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Review: Balmshell lip glosses are a bomb! :D

I received a small package from Canada - Balmshell Cosmetics :D They are selling these babies at Sephora, so you guys should check it out. (The balmshell Canadian site says it is 20 dollars, but I think it's 20 Canadian dollars, in the US the prices are 11 dollars each).
The great thing about them is they contain good stuff (jojba oil, lanolin oil) do some pretty awesome things (no paraben, no artificial preservatives, no perfumes in the gloss, and non-stick formula)!

I got to pick three shades and I got "shopaholic", "curse of the purse" and "sleep in beauty".
So basically the glosses are in a very long and sleek tube, where one part is the gloss itself, and the other part is a float art that corresponds to the name. When you are done with the gloss you can unscrew it from the bridge and screw on the key chain part and use it as an accessory, pretty cleaver isn't it?

So shall we see how they work?
The first one is "sleep in beauty." For some reason I really freak out about frosty stuff. I know there are a lot of people out there who like their stuff frosty and metallic, but I'm more of the opposite. There's no harsh reason behind it - frosty stuff just don't suit me well. So I tend to shy away from frosty lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish.
But I decided to go with one - which was "Sleep In Beauty". The shade is pink with a lot of slivery micro glitter.

There's definitely a lot of glitter, but I think it's more of "glitter" than "micro glitter" because the silvery pieces are quite noticeable.

*notice the difference out the window. She sleeps in from night-day (or the other way around). I like this one the most because the glitters actually do add some value to the gloss.

The second shade is Shopaholic.
It's a soft creamy strawberry pink color with absolutely no glitters.
The formula is a bit on the watery side and extremely sheer. I think with the uber sheer/light color and the watery application, it's not a practical color to wear on it's own. You will have to pare it up with a matching lipstick and use the gloss as a top coat to add gloss.

Left to Right : Sleep in beauty, shopaholic
I hate to say it.. but I really think the gloss needs at least some glitter if it's going to be this sheer.

she goes in to the shop, leaves the shop with a ton of stuff.

The last shade is "Curse of the Purse", which is a coral colored gloss with micro glitters in it. I can't pass on without a coral color :p but I really like this color. It looks like a cream gloss, but as you can see in the picture, there are really tiny glitters in the gloss.
(The top two swatches aren't accurate, it came out pink, but the gloss is actually plain coral)

Left to Right: Sleep in Beauty, Shopaholic, curse of the purse (can you spot the micro glitters?)

Girl shoots hearts......... girl goes to the purses.. guy gets owned.

Oh, and they also sent me some minis, which are really small :)
But it's worth the swatches since they are regular colors in the line!

yummy yummy looks yummy :D

I'll try to use these in my upcoming videos so you guys can see how it applies!
Overall I like them in this order..
(1) Sleep in beauty: 9/10
(2) Curse of the Purse: 7/10
(3) Shopaholic: 5/10

On a side note, I think these lip glosses match the image of a book I'm currently reading (One Fifth Avenue).

It's a book by the author of "Sex and the City", and I'm only on the beginning part of it, but I think the book tries really hard to portray the glamour and high society of New York City life. Well, the lip glosses reminded me of that image Ms. Bushnell is so desperately trying to draw out in most of her pieces (but obviously the glosses in a much younger taste than the book characters).

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  1. omg they're so cool!!! love the colours too. thanks for the swatches!

  2. Lol the animations are so funny XD
    'guy gets owned' hahaha... love the colours of the glosses too :)

  3. Awww, so cute packaging! Great picture, by the way ;)

  4. Oooh! They look amazing! :) I love the animated pictures! So cool. haha. <3

  5. wow, i love the packaging, its so cute,..
    i love the color,..
    i want it too....

  6. Wow! Those glosses look amazing! I would really love to see 'curse of the purse,' 'yummy yummy,' and 'weekend in the hamptons' in your next videos. I think those colors are so cute! ^_^

  7. oh, ive been wanting to try these out. thanks for posting! ( :

  8. lol, you are so right about the author.

  9. hehe, yay, you're writing more entries, and more frequently :)

    makes my day at work,haha, sneaking a peek at pretty pink lipglosses.

  10. i like the coral one~ so pretty
    color && animation lol


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