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So what's up, Catalina?

Hi Everyone.
I feel extremely embarrassed how I just literally abandoned my youtube and blog for nearly two months. Some of you may have noticed, most of you might have not - but basically there has been a big change in my life - and I guess today's post is about what's up with me lately.

As some of you might know, I finished school and was a homebody for nearly a year. I had ample time on my hands and making/editing videos, photos, blogging and all that fun stuff was pretty easy to do. I wasn't in a rush to find a job, nor was a I worried (ha! stupid? that's what I think so to). It wasn't until recently I ran out of the luxury to sit at home and do what I like to do. In easy words, youtubing and blogging didn't pay even a small portion of the high living expenses of living in New York. A lot of things gave me a reality check earlier this summer. So what did I do? I threw myself out into the job market, and luckily got a job quicker than I thought I would.

So, to make a long story short - I have been busy with work and trying to adjust to a new life style and that was taking up too much time. I've tried to make some videos, but filming while the sun is setting is just not fun :'( With my personality, I just couldn't upload unsatisfying videos.

Anyway, that was a short reporting of why things are slow on my side. I will try my best to continue blogging and youtubing but please bear with me and understand that I don't have as much as time as I used to. I think having to work will definitely change many things, and that will also include my youtubing. I have been more focused on makeup tutorials, but I think I will have to throw in more reviews, collection videos or anything that doesn't require so much editing and time.

Okay, I'm going to go and continue to edit the video I filmed a couple of days ago.

Take care guys, and stay healthy! :)

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  1. congratulations on your new job. Its so exciting to get the discounts for all these expensive cosmetics and skincare companies.

  2. congratulations catalina! i'll miss you :(

  3. Congrats on your job! I was wondering why you weren't blogging or making videos. Ehh I've heard of living in the city to be hard but it guess it really hits now that the economy isn't the greatest? Even though you're probably busy and can't upload videos as'll make it more special to watch whenever you do have a new video out right? lol ^^;

    Oh I've heard of that CCO-ish store. But it's employ only...lucky! A job/employee perk! lol

  4. aww!! glad ur back!! your reviews are awesome - very honest and just fun!! hows the missha shimmer balls working? i might be getting it soon - need ur opinion haha.

  5. Yay! Congrats on getting a job Catalina! I'm happy that you're working now :)

    Take your time with the bloggina dn youtubing, we'll understand ^^

  6. Congratulations on ur job! Hope u're having a great time with work..

  7. Aww congrats on getting a job~
    I was wondering where you went hehe...
    Take care of yourself, we'll understand :)

  8. we miss you! can't wait for yr next vid! ;)

  9. Catalina!!
    Great news on your new job! We all miss you here, but we totally understand that life gets busy and certain priorities come first. Hope to see you soon and take care! <3

  10. first of all i congrates u on your new job.its a matter of clapping and joyness.
    very nice that you are working now.
    i m very excited to know it...!
    love u....

    Permanent Make Up

  11. Congrats on your new job! Hope you're doing well and staying healthy too!

  12. Totally understand how it feels to suddenly lose so much free time :T But hey, at least you're making lots of money now, so congrats Catalina!! I don't know for you, but before I had a job (early summer), I had difficulties sleeping because I was slightly anxious but also because I didn't feel like I did much in my day time. And then when I got two jobs at the same time, I ended up being so tired at night that I sleep like a baby >.<

    But anyways, you have our support ^_^v

  13. Hi Catalina. I've been watching your vids & following your blog for a while, but I just haven't felt the necessity to comment yet I suppose. lol. well, congrats on your job. if it's not too much personal info, would you mind telling us what type of work you do? does your Japanese help you out at all?
    hope you keep up the good work, but don't feel like you have to make youtube a priority

  14. Congratulations on your new job Cat :) wow those special discount you have is great!! :)

  15. Catalina, I started following your youtube videos just about the time you ran out of time to make them, haha... But I wanted to say that I love your youtube videos - I hope that you will enjoy making them, even if it's on a lower frequency.

    Well, you know what they say about about "reality bites". It's a good thing that you are now gainfully employed. With your lovely personality, I'm sure you will get along well with the people at work and like what you do.

    I hope you will start to find your balance between work and play. When I started working - I had a major breakout too, due to the work stress, change in lifestyle, etc. So my advice is - if the skincare does not help, then do consider medication for the short-term. Of course, consult a doctor! I've been on Oratane for 1.5 years now and my skin has transformed & turned itself around.

    All the best

  16. COngrats Sweetie on your job!!! Hope it is something that you love doing too. ;) Missing your posts and updates.. *huggies*

  17. hi...i m a man, just pop up here by accident via youtube. You are expert and cute :)


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