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TREND: Romantic Bangs (fringes)

oh oh Hi All :)

Today I wanted to talk about bangs. I've always been a bang person, I don't think I've had a period in my life (well.. after 15 I mean), where I was bangless. I guess it's like my security blanket since I don't have the prettiest forehead and I like to hide it.. -.-

But today I just wanted to talk about bangs. As hair styles come and go, so do trends for bangs. For example, excessive layered hair is so early-2000's, so are straight ironed, vertically-zig-zag-cut sparse bangs. The gossip girl bangs were so 2009, and the heavy straight bangs are one of the things that a lot of people should let go in 2011. Then WHAT IS the trend?
Romantic bangs!! :)
I made a tutorial on it today

(I'm wearing Neo Cosmo Glamour lens in Green in this video)

You know how a lot of people are stubborn about their bangs and like to keep then straight no matter what their hair style is? I think that habit should be tossed.
Check out what's going on in the bang (fringes) world.

- Moderate Curls -

Kumiki of popteen

Jessica (middle) of SNSD

Catherine Zeta Jones

Kumiki again

Kumiki again

another Kumiki

- A mixture between spiky straightness and curliness -

IU (Korean singer/idol)

Hilary Duff

Tiffany (SNSD - Hoot music video)

- Tighter curls & variations -

Jessica Alba

Kim Tae Hee (Korean Actress)

Angelina Jolie (zomg!!!! love it on her!)

Rachel Mcadams

Sunny (SNSD)

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Sunny again (hoot M/V)

Japanese hair model


Nana (afterschool)

Sooyoung (SNSD)

The only thing you have to be careful is your tools. If you use too thin of a curler this is what will happen.


or this LOL (it's me) - curling failed with a flat iron
I'm wearing Neo Clasmo Glamouru Lens Brown in this picture

So all you need is overgrown bangs and your curling tools. If you want the curls to be subtle, try curling soft curls (very loosely) towards the end. If you want bigger curls (like Angelina Jolie) use a bigger curler/brush. At first it might get frustrating since the styling part is the hardest, but once you get used to it, it will be an easy breezy way of taking care of your awkward bangs :)

Let me know how the curling goes :D

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  1. I wish that I saw your video before I chopped the length of my bangs. Mine naturally waves but it looks so goofy. I do blow dry it curled under but never thought about curling it to neaten it up. Thanks for the video tutorial Catalina!

  2. omg what a great post & video
    im def gonna try it !

  3. your bangs looks so cute curled! I love that look on you. I'm so stoked to try it when I get home later :)

  4. I love how the curled bangs look on you! Mine are definitely overgrown and will be trying this soon. :D
    BTW, what lenses are you wearing in your last picture? You look so pretty!

  5. OMGOSH. I've been waiting for forever for someone to post a tutorial on this! I never knew what they were called so I constantly YT searched "how to style Japanese bangs." ?_? But yeah,,,your tutorial is FANTASTIC. I LOVE IT. Thank you soooo much!

  6. Poo! I just got a haircut and got my bangs chopped since they were annoying me to bits. Will have to wait a few months before I can try this. It's adorable!

  7. your contacts are gorgeous! YOU are frickin gorgeous! lol can you please tell us which ones you're wearing? x

  8. ohhh love this post!!! I'm going to try this tomorrow!!!

  9. This is so interesting! No wonder my hair stylist permed my bangs like that. lol. I got a perm about a month ago and at first I hated how my bangs went to one side like that. Now I know! It's a trend. :D Thanks for the tutorial, Catalina!

  10. Thanks for this post! I've always wondered how they styled it that way! I'm excited to try this out.

  11. This is so helpful! and its so cute! definitely when my bangs over grow, I know what I can do now!!

  12. I love the video and the post! It was so helpful. Having bangs can be a stress in one way or the other because after a few weeks they come to a point where the length is very awkward which makes your whole hairstyle look weird. Should definitely try this look! ;)

  13. I always do this when they get slightly too long :)

  14. love this post :D
    i wanted to try this out as well

  15. OMG I LOVE KUMIKI!! I started doing my bangs like her too!!!

  16. Great post, now I just need to resist the temptation to cut mine. Hehe~~ The style suits you well, quite lovely!

    Your skin looks fantastic in these photos btw!

  17. @galpal.hi: haha, if you think it looks goofy, try pressing your brush on top of the hair and blow dry on top of it so you can calm your hair down :p thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Zahra: yay!!:D

    @Yoom: thank you! :) haha, I think it generally looks good on anyone - it really softens your looks

    @Wendy: thanks! let me know how it goes :D Oh, I'm wearing NEO cosmo glamour lens in brown in the last picture~

    @Sarah: yay!

  18. Did you color your hair again? It looks so pretty! If you dyed you hair at home can I ask what color/brand you used?

  19. omg I love the romantic bangs! time to outgrow my bangs! and i love the last pic (curling fail).. LOL~

  20. I love how you posted pictures of celebrities with similar bangs. Great post! =)

  21. ohhh it looks really nice on you! i look really 촌스러 with bangs.... i want to cut bangs now... hehehe

  22. I tried this right after watching your video and I love it! Thank you Catalina, I will definitely be wearing this look more often =]

  23. Haha, you look so serious in the last picture. Anyway, I like how it looks on you but I think fringe is not for me, my face is way too around for that...

  24. I've tried it a few times after I read your blog.. It's quite hard to get it right.. my hair looked like a helmet one time.. LOL!

  25. HAHAHAHAHA your last picture is so cute. ????

  26. GOD you look like Shin Min Ah here! You're gorgeous.


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