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Yay. KTX magazine better quality is here :)

Thanks for a fellow Ssanker, I finally got a great copy of the KTX magazine that featured Jen, me, Bubz and HollyAnnaree. :)

Just to loosely translate what they wrote about me...

Despite the fact that she has several K-POP idol celebrity makeup videos, her strongest point is her self-learned and practical beauty know-hows (she also manages a Korean beauty blog too). Her talent shines the most when she skillfully blends 3 different colors of eye shadow in 5 minutes when 1minute, 1 second is precious in the morning, which makes me think that 'I should try that tomorrow morning too'. She teaches how to use different cleansers for different skin conditions and how to use a mixed medium to scientifically prevent loose shadow from flaking. I also recommend her eyebrow tutorial (Korean women tend to neglect or find it difficult to do eyebrows). And most of all --blurry picture :/ can't read that part -- putting Korean subtitles, illustrations and pictures is useful. BUT, her lighting sucks.

you can click on the picture if you want to see it full size :D

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  1. Yay!! All of my favourite makeup gurus !! You guys are the best !

  2. Im happy for you~ It's so funny how there are so many positive feedbacks, but at the end, a complaint about the lighting. HAHA. But yea, *WEEEE*

  3. Hahahahaha "but her lighting sucks!" ~ congratulations on the feature! You truly deserve it. You are one of my absolute favorite YT beauty gurus!

  4. is it really necessary to put up that last line - "but her lighting sucks"

    I think your lighting is awesome. congrats on getting featured :)

  5. It was nice they mentioned you,but the lighting that's harsh!!I find nothing wrong with the lighting,so don't know what they're talking about!!

  6. congrats! you all deserve it :)

  7. A congrats :D
    The lighting isn't always perfect, but sure doesn't suck O_-

  8. I read this today! so surprised that I found you in Korean magazine!

    i was wondering where I can find the posting about the shadow flaking, I cannot find it!!

    always your fan!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Catalina, so happy for you to be featured in K-magazine!

    You should rather translate the last sentence as "the lighting kinda wash out the color sometimes which we want to see the exact color shade.". Your lighting never sucked!

  11. thank you all :)

    oh, I think 날리는 (날림) 조명 can only translate to sucky lighting. :/ you can't even sugarcoat that lol
    but I'm fine. my room lighting is too yellow and I solely depend on the sunlight, and the sunlight isn't always consistent, so that's that part I have to deal with ;)

  12. LOL thats funny :) THey featured 3 Korean YTber and Bubz :D how sweet:) and refreshing that they featured Jen and Holly Ann


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