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The Orange Fever

I'm a bit late on this post, but I think it's worth posting.

I've never been this shaken by weather, but I guess that's one sign of getting old :/ Yesterday I was so elated (because it was really warm and I felt like winter was finally over) about the weather, it made me happy to stand outside and just soak in the warmness.
So, with spring coming and all that, I think you guys can have fun with this look. It's the trending color of this spring/summer - Orange!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of you guys will be like... 'seriously?'

Orange =

but hear me out.
Orange IS a difficult color, no doubt. But if you find the right color, it could be a really nice color to play around with. For instance, if orange with gold shimmer doesn't fit you, you can always try to use a matte shadow with cooler base. Or if you don't have orange shadow to start with, you can try using an orange blush that fits your skin tone as a shadow alternative.

If you don't want to see the subtitles, you can always press the CC button on the lower right hand corner to turn it off :D

Below are some pictures of interesting uses of orange in makeup for 2011

Rebecca Taylor

Dior (not sure if it's 2011, but I like the color they used)

Chanel Spring 2011 - LOVE the lips!

Nina Ricci Runway for F/W 2011 (beautiful neon coral lips!)

Scarlett Johansson!

* as for the stupid photobucket images :/ I am not sure what it is and trying to figure things out :'( sorry about the ugly "you need to go pro" crap :'(
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  1. Hi Catalina!:)
    I was wondering if you whiten your teeth? They looks amazingly white!
    Btw orange looks lovely on you!

  2. Hey Catalina,
    What lenses are you wearing?
    They look gorgeous :)

  3. this look is sooo soft and pretty :) much more wearable than those runway looks.

    i was wondering (maybe it has to do with lighting) whether you've updated ur skin care products. your skin looks so much whiter... ^^


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