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Moistfull for the win!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a great labor day weekend :) and for those that are starting school - have fun!! School is fun! Don't miss out on anything while you are a student.

I wanted to rave about a product.
I haven't emptied anything out in a long time, and I used this product up very quickly (well, it's probably because it was a sample size bottle :p). But nonetheless, I really REALLY liked it.

It's Etude(house)'s collagen moistfull cream

It's scented (boo..), and is quite milky and gel-like but I liked it because you can actually feel your skin getting moisturized. The only problem is... it's only available in Asian countries >:(
So for those that are in the states like me, you are doomed unless someone offers to buy you this while they are in Asia. But I'm just going to put this out there for those that might have a chance to get their hands on the product :)

It's really nice! I recommend it!!

Since we are talking about skincare stuff, a lot of you might be wondering what's up with my skin since my last post. I first wanted to say that I really really appreciate all of the comments and how supportive you all are :) I read every single comment and have a list of things I am going to try out.
At the moment I am not using mederma. The only reason is because I don't know where it is -_-;
But anywho, here is an update on my skin.

It's disgusting so I made the picture small :p I think my situation hasn't improved at all. I got my prescription for birth control pills (since I highly suspect hormone imbalance, as some of you pointed out) and I am trying to get more sleep. Someone also mentioned lung problems and others brought up internal problems in my body. I do think that most of you pointed out valid concerns so I am going to get checkups on a lot of things.

I am also drinking a lot of water (which results in constant running to the bathroom and under-proforming at work.. ah, such a dilemma) and avoiding coffee like the plague. I was never a big snacker, so I'm just trying to cut off the occasional bite-size chocolates. I'm also back on track with my workouts and eating veggies :D yay. Fortunately, I don't mind the taste of organic kale (it's a superfood! eat it ladies!), so I munch on it everyday as during dinner.

Anyway, I an going to babble on about what is going on in my life. I think I am at a physical and emotional weak point, where I am even thinking of turning to religion for mental strength. Also, I am in love with Super Junior's KyuHyun :p ahhh, he's so smoking hot!

I think I like him because there are a lot of things I can relate to him :/ He has a pretty long face like me, his upper lip curls in when he smiles (but he has much better teeth, my teeth are too short and small), he looks older than his age (so do I! bahaha).. but, I mean, who am I to compare myself to a younger dude/celeb :p I like him because he's good at what he does and you can see him always trying to get better. Good quality - that's what I like about him.

Alright, Sorry I rambled on :(
I miss hanging out and talking(?) to you guys.

Much love,

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  1. I drank coconut juice and green tea for a while and that seemed to clear up my skin pretty fast. Also, I swiped the coconut meat on my skin - perfect as a natural sunscreen and moisturizer.

    And welcome to the fandom. my favorite Suju member is also the evil maknae. ^^

    I urge you to try turning to religion - so long as it's not like Scientology or something -_-;. I'm Christian and having a community and praying and reading the bible really has helped me through a lot of rough times.

  2. :( last year I had a severe (much worse than yours actually ^^) skin problem that left me with 3rd degree chemical burns (allergic reaction to medication) i totally understand how rough it must be...

    For me, switching to essential oils helped a lot but that might have just been b/c my case was not acne as much as it was...cysts, lesions :P Finally it cleared up after I stopped using the meds. Ironically, I learned to use makeup b/c of this experience ahahha...I pretty much had to become an expert at applying foundation just to be able to go to interviews w/o the interviewer gawking at my face :\....sorry I'm rambling &^^

    But yes, just look at more Kyuhyun pics (my fav Suju member :D) and it sounds like you're doing all the right things so I am sure it will get better soon. It took me 8 months alone for my face to not have the bumps on it anymore.

  3. Hi Catalina! It feels like it's been forever since the last post. you must be very busy.. I'm really sorry about the skin trouble!! I've been getting acne JUST on my left cheek. I have no idea why!ㅠㅠ....going for a derm visit soon..anyway, I've been a silent reader of your blog but I decided to comment today haha :)
    언니 기운내시고 홧팅하세여!~

  4. yay for super junior! aww good luck with the skin battle :)

  5. I used Benzac at 2.5% benzoyl peroxide on my worked heaps on my face could always try...just know that it bleaches clothing T_T good luck ^_^

  6. Hello!

    Just curious, do you eat kale raw? I haven't tried it yet but would try it if the taste wasn't too strong. I've only tried it cooked with a small bit of coconut oil & chili.

    Hope your skin heals well soon. :)

  7. what at home remedies have you been doing besides prescriptions?

    I also had the same problem, and i switched my makeup, my skincare routine and nothing helped, until I read that Satin Pillowcases are more gentle for the skin ( & hair) so I switched, and slowly my acne went away.. so weird, I also washed my pillowcases every week since I shower in the morning, so all the products that i wore throughout the day will sink into my pillowcases (dirt). I went back to my makeup & skincare routine, thank god for those clean satin pillowcases LOL.

  8. I'm also in a state of recovering from my acne. It's getting worse because my period had started :( Well, so far I only got 3 from my period, but I have to deal with the rest that hasn't gone away! It's been about almost a month now and it's still on my face. I also resorted to Acne Free Regime. Maybe I should've gotten the severe, so it'll work faster ahah! Well hopefully, all we can do is hope for the best for both of us!

  9. Hi Cat~ i can see myself on you 2 months ago since i got acne.don't let yourself be confused on what's happening with your life right now.if you feel emotional, try to make yourself happy by thinking positively.i know you can do it coz i feel that you're a strong's also a good idea for you to get emotional and spiritual support from positive and happy people coz they will uplift you and inspire you.then, find a skincare regimen that will work out for your my case, i stayed away from products that aggravates my skin.using mild products i.e. face wash is helpful.washing my face with warm water before and after feels refreshing and soothes inflammation.find products that's organic or natural.list all things that triggers your skin issues and stay away from them.let your skin heal for awhile.don't put anything unless it is necessary and make sure it's mild and good for your healthily, exercise, drink water, don't pick or touch your blemishes,de-stress yourself and do things that will make you happy,clean your room and stuff..etc.this sounds endless lol.

    an article about how to de-stress:

    praying for you^^ xoxo

  10. hello! looking at the pictures, i think i'm having the same problem as you with my skin.

    after some research, i think it's basically a result of comedones trapped in my skin :o

    it's bumpy and reddish and occasionally full of pus like an acne scar. for most part, it doesn't hurt unless the bumps proceed to the pimple stage, it's just really uneven looking and red.

    unfortunately, it may be caused by the missha bb cream :( 7 weeks ago, i had some acne but nothing too bad. then i started an internship and wore missha bb cream everyday, and that's when my skin started deteriorating. from MUA reviews, i found out that one of missha bb cream's main ingredients is mineral oil, which is very comedogenic; it clogs pores very very easily and can cause breakouts. so last week i stopped using the bb cream, and switched my entire skincare regime (facial cleanser, moisturiser etc) to sebamed (which is apparently compatible with the skin's natural ph of 5.5, hypoallergenic and what not). the red bumps seem to be clearing out abit, and the acne hasn't worsened. so i can only conclude that the (1) bb cream is unfortunately bad for frequent use on my skin type - oily skin :( and (2) sebamed might actually help. i'm not using any moisturiser at all, because i read that certain moisturiser are comedogenic and pore clogging.

    i'd previously used the bb cream on occasion but not continuously. so maybe one way to deal with this is to skip foundation or bb cream altogether for awhile and see if your skin settles? i'm currently just using some loose powder to control the oil, but no bbcream/foundation at all. i guess that kinda sucks cause in between the problem disappearing, i do go to work with blotchy skin. but it's worth it to let your skin settle down first.

    for scar removal/acne, i use differin gel which i think is prescription only; have been using it since i was 14 and it works quite well. it also works to reduce scars, so it's dual purpose!!

    over the years i've tried quite alot of makeup stuff and facial cleansers, but maybe the idea is to minimise the products i slather on my face :\

    hope this is useful for you.

  11. on another note. KYUHYUN is <3!!
    his voice is amazing, he has such a cute smirk. you should really watch the super junior drama eps on youtube if you haven't. haha, so much of the maknae!

  12. Hi Catalina! ( :
    I just wanted to say hi and say that even though I don't know what you're dealing with right now, but fight through it and in the end you're gonna end up a stronger person. Hwaeeting!! And I have completely different skin from you so it's hard to relate on skintype terms but my skin is also going through some changes and it's really confusing and frustrating sometimes. I recently got a few pimples in the last few months and they have significantly faded but the 'scar' or bump is still there. All my life I've had really dry, sensitive skin, to the point where it got really painful to just wash my face with just water. But now that I'm experiencing something totally different is a little bit nerve-racking. ) : I freak out sometimes when I see a random pimple pop out of nowhere and stay there for months. Haha, but it helps to think positively and try our best to relax and not stress about the situation. I just want to say 'we' the blogging community is happy to be somewhat of a support system. & Even though I may not personally know you, after watching and reading your blog and youtube videos, your inner beauty and happy personality outshines everything else. If you do turn to religion, I do hope you find comfort in it. ( : & Thanks for keeping us posted!!

    ps. i think it always helps to use less on your face. skincare or makeup. and water always helps! &, have you tried detoxing? maybe that'll help?

  13. I'm sorry I'm not much help... even though I do have acne, I think mine is mostly hormonal but I think the thing that helped me the most was Clinique's 3-step acne system, esp the toner. It's really strong! Sadly it doesnt really work for me anymore.. Good luck!! T_T I hate having acne~

    Omg Kyuhyun~ I was so surprised to see his photo. I love his voice, it's so smooth and he tries hard at everything. (I do love Yesung more though... Ironically, you're talking about a younger celeb while I'm talking about someone way older than me. Haha!)

    Once again, good luck T_T fighting~

  14. i'm being emotionally pulled down because of my acne as well at the moment. i'm using a sulfur zinc oxide soap right now, though it's harsh on my skin it does the job of drying out my pimples :/
    AHHH. super junior^^ have you listened to "no other"? i loveee it and can't wait to see it in their up coming concert here in asia ^____^
    my favorite member is dong hae, mainly because i love his personality :DDD

  15. Eat a lot of natural yogurt, but give it a few days! And NO SPICY FOOD!!! (kimchi included)

  16. I LOVE KYUHYUN! I'm going to have to pick up that Etude House Moistfull! No stressing out! That also can affect your skin as you probably know already...we really miss you Catalina! Just know you have your fans behind you, cheering you on! :) 화이팅!

  17. OMG!! i love kyuhyun too! ^^
    btw. so sorry about the skin troubles :( dont worry they will go away. y dont u try the caveman regime? :D

  18. Maybe it is just adult acne and you need a prescription.
    I was on Retin-A in high school.
    It works but it takes time.
    I hope your doctor visits help you.
    Write down everything you have done for your skin and take it to the appointment so you don't forget anything.

  19. Catalina! Yay for the updates! I think you can get the Etude House even if it's only available in Asia; I found it on sale on Yesstyle (will put link at the end of this post), but I don't know if they sell it more pricey or not :/ At least you know you can get it full size :D

    Moistfull Moisturizer:

  20. Hi Catalina!
    I have been following your blog and videos on Youtube for a while now, and when I read about your skin problems, I knew I had to leave a comment. I've been having the same problems this year. I was always acne prone, but I usually have it under control, but for whatever reason I started breaking out like crazy this year. Mostly around my chin area, and the occasional gigantic ones on my cheeks and forehead.
    I am finally getting it under control now; I tried sooo many different medications, cleansers, and what have you and I think that I finally found the answer for my trouble.

    For the first time of my life, I decided to go organic so I went to Lush and got the charcoal soap. I stopped using all of my other chemical cleansers - mostly Neutrogena stuff - and only use the Lush charcoal soap. Once in a while I'll use the St Ives blemish & blackhead control apricot scrub for exfoliation.

    Then, I use the Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Fade Milk for the scars - I'm pretty impatient, so... yeah.. scars..

    Then, I use the Clean & Clear Persa-gel 10% Benzoyl Peroxide for my pimples and acne.

    It is a long process, and it's taken me months, but it's slowly working.

    Don't be discouraged! Be persistent and consistent with your treatments, and they will go away! G'luck!

  21. heyy~ another thing you have in common with kyuhyun is your skin troubles lol : D not that that's a good thing but kyuhyun probably is one of the members with the worse skin. despite that he's a very good looking boy though ♥

  22. Catalina!

    Please try the "Pressure Wave Technique" from Reset Skin care. If you let me know where I can send it, I will as soon as I can. My email address is

    My name is Kuristina..:)

  23. Catalina,
    I took Nutrition, and new evidence shows that coffee has little to do with acne. Coffee does not make you dehydrated! Haha, so as long as your don't get a caramel machiatto with whipped cream and extra caramel drizzle, I'm sure it's ok for you to have.

    Haha, I'm not sure if you got my comment before, but it seems like you read other comments about your hormones. Ah, I hope it's the right kind of birth control that doesn't make you break out even more. :(

    My crappy acne has been going away. =__=;; I still wear make up because I work as a server, and I don't like how red and bumpy it looks on me. :( But I'm using Etude House's Surprise Concealer, and Almay's salyric acid foundation. And I use almay's salyric acid powder on top.
    But before that, I wash my face with Cetaphil with warm water, and while it's still on my face, I wash it off with cold water. Then I use cotton to put witch hazel over it. (I's kind of harsh. I honestly don't know if it even helps, but I'm going to continue it. XD) After that, I put a little Etude's Dr. Oil dual primer on. Well. Only the lotiony one. Then I put on make up. It's annoying to do when I'm running late, but I've been trying to make it a habit to see if my skin will clear up.

    At first, I was using Etude's BB Bright cream and Etude's BB mineral powder, but it makes me feel so greasy after it. =__=;;

    But I swear my face is getting less and less pimples! I mean..the scars are still there though, and it's annoying. Every time I think my skin is getting better, I think my skin pops a few out. =___=;; I'm not even that superstitious, but I try not to think that it is getting better. Also, I don't look in the mirror that much. I'm not trying to avoid it because of self-esteem issues. But it makes me less stressed, and I don't attempt to pick at them!

    I hope you the best Catalina!

  24. Hang in there Catalina! think about it this way... this is the worst it can get... once you pass that it will only get better >_< i really hope you'll feel better physically/emotionally soooon. I've missed you on youtube and blogspot :)

  25. I will be in Korea for 3 weeks.. if you want the product just let me know and i go get it for you.. I will be in NYC on halloween's weekend.. I can give it to when i'm in nyc

  26. Hey Catalina!
    I love you, you're one of my favourite beauty gurus keep it up!! :)
    Dont get so depressed about your skin; have you been stressed out recently? Perhaps that could be one the reasons? Relax girl!

    I use savlon on my spots and it actually makes my spots less red and flattens them! Im not sure what the US version is, but just any antiseptic cream will do. Mine was really inexpensive:about $3-4

    Good luck xxx

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Catalina! It's okay, you'll pull through! I'm pretty sure it's not going to become a chronic problem from now on, just a flare up! But you know what worked for me? Spectro Jel. They only have it in Canada I believe, but it is worth trying to find it! It has NO fragrance, dyes, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens and lanolin, which are all irritating to our skins. Here's the product info on the website: Good luck!

  29. have you tried retin-A?
    could it be dairy food? i know a friend who never had problem with dairy food, but all of sudden her skin went bad. she later found out it's dairy food. even tiny bit of cheese in pasta breaks her out. however after going through a period of time (a year or so?) she can have dairy food again. weird.

  30. Hey, you might want to try Hada Labo Tamagohada Daily Face Wash. It's a Japanese brand face wash with AHA and BHA. After using this product my skin is starting to clear up again. Don't use this product when you're allergic to salicylic acid, though. I only know you can buy this product at, not sure about other places.

    If you don't have access to Hada Labo, you might want to try another product which also combines AHA and BHA to fight acne. Such as Avene Cleanance K. I haven't used this product myself, but they are raving about this product on the internet. This one is much more expensive than the Hada Labo daily face wash, though.

    I'm planning to try Effaclar
    Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily and Sensitive Skin. It's a cleaning gel with pH level 5.5. I want to alternate this product with my Hada Labo daily face wash. So my skin won't "get used" to my skin care "regimen". The reason why I want to try this product, is because of the pH level. You might want to look this product up on the internet.

    Stress might be the cause of your acne. I'm just guessing, but your acne started when you started to work, right? So that might be one of the reasons.

    Hope this helps =]

  31. Hi catalina!
    i was fortunate to see super junior at smtown la last week...
    kyuhyun is a sweetheart! but i am more of a heechul-girl myself :P
    wishing you the best of luck!

  32. hi catalina! missed your videos but glad that you still update your blog. :)
    for me, benzoyl peroxide was my savior (and making sure i moisturize my skin). I also sleep with a towel on my pillow now that is washed regularly without softener.

    that helped my acne problem. my skin is oily and acne prone. hope you get clear skin soon! *hugs*

  33. i dont normally get acne but a few weeks ago i was trying out laura mercier's oil free tinted moisturizer and that TOTALLY broke me out .

    it took almost 2 weeks to clear!!
    have u tried the aspirin mask?

  34. hi catalina, my acne was much more serious than you... i had used many kinds of skin care.. vichy, proactive, avene, some beauty saloon product.... never improved for tonss of years.... im so down... dont dare to look at ppl and to mirror too.. its horrible... im so pround that you still show up in youtube frequetly!!! always love ya!!

  35. hi catalina, my acne was much more serious than you... i had used many kinds of skin care.. vichy, proactive, avene, some beauty saloon product.... never improved for tonss of years.... im so down... dont dare to look at ppl and to mirror too.. its horrible... im so pround that you still show up in youtube frequetly!!! always love ya!!

  36. My dermatologist prescribed Duac Gel . Maybe you can ask your derma about it. Mario Badescu's drying lotion seems to work for me too. AHA toners seems to work for my sister for her acne.

    And yes sleep is important!

  37. I had severe acne for the longest time and I'm only 19! I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed me Accutane, now called Claravis (the technical name is Isotrenintoin) a medication you take orally. My face is clear of bumps (like those on your neck!) I still have a lot of redness due to having had acne for most of my adolescent years but it's bound to fade slowly according to my dermatologist. It doesn't help that I flush very easily! But yeah just wanted to throw that out there! There are side effects, the main one being dryness. My lips were so dry and not the chapped dry but the I-need-to-lick-my-lips dry. This medication raised my triglycerides and you must be on two types of birth controls (pills and condoms for example) because Accutane can cause birth defects in babies. Overall, it took me seven months and now I am off of it! I truly am glad that I took it because my face is much more smooth and there's no acne! If you are really serious about your skin condition and you're willing to spend some money (depending on your insurance of course, hope you have it 'cause it ain't cheap!) I would definitely recommend Accutane. Ask a dermatologist!

    I used everything from Proactive to Murad to drugstore products and my face if anything, was just getting worse until I took a chance and went to the dermatologist to see what was up with my darn face....I don't regret it at all.

    (= good luck!

  38. Many things could contribute your acne. It could be hormonal or stress induced. It could also mean a metabolic process. Now you would have to see if you are eating too many green vegetables, even though veggies are great antioxidants, very green veggies like broccoli and kale have high amounts of iodine, and iodine can cause acne. Try using a regimen of cleanser (with salicylic acid), toner and oil free moisturizer with spf (minimum 15) in the morning and cleanser, toner (even witch hazel could work ) and cleanser, toner, benzoyl peroxide 5-10% on acne spots. I usually suggest taking a coin size amount of moisturizer and a pea size of benzoyl peroxide 5-10%, mix them together and apply on night time. This would prevent skin dryness (since benzoyl peroxide tends to dry up the skin. Try letting your skin breathe diminishing the use of liquid, cream or powder foundation for some time (if its being used) cutting off on some (not all) green veggies. I would also recommend using antioxidants like Vitamin E which is a great antioxidant for you blood and will help clear up bacteria. I really hope it gets better.

  39. Hi Catalina! I completely understand what you're going through with your on-going skin battle. I've been fighting acne since the age of 17 and I'm now 34! I STILL break out like I'm a hormonal teenager! It's very very very depressing.

    I've seen countless dermatologists, I've tried so many types of treatments including Accutane which I had to stop taking after 3 months b/c there was a possible liver damage scare. (somewhat common with Accutane use) AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS WORKED FOR ME! =(

    Unfortunately I think I'm just doomed b/c my acne is genetically inherited. My dad had horrible acne growing up and he's passed that wonderful gift onto me!

    I'm Korean too and it's hard seeing so many Asian women with such perfect skin meanwhile I feel like I look hideous with all my scars, discolorations and cystic bumps the size of mini-mountains! I wear so much makeup to try and cover all the damage on my skin, but I just feel like I've just caked on the makeup. Not to mention, no matter how much makeup you put on, you can't lessen the size of a cystic bump! So I feel like I end up looking like a topographic map!

    I'm currently on birth control too hoping that it will help lessen the frequency of my breakouts. It hasn't really made a huge difference in my breakouts. =(

    Well, I wish I had some sort of miracle cure for us both. I'm sorry I don't. I just want you to know that you're not alone. Keep up the wonderful blog Cat and the acne doesn't affect your beauty one bit. You're absolutely gorgeous - look at how many Korean girls pay to have what you have naturally. Take care!

  40. Hi...I'm from Singapore...i got very serious breakout too...almost the same area as u...
    as i was shopping at Sasa, i come upon this product from Korea, Gowoonsesang-Trouble Care Line..It totally awesome, it had control my breakout recovering very well...u can try this too.
    I think should be selling...
    Hope ur skin get well...

  41. I've suffer with acne all my life so I understand how you feel. A couple days ago my acne popped up in the same area as you (but my condition is way worst). Right now it is under control because I started using benzoyl peroxide every night and I am building to use it both morning and night now. I find that Nature's Cure Vanishing Cream works really well, but it stings––I see it as killing the pimple so a little pain is worth it lol And of course it is very drying so continue moisturizing how you regularly moisturize (I believe moisturizer do NOT equal more oil as well) ---I read your perviously blog post =)

    Oh and try to heal/treat it throughly now so it wont leave any acne scaring. I have hyperpigmentation and scars as a result because of years of not treating them properly. It is really hard, but life still goes on ^-^ Good luck!

  42. I acutally had the same skin problem in the spring/summer. I've been using Aveda's botanical skin care for a year and NARS cosmetic for 2 years that there has been no problem untill I purchased the StIves exfoliate scrub! My face starting to get itchy and flaky and has red patches on areas. Sometimes it seems like my face is burning. I didn't get pimples thou! I went to see my doctor and he said it could be eczema and he suggests me to change my facial cleaner and lotion for a few weeks to see if they help. Go to drugstore and get Cetaphil-moisturizing wash/ and Cetaphil-moisturizing lotion. I used them for 1 month(morning and night and I still put make up on everyday) and now my face is recovered. I still do use the face wash in the morning but I've gone back to my Aveda skin care and there has been no problem yet. Remember: DO NOT use the any mask or scrub during the time because it might be too much for your skin since your skin is pretty fragile now.
    Hopefully the information helps!!

  43. I've never commented on your blog before, but I just want to say good luck on your ongoing skin challenge. :) (I don't know much about skin care so I'm just gonna go sit back and read the other comments, haha.) You're one of my favorite gurus and I miss your videos!

    And loool Kyuhyun! :3 I love him too, he's gorgeous!

  44. Hi Catalina!

    I've been a follower of your blog for a while, and I watch your YT vids, and I wanted to post what was helpful for me when my skin went nuts earlier this summer. My acne breakouts were all over my chin and even ran up my cheeks and I had a few persistent ones on my forehead, and they were painful and hard. I tried a billion things: proactiv, murad, neutrogena... and none of them really did much. This is not my first encounter with breakouts (I've had them since... like 10 years ago) and I found that birth control pills helped a little (tri Cyclen lo), and after consistently using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, my skin is much clearer to the point where foundation was optional today!!

    LRP Effaclar Duo is a light cream used 2x/day--morning and night -- and I've found that it really helped with my zits. I gave it about 1 month to do its thing, and it's worth it. You might think that it's not working, but give it a few weeks up to a month and you'll see! :)

  45. Hi catalina!! I had 14 huge cystic acne bumps on my face a few weeks ago. I used panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide cleansing bar soap and it got rid of everything in 3 days. The panoxyl bar can be bought any walgreens, cvs etc. It's about 5 dollars for a soap bar. it will dry out your skin a little, so don't forget to moisturize after! I hope this helps!

  46. 한글로 써도 다 아실거라 믿고 코멘트 남겨봐요^^ 우선..블로그 너무 잘보고있어요. 오랜만에 들렀는데, 피부가 뒤집어지셨네요ㅠㅠ 안타까운 마음에 몇가지 추천해드리자면. 알로에베라(제가 썼던건 Ziatte지아뜨걸로 알로에겔이 나오는데 98%함유에요.)로 수분공급 촉촉하게 한 다음에(이거 하나로는 부족해요 따라서 보습제품을 더 발라줘야해요.)피부진정,트러블,재생에 효과적이라는 달팽이크림을 발랐어요. 바로 직빵효과가 나타나는..듀스킨 멀티크림이 있는데 이건 부작용사례가 있어서 추천은 안해드릴게요. 마약처럼 나중엔 듀스킨제품만 써야된다 하더라구요. 그리고 저도 피부 뒤집어졌을때 연고를 처방받아서 쓴 적 있는데(듀악겔) 이건 아주 극소량만 발라야해요. 효과는 좋았어요~(하지만 효과가 좋은만큼 강한 성분이 있겠죠ㅠㅠ) 얼른 예쁜 피부로 다시 돌아오셔서 재밌는 리뷰 써주세요><

  47. Hey! I hope your skin is getting better!

    I experience similar jawline/chin breakouts when I'm on my period... Chinese face mapping suggests that this area is associated with hormone imbalance. Hopefully the birth control pills fixed that!

  48. Hello, Catalina. I've been watching your videos and reading your blog for a long time. I hope you get your skin problem fixed as soon as possible. And I think your skin is way better now, as I've seen in the photo you have posted. I hope everything will be alright. Take Care and God Speed.

  49. Hi Catalina!

    Been a reader of yours for a while and finally decide to leave you a comment.

    About 2 years ago, I had hormonal acne problem, my face went from having occasional 1-2 zit to a face covered with acne, there was not a spot on my face that was spared! For months I layered on makeup to hide and avoided eye contact from people, because all I could think of was my skin! I found myself even having to hide from my family because I was too embarassed with what was going on with my face.

    I truly do believe unless you have suffered acne yourself, you really can't understand how it feels, it angers me all the time having people point out my acne ("whoa, what's up with your face" or "do you not wash your face?" UGH), I know they may be caring, but asking these dumb questions will not help. YES I CAN SEE I HAVE ACNE, YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME DUH.

    anyways, enough with the rant, I wanted to leave a comment on how I managed. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me with clindoxyl gel, and retin-a micro, along with antibacterial face wash (teraseptic for me) Clindoxyl gel was to be used in the morning, after washing your face and your skin is still a bit wet. Retin-A ofc was to be used at night. The side effects were quite horrible, I had scaling peeling skin because of the fast turnover rate. I would try to get rid of the dead skins in the morning but by mid day, there would be parts of my face that were peeling again. My face also went through stages of redness and sensitivity (still is today!)

    After about 4-5 months of rigorous care, my face finally became clear, the retin-A really helps to take away scars. a major SE is that my skin turned really sensitive, I really couldn't use alot of things at all! But something i also recommend is using Bio-oil, really helps!

    Good luck with your skin, I can't wait for your next post to tell us the advances!

  50. hi catalina~
    im reading about your current skin issues and i totally feel what you're going through. last year i had a strange acne breakout under my jawline, too. i hadn't changed anything in my diet, skin, or makeup routine, but it just popped up. have you tried philosophy's purity skin cleaner, yet? it's really gentle and it seemed to do the trick for me. i used it with mild toner and lotion from face shop and it went away after a 2-3 weeks.

  51. Hey! If your skin is still problematic then try changing your pillow case! It might actually be because your pillow case isn't that clean (I changed my pillow case after my skin started to break out and things got better).


    Also, I heard salmon's pretty good for the skin. haha

    If things are still going badly, try going to the dermatologist. Might be really expensive, but it's worth it.

    Other than thaaat. Stress might also be the cause of breakouts.

    Also, I know I'm not supposed to give you advice about make up (haha) but if you're going to use foundation, don't use the ones that clogs pores (i.e. use mineral make up). haha but you probably already know that.

    Good luck! P.S. Kyuhyun is my fav Suju member too (alongside Eunhyuk)

  52. Hi Catalina,

    Just wanna comment on the skin stuff. I used to have breakouts as well. The reason for my breakouts are hormonal, pollution and diet.

    I stopped eating some foods, like peanuts. I washed my face like every 4-6 hours because of the dirt that sticks to my face and about hormonal, try asking your doctor about your birth control pills, some did more damage to my skin after I used them.

    Hope you upload a video soon. :)

  53. a coworker's son has acne problems and he's been using witch hazel for his face. Coworker said there are two different bottles from Dickenson's: blue or yellow bottles. The yellow one is what they got cause its a toner and its actually for the face. If you can't find the yellow bottle, the blue one would work just as well.

    He said his son's acne is fading away. So hopefully it can help you too.

    I got the yellow bottle (toner) for myself, and the stubborn blackheads on my nose are finally fading away.


  54. we miss you :(
    how are you doing now? has your skin healed yet? i hope your doing well!

  55. Hi Catalina -

    Okay, so I've been a silent reader for a while but I felt like commenting today. Stay strong! I'm sure your acne will go away soon.

    On another note, I got a sample of Moistfull & I'm completely in love. Think I'll be hitting up Etude House very soon.

    Kyuhyun for the win. <3

  56. Hi! I had the same thing as you. I've recently started using Etude House's AC Clinic line and it seems to have controlled it significantly. It's not all gone yet but pretty much not the first thing people see when they look at my face ^^;; sighs... The Red Spot Balm has helped alot in lightening the scaring. I'm thinking adding Naruko's tea tree serum. Tried it in the shop and had no adverse side effects. You can get it on sasa i think. Hope this helps ^^

  57. oh ;___; it will go over eventually!! i know how you feel, I have the same problem atm too :( drink lotsssssss of water! and going on birth control did help me, not everything faded away but alot did.
    but what counts most is that you are beautifull on the inside ~ and you are ^0^

  58. Get blood test to check your Vitamin D levels.

    some of us wear sunscreen all the time and stay out of the sun, so it's good to see how low it is to make sure it's not making you sick.

  59. hello hello! i was wondering what is up with you lately, now i know why since i visited your blog. well, i hope your skin get better, i do have some issues like that sometimes. anyways, i can't wait to see your next video. hope you will find some time to load a new video very soon. miss you too~*

  60. hello hello! i was wondering what is up with you lately, now i know why since i visited your blog. well, i hope your skin get better, i do have some issues like that sometimes. anyways, i can't wait to see your next video. hope you will find some time to load a new video very soon. miss you too~*

  61. Hi Catalina! I've been following your Youtube videos since early this year, but this is the first time I'm visiting your blog. I never leave comments on other people's blogs, but I could really sympathize with your situation right now, so I just wanted to write and offer you some words of support. I also went through a rough time with my skin in my early 20s, and I know how frustrating and miserable it can be. I tried a variety of products, but I think what worked for me in the end was green tea and lots of positive thinking. I didn't want to put any chemical products on my face anymore, so I just washed my face with green tea water every single day for about three months. I had heard that green tea does wonders for the skin, so I bought large green tea bags specifically made for skin care purposes (not for drinking), soaked them in water and rinsed my face with it about a hundred times each night. I don't know if you can purchase such products where you are, but if you can try soaking several small green tea bags, I think you will get the same effect. I takes diligence to do this every night, but in my case, it paid off. Now my skin is completely clear.

    Also, I'm sure you hear this from people all the time, but so much is related to stress, so please try not to stress out over it too much. I remember crying in front of the mirror often because of my skin conditions, but one day, I just decided to stop. Instead, I tried to think positively and told myself that things will get better. It might sound cheesy, but every time I washed my face with green tea water, I told myself that I am thankful for what I have because things could be worse. In the end, I can honestly say that trying to find peace with my situation really did work for me.

    Anyways, I thought I would share my story with you with the hopes that it might be of some help to you. You are one of my favorite youtube makeup gurus, so I hope to see more videos of you in the near future. Sending you a huge hug!

  62. LOLZ Catalina.. Didn't know u were a sucker for kpop-boys! Should've known.. XD But oh well!

    Just recently (like a few months ago) I had this massive breakout on my jaw/lower cheek area. Seems to be like the plague spreading. lol. I hope it gets better soon! WE MISS YOUR VIDEOS! : (

  63. Hey girl! :) I'm Jenny and I'm 20years old. Last year of November, I had similar breakouts as yours and I totally understand what you have been going through. I suffered for almost 5 months because I never had any breakouts in my entire life! I've been to two dermatologists and the meds that they prescribed me only made my condition worst. The only solution that helped was Facial. The pain was terrible because the they had to prick all of my pimples and it left scars all over my face but I had to endure them. Since that, I just continued to have my skin exfoliated every week and used lightening and scar remover creams! In less than 3 months, my skin looked way better and the scars are barely there! :) After that, I maintained my facial once a month and I'm very satisfied with it. I always get compliments for my skin now! ^_^ I hope this helps!

  64. You're probably breaking out because you put so much makeup on.
    Just wear tinted moisturizer,
    trust me. It helps big time.
    Oh & clean your makeup brushes once a week. :]

  65. Catalina,I just want to thank you for introducing(well...sort of!)to Kyuhyun.I am in loooooove with him too!!Haha!!Thought I let you know!!He is a pretty talented guy and a good looking one I must add!!=)

  66. Hi Catalina,
    I am a new follower, saw your Kyuhyun comment and he is my second suju bias, my first being Ryeowook <3, sorry to hear about your acne problem hope its all better now ^0^


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