well, but i dont like the slightly oily feeling it leaves behind so i wash again with effaclar and it gets rid of everything, but it doesnt leave you feeling dry)... to moisturize my skin, i find that estee lauder's DAY WEAR PLUS is great! when you first put it on it may feel a bit oily, but it gets absorbed quickly and this product never broke me out, which is amazing.and other than products, i found that the more important thing was TO DRINK ALOT OF WATER. when i drink at least 2L of water everyday, my skin condition improves dramatically (and you can increase the size of your bladder hehehe)! plus it helps you control your appetite. and please please stay away from oily foods and foods that have alot of salt or sugar or additives, and try not to eat late at night. wash your pillow covers frequently and keep your makeup brushes clean!

  78. Hi Catalina, you might want to consider bowel cleanse aka colon cleanse. I like this because it's some serious clean up from inside out. My friend's mom practices ayurveda and taught us to do monthly bowel cleansing. After 3-mths we all see our bodies healing in our respective ways, my skin got clear and glowy big time. Basically you take a heavier dose of laxative with LOTS of water, and flush your guts out the next day over few trips to the loo. Choose saline laxatives (hyperosmotic laxatives), they work by retaining water in the gut, that's how you have enough liquid to flush out the content the next day. The fancier ones also releasing oxygen to breakdown impacted stools, much more expensive but this is what I use.

  79. Hey I had the same problem last year, some reason my skin just broke out when my skin was so-so but it got so bad i felt so bad..ppl were asking if i stopped wearing make up when i didn't really wear any..

    anyways i went to doctor and got clindoxyl gel for spot treatment recommended by my doctor (not dermatologist). and I started using cetaphil gentle skin face wash. I loved cetaphil since, it really keeps my skin i just have pore and scar problems but other than that, my skin hardly has a lot of acne just small ones from time to time.

  80. I know going to the doctor didn't help but I suggest you go find a dermatologist, they can prescribe you skin products that are not over the counter (they are more expensive but they work).

  81. Hi! I know exactly how you feel regarding the frustration due to your skin. I had the same problem with the occasional but serious breakouts and flare-ups. The derm that I went to prescribed Minocycline in the tetracycline family. You pop one little pill a day with lots of water and it’s done wonders for my very oily and very sensitive skin. I'm not sure if this will work for you (I know everyone's different) but I just want to give you some info on what worked for me. I'm not sure if scar cream is the best thing for your face either. What you need is a gentle exfoliator to turn over skin cells faster and a creamy or gel acne wash for your cheeks (I use Oxy Acne wash max strength). And I'm not sure if you spot treat or anything, but I’ve found that DDF sulfur mask works well, it doesn't dry your skin like salicylic acids and benzyl peroxide. Once again, I'm not sure if this will work for you, but I just wanted to give some input to see if I could help. Oh! And if you do happen to look into oral treatments, remember, it takes a full month (sometimes even two) for your skin to clear completely. Good luck! You're absolutely beautiful regardless of the condition of your skin, and I love reading your blog and watching your tutorials (:

  82. Aww, I know how you feel! A few days ago, one of the skincare items I was using gave me this huge cystic-acne type rash all over my face! My skin had obviously had a bad reaction to the product. I'm taking Cetirizine Hydrochloride for skin rashes/allergies. Maybe you could try taking it aswell? As your skin could be allergic to an ingredient, which is therefore cauing it to break out. :) Hope I helped!

  83. hey Catalina,
    I've been following ur blog for a while now but too lazy to post a comment. but I really want to leave you a comment this time.
    I know it's hard to believe when ppl say they totally understand what you're going thru. but I do. I've been having continuous break out for more than a year now, which I dont exactly know why and how. no matter how much I try to change my products, my diet, etc. my skin doesnt seem to get much better.
    I stop doing my makeup for a year now hoping my face getting better, I still have scars and hyperpigmentations all over and couple breakouts all the time. I did everything I could and nothing had ever worked well to my skin condition.
    the last option I reached out to most recently was accutane. my skin so far has not shown much improvement!
    I know how frustrating it is to have such a bad skin and how you can just cry any time looking at your face in the mirrow!
    let's just hope that our skin is going to get better very very soon. very eager to hear about Mederma. I could try any product that works now.
    all the best luck to you Catalina! I really hope to hear good news about the skin <3

  84. I'm sorry you've been having acne trouble again. :( I had bad case like never before earlier this year and then I started using Cellnique action gel for my cystic acne and the other serum to control the rest of my face. It was the only thing that helped me. I scar pretty bad so I used to use Tazorac to help heal the scars and it really works. Much better than mederma would. I don't think Mederma works with acne scars. Only thing I don't like about Tazorac is that it flakes my skin out. But that's how the scars fade. I hope you find some ways to calm your skin down. :)

  85. i know how you feel because im going through it right now!!!!! well my case is not acne, but my face has got blotches and its so red!!! after i used clean and clear clear fairness moisturizer. (cant you believe its just a moisturizer who killed it!) and now my skin is gross and yuck and my level of self esteem has gone down. crap. well... i hope that you will survive that!!!! (everyone does for sure. there's mo life long acne cases right?)

  86. catalina <3 im sure many of us are really look forwarding to having you back on youtube but no pressure, just do whatever you can (: prioritise what's important to you.

    i had been battling breakouts since puberty and it's only the recent months had i seen a slight improvement. so i can absoooolutely empathise with your situation, i know how frustrating it can get! i used to be soo self-concious i would shun photo-taking to the extent of missing school just to skip it and i felt uncomfortable watching my reflection in my mirror, and knowing that other ppl are watching me doing that D: haha i dont know if that's just me. on my bad days, i get the same feeling again.

    anyway please just dont give up keep trying, keep your morale high im sure you can get back your awesome skin.

    do post a review for mederma!
    love you, jace
    but it doesnt as much as knowing that you'll be able to

  87. Hv u heard of a brand called Dr. Secret before?! It is actually my previous favorite but I changed to RVB because it kinda became useless as I got used to the products... I hv been using it daily for the past 2 yrs and it made my skin look flawless!! (um.. nearly flawless...) Anywayz... the 5 steps skin care of it are amazing!!! I knew ur situation is massive and I hv never been through it before. But one of my cousins once had break outs all over her face and neck under academic stress and was healed by Dr. Secret!! Check it out if your current products aren't helping at all... ^^ hope this helps.

  88. Hey catalina, i have alot of problems with my skin. I found that mary kay face wash worked really well for me, and also the korean line Etude house Moistful. The toner, moisturizer, cream are great - dont do the serum because it has oil and it will be too heavy on your skin. I definltely recommend it.

  89. Hey catalina, i have alot of problems with my skin. I found that mary kay face wash worked really well for me, and also the korean line Etude house Moistful. The toner, moisturizer, cream are great - dont do the serum because it has oil and it will be too heavy on your skin. I definltely recommend it.

  90. OMG Try using OBAGI. I swear you're going to get it. in 2-3 months you're going to look absolutely flawless <3

  91. Hi、Catalina!
    I went through almost every single video and your blog post of yours in just a day!
    I'm a Japanese girl(women,female,whatever...meaninng that I'm not so young any more lol) and thought some japanese products might help, as our skin type maybe quite simillar.
    First of all, I also do like the SHU UEMURA cleansing oil A/O as well, but I'd like to
    recommend another oil cleansing product from FANCL. It has no addictives at all, and a lot of people with harsh skin problems have been rescued by this brand, and this make-up remover is the best selling product of the shop too! The texture is like a very loose jel, yet soft and watery. And the thing is that this not-too-watery texture acts as some cusion between your hands and skin, so you don't get so much friction. The cleansing oil can be used with wet hands and skin, so you can use it in your shower too! Is'nt that cool!?
    Next, I want to recommend a product for the acnes, very gentle
    and mild but effective. The brand is called Ettusais, and the acne lines are formulated for adult acne problems. The product I love the most is called "acne clear spots superior", oil free and fragarance free. It works suberbly on the pimples which is about to blow up like a volcano in any minute! (do you get what I mean?) The formula absorbs excess oil from the pimples, and applying it 3~4 times a day (can be used over makeups), the big red hurting ones will tame over night if you can get the best result. When it heals, the dry skin clogged around the wound just comes off so eaily, ofcourse without any bleeding or hurting. It just COMES OFF! Thats it. I've been using this for almost 10 years and I JUST LOVE IT!!!
    I truly recommend this one!
    Hope you have another chance to come to Japan to find these products. It's the first time I've ever posted a comment on an overseas site so I'm totaly a biginner, but if you're interested in any other Japanese product, I might be able to help.
    Wow, that was too much writing! lol
    So have a nice day, thanks for reading!
    (Sorry about my poor English)

  92. I have used Mederma and it didn't work. However a pretty Taiwanese lady who's 50 but looks like she's 30 told me to use Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Night Tone correcting serum. It cleared everything for me.

  93. Hi Catalina!

    I had acne problems all of a sudden too from Feb-June and now i'm acne free
    and what helped me was to wash my face with something gentle
    i use spectro jel
    they sell it here in canada but i'm not sure about the US
    and then i use proactive step 3 which has benzyl peroxide and its a lotion to kill the acne bacteria
    and sometimes i use a milk of magnesia mask which helps absorb oil
    i think the biggest mistake we all make is using harsh products and scrubbing our faces alot which causes irritation.
    I don't even use a toner bc most contain irritating ingredients

    I hope this helps!

  94. hey I don't mean to post my blog. But I just rote about how I got rid of my acne.. maybe it can help you.

    xxx good luck!

  95. Well, two years ago I had the exact same problem. I kept buying new products and testing diferent skin cleansers and nothing worked. My skin was just like yours, with scars and all. The dermatologist really helped, but the real problem was that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). As soon as I started taking birth control pills (very specific ones), the problem went away. You should go to a doctor and take some exams, it might be a hormonal imbalance or something.

  96. Hi Catalina,

    Maybe you can try cleansing your inner body system first i.e buying some chinese herbs and boil to drink. Skincare products is only for the external surface of our face. In the long run, it might re-appear as inner body system is not cleanse due to heatiness or other symptoms which lies inside our body. Hope this can help. Take care ya !

  97. hopefully you'll be back soon! i love watching your vidz and reading your reviews!

  98. hi. have you tried going for natural stuff? Try rubbing some natural aloe vera sap/gel on ur scars and leave it on overnight. It helped me soothe my breakouts in the past, and my scars lightened faster. It also moisturizes the skin, although, don't put it on if ur going out coz it might react with the sun and irritate ur skin. its best to put it on when ur indoors or before u sleep. hope this helps =) Good luck

  99. Sorry to hear about your breakout :( If you eat any type of dairy products, stop. Seriously, after I cut dairy out, my skin cleared up. Also stop drinking coffee. Trust me, I'm addicted to coffee and cereal so it was like cutting off a limb lol. If you have a really inflamed one, take 2 advils, I find advil will bring down the swelling overnight. But only take it for really big breakout. Also anything with zinc; like zinc creme dabbed on the pimple will bring out the impurities when left on overnight, and it'll heal faster. Those are all the things that have helped me. Oh, and I always break out if I eat chips or chocolate so stay away from those as well! lol. Love your videos and you are gorgeous regardless!! stay fabulous girl!

  100. Did you happen to take prenatal vitamin? I had the same skin problem when I started taking prenatal vitamin. It took almost 4 months to stop having breakouts on my both chin and my jawline. The hormones in prenatal vitamin make your hair and nail grow stronger but also can make you breakout. so i read online... For sure, it was the prenatal vitamin for my breakouts. good luck~

  101. Hey remember to be heathy and drinks alot of water ;)

  102. I have a friend who also has the same problems. What she tried was washing her face once a day with a pretty basic cleanser and a very light, non fragrant moisturizer. The thing that really did it for her was buying a facial sauna. After steaming her face in it she found that her acne lessened. I think that was the miracle thing that worked for her. You might be getting acne from harsh face products. Well hopefully it goes well for you and I highly highly recommend trying the conair face sauna. It's only 20 dollars at walmart.


  103. Hey Catalina, I've been watching your vids and absolutely love them so I decided to check out your website. i am so sad to read about your acne! I can relate to your struggle. A year ago, I could not figure out why I was breaking out so badly and on a whim I decided to use a stronger cleanser because I thought that it could be due to makeup/ lotion residue clogging my pores. I used to think i washed my face well; i even used toner to take off extra residue but in the end I still broke out. So I started using Clean& Clear foaming cleanser which is gentle yet strong enough to remove makeup. I was skeptical too but after a few months I saw such a big difference. I continue to use toner (Neutrogena Alcohol free toner). I also started to COMBINE salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on my pimples whenever they began to appear and it drastically reduced the time for the pimple to go away. Clean and clear advantage + Clean and clear persagel. I know it might sound crazy but i think the combination of the bacteria fighting chemical in benzoyl peroxide and the exfoliating/redness reducing element of salicylic acid helps pimples go away faster. This has worked for me and i hope it can help you too. I tried mederma thinking it would help reduce scarring but the chemical in it caused really bad irritation/burns. I also hated the onion-y smell. I would not use it on face acne. Hope this helps~

  104. Hey Catalina!
    I have the excat same skin type as you, as well I'm Korean too. Since I had acne troubles since puperty, I wanted share with you on what helped me the most. Again, since everyone's skin is different, it might be different for you.

    First of all, as I tried out bunch of differnet products, I learned that going natrual/organic was the best.

    As someone already commented, the less chemicals, etc you put on your face, the better it is for the health for your skin. I strongly recommend you go to your local health store, such as Whole Fooods, and see their skin care isle. As well, doing some reaserch on organic skin care lines wouldn't hurt either. For me, I've been using the Suki Skincare line, and I have to say it saved my skin from hell. If your curious, for my skin, 1. I wash my face with DeraMed's Green tea acne wash
    2. Use Suki balancing toner
    3I use about 2 drops of grape seed oil mixed with 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to my face. I use it kind of like a serum almost, I let it sink
    4. Then I apply my Suki balancing day lotion.
    That is my night routine, for the day I skip the grapeseed oil, and just add suncreen to my routine.

    As well, the Mederma, seems to contain parben and fragrance, which could irrate your skin further. If your curious about what's in your products, check out

    These are just some tips, but I wish you the best Catalina, I feel your pain. Keep us posted!

  105. Hey, I had a friend that used to have normal skin (only the occasional breakouts) and all of a sudden she had like acne all over her face. she was pretty sad and frustrated at that time but a few months later I met up with her and her skin was glowing and even prettier than before. She told me she had been using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil and yes it does work wonders. Recently I've been breaking out at places that usually doesn't have any problems and it had been bugging me real bad cause it doesnt go away. So I tried out the Tea Tree Oil too and I superbly loved it. Cleared out my skin. And my sister says the same thing. So yea. It's natural and safe I suppose. And I have sensitive skin and oily T-zone and it works for me. So hope that helps. And I loveeee your tuts and vids. you're so pretty and sweet!!!

    God bless you :)

  106. Do you clean you makeup-brushes often? Tons of bacteria is stored in them and can cause skinproblems...

  107. hey catalina!
    ahh sucks to be breaking out :( i'm breaking out this week too. unfortunately, st. ives does work for me, and i can't recommend that to you LOL. however i have heard that products with aloe work or perhaps it's your diet (drink lots of water and avoid junk food)! sorry i couldn't help much, but i hope your skin gets better :) btw i love your makeup tutorials


  108. It's best to use less harsh products after big break outs. I use Dr. Bronner's liquid soap on my face most of the time. Maybe like 5 times in a month I'll use a strong face wash (too lazy to look at it rn, but it has AHA in it?) Give your skin a break from harsh chemicals~

  109. last year, my skin was horrible.
    by horrible i mean at least 20 times worse than yours. the breakouts weren't the light pink ones that you but they were BRIGHT RED and HUGE.
    so after suffering from that for half a year, i finally went to the dermatologist and she gave me some antibiotics for acne.
    i went on them for 5 months.
    now my skin is clear now. ;D
    of course there are scars and blemishes but it's smooth.
    i think you can give it a try too.
    the only side effect is that it makes you slightly dizzy at first. but then you get used to it.
    i took the 100mg ones, which was extremely strong.
    c: hope this helped

  110. Sweetie.. try using SK2 products. I was having the same problem like yours and everytime it goes away (or i think it goes away) it will come back again and again and again. Even so when i got preggie it was the same on and off issue. It was just recently that i changed my skin care to sk2 and i noticed that in less than a week existing pimples has stopped.. and no new pimples popped out. Despite that, my pores are much smaller and also my skin seems more radiant. I've been using it for about 2-3 weeks now and i have to say it changed my life. Although the price for the range of basic care products are rather expensive.. i think it is worthy to spend on considering the results you see are so amazing! Hope it helps! :)

  111. Catalina,
    I tried to leave you a message from Youtube but wasn't sure if you got it.

    Please get this book call "Reset Skincare" it is published in Japan and I think I recall you said you learned a bit of Japanese.

    I had terrible acne, worse than ur condition now in the photo's. Ever since I tried this skincare method, I have less bumps, my scars are healing and importantly pimples come back less and less. It was only about a month ago I started it but friends are amazed how "clean" my skin looks.

    I so enjoy your video's and blogs. Please keep uplifting is with your sweet and calm personality.


  112. Catalina,
    I tried to leave you a message from Youtube but wasn't sure if you got it.

    Please get this book call "Reset Skincare" it is published in Japan and I think I recall you said you learned a bit of Japanese.

    I had terrible acne, worse than ur condition now in the photo's. Ever since I tried this skincare method, I have less bumps, my scars are healing and importantly pimples come back less and less. It was only about a month ago I started it but friends are amazed how "clean" my skin looks.

    I so enjoy your video's and blogs. Please keep uplifting is with your sweet and calm personality.


  113. Give the 'Triple Clean Anti- Blemish Pads' from Noxema a try. At any drugstore a pack of $60 will cost you around $4. These are what I use to keep my skin clear, and they also work well with acne prone skin (my boyfriend and his younger brother gave these a try as well & it did wonders). I know these work for pretty much all skin types (I had a lot of other people try them too), but if you feel your skin is too sensitive then you may not be all that fond of them. But they work! XD hope this helps!

  114. Hi Catalina, im from México, no escribo en ingles pero lo entiendo y quiero decirte k soy una fan tuya de tus vídeos en Youtube. Leí acerca de tu problema en la piel y te entiendo, hace algún tipo así sufrí yo, por eso quiero recomendaste el cuidado facial que yo utilizo, es de la línea Credencials skin care, son maravillosos, es una private label y se distribuye en esteticas y clínicas de belleza busca página internet, tambien use el jabon Dermac que es para evitar brotes en la piel. ojalá y te sea de ayuda!!!! Saludos!!!!

  115. Had the same issues and only thing that helped was staying away from design house brands and any lotions and potions of medical sort. Only thing that calmed my skin back to clean was Cetaphil after Shu Cleansing oil and Bobbi Brown Soothing Lavender Toner and Hydrating Cream/Vita Face Base depending on dryness. I usually go to sleep barefaced if I can and use toner only if it feels irritated or too dry. Now I am normal skinned after years of frustration and found out I am just allergic to perfumes that high end brands use. Once my skin was calm, I've used Laura Mercier Tinted Foundation with Hydrating Primer with great results and only use Chanel foundation if I want more coverage since I am on stage but only for those few hours and take it off as soon as I can. Best of luck!

  116. hope you feel better :(
    빨리 나서 유튜브에 비디오 올려주세용~

  117. I highly suggest Alba Botanica's Oil Control Lotion. It has "max-strength 2% Salicylic Acid." My skin showed improvements in less than a week. Can be found at Target.

  118. Hi Catalina ! How are you ? I've just discovered Peter d'Adamo's diets according to your blood type. You should take a peek ! I think it can help your skin problems !

  119. I just graduated an Aesthetics program. My suggestion is to go to a spa/medispa where they offer glycolic acid peels. Do those 1x a week.

  120. ahhh i feel your pain... my jaw line is also breaking out like crazy and i hv zero idea what to do with it.. :(

  121. try arcona basic 5. this line of skincare does not have synthetic chemicals and preservatives that are bad for you. i think your skin might be irritated with all the chemicals in the products you have used.

  122. Be strong Catalina!
    You're gorgeous.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    It seems so hopeless sometimes.
    Its always the people who take 100 times more care of their skin that have bad skin.
    Thinking of going on Roaccutane soon.
    One person can only take so much sadness every time they look in the mirror.
    But honestly, you are so incredibly pretty and lovely.
    Never fear :)


  123. I feel u girl! Acne is hard to deal with. ppls say not to cover it with make up and let the skin breath...but it's hard to be confident in public with pimples exposed on the face...:( such a dilemma!

    A couple months ago, I randomly started breaking out on my forehead like NO TOMORROW. I had no idea why (I wasn't on any new products, I drank decent amounts of water, etc). I went to my doctor and he prescribed a clindamycin acne cream. It takes a week or two before u see results. The # of "active" pimples I have are decreasing so I'm focussing on fixing the scars. u should give it a try too! u're skin isn't that bad so stay positive and happy :)

  124. Please do not publish this, but if you want a reference to few acupuncturist in town that I got a lot of help from, I can recommend you a few. Also a facial place that's cheaper and better than most places. However, facial seem to only give temporary relief as most of these acne has to do with your hormonal balance or digestive system.
    Let me know if you want reference. I saw your youtube yesterday after not watching for 1-2 years and was kind of shocked because you looked like you were really tired & sick. I hope you get better soon and back to your perky energetic cutesy and healthy looking skin!

  125. Also, stay away from liquid foundation (tip or 'nag' i got from my facial aesthetician)
    Cleaning with cleansing cream (Boots from Target or some Korean brown rice stuff work well) and then do a 2nd step cleansing /massage with Olive Oil which heats your face and takes out oil residue (works really amazingly well) Then wash with gentle foam cleanser so your face is still moist but pores are not clogged. Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum after that and Roc Night cream with Retinol. I was using Tea Tree and all these drying stuff thinking I need to 'dry out' my facial acne, but trust me they only make them worse.

  126. Hi I was reading about some frustrations on your skin issues, I thought I would try and help and suggest some products that would benefit immensely, I am also going to include what NOT to do and use during the healing process, and to comfort you I am a makeup artist and skin care therapist.

    Let's Begin: DO NOT:
    -Use products with fragrance (your skin is at its weakest point and fragrance is an extreme irritant and will worsen the problem) for example its like putting alcohol on a fresh cut: It might disinfect it but it wont heal the skin it will only aggravate it and prevent healing. Also make sure your using alcohol free products as well, reason being: Alcohol strips the skin of its natural ph level(natural skin oils), and when this occurs your body thinks your dehydrating your skin so your body well then create more sebum oil on your skin and that's why you break out more and have more issues regarding your skin. Note: Sebum oil is a protective, moisturizing natural oil agent for our skin.

    -AVOID st.Ives scrub :$, if you think you have skin issues now just wait until you use this baby! First off the apricot grit that is in this product is extremely abrasive, they aren't soft round granules they are sharp edged like a knife and that is precisely what its doing to your skin (Cutting it). You will injure your skin more than what you think and any bacteria you have on your skin will travel to other parts of your face that is not infected and then that area will get infected -Its a vicious circle when it comes to this product.

    -Purchase oil free products, if you need an absolute oil based product then use a natural oil: jojoba oil (which is a natural disinfecting oil) also safe for oily prone skin, I use this oil everyday for makeup removing mixing two parts jojoba oil and one part micellar cleansing water I use (Marcelle micellar cleansing water) but any cleansing water your skin loves works too.


    -Invest in a cleansing brush(rotating), if your on a budget then purchase The Oil Of Olay PRO X brush $30 and replacement heads are $10 for two when you need them ( PRO X is what I have currently), or if you feel like splurging there is the Clarisonic (prices differ with model). Both models work well with any cleanser and remove a build up of makeup, dirt, pollution of your face in seconds. Also to mention these are very gentle on your skin and have speed controls for more of a comfortable cleansing experience.

    -Use skincare products that have salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide, both of these ingredients encourage constant cellular turnover and resist dead skin from clogging your pores and also treats present breakouts.

    -Use oil free cosmetics (foundations, powders, concealers)

    -Use a Vitamin C antioxidant product to fight scarring, dull skin. I use this one product thats not available everywhere but its called Dermaglow Vitamin C microdermabrasion product that works amazing to clear up any skin issues and scarring, look into products that are available to you.


    -Never go to bed with a full face of makeup and always cleanse twice a day, being consistent pays off.

    I think I will finish off with I hope some of this information helps.

    Good luck


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