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Missha Haulage :)

Oi, I'm sorry I'm posting this so late, but I hope they keep the sale going for a couple of days!
Missha us ( had a spring sale, which meant everything was 30% off!
So, I couldn't just sit around and suck my thumb, I grabbed some stuff I was eyeing :)

So, shall we start?

Today I'm going to focus my reviews on these palettes.
Missha's new Signiture Velvet Art Shadow Palettes (1-5).
Normally, they are 22.99 e/a, but with the sale I got them for 16.09 each!! (yay!)

This is how the case looks like.
Sturdy and well built, I love it :)

Flash on

Flash off, natural lighting.

This is how big the palette is.

And it comes with a diagram of how to apply the shadows accordingly.

#1 is Plum Combination

1. Highlight color
2. Point color
3. Base color
4. Liner color
Out of the colors, I like the point color the best!
As you can see, the colors in the palette look a bit dull, but when you swatch them, the colors are pretty nice. I think the Plum Combo is quite a keeper.

#2. Peach Combination

The colors look totally different on the swatch and I think it's because of the lighting.
The swatch is a bit more accurate of how the colors actually come out.
If you are into peachy colors, this is an interesting palette, but I don't think it's all that intriguing. It was a bit of a disappointment :(

#3. Khaki Combination

This palette swatched the best.
All of the colors are pretty but I like the liner color the best.
This one's a keeper too!

#4. Brown Combination

I have too many brown, nude colors, I was hesitant about this one, but I decided to buy it since it will be weird to only have 4 out of 5 palettes.
The colors are as shown. If you are a beginner, I think this is an essential palette, but if you already have 500 kinds of browns like me, it's not worth the investment.

#5. Silver Combination

I thought it was going to be named blue, but I guess silver won the name.
This one I like!
I've noticed that the darker colors swatch better and have better pigmentation.
The navy blue (4.liner color) is very pretty, and it could be used as a eye shadow too.

All in all, I like #3 and #5 palette the most.

Just to re-cap, below is a closeup of the palettes :)

Next is Lipsticks!!
I can NEVER go makeup shopping without buying at least one lipstick.
I actually bought 5, but one is a backup of Missha M Luminous Color CR302 (since they seem to have been discontinued in Korea).

The colors are pretty similar, but I decided to go with beautiful rosy colors that would look good for spring and summer :)
I love all of the colors!

(L-R: PK02 Dear Rose, M Luminous Color PK102, Lovely Angel PK01, M Luminous BE203)

Swatches were taken on my skin
* I'll do a lip swatch on my next post - I took a shower and didn't want to put anything on my face

Next are polishes!
I think Missha came out with these when OPI came out with the crackle polishes, but it works by the same logic. only had three colors, and I had to have all three.
The original price is 6.99, but I got them on sale for 4.89 each :)

(L-R: LBK01, LBR01, LBL03)

I tried out all three colors

I actually only did one coat to see how they turned out.
I applied Blue first, followed by brown and then black. As you can see, blue has the best crack, and black was still in the process of cracking up when I took the picture.
They dry matte, but if you like them glossy, you can apply a top coat like I did.

If you want more cracks, you can apply another coat of it.
I do have to advise that you apply the polish as thin as possible. If you get greedy and apply a chunk of the polish, it won't crack (like the black one demonstrated above).

Overall, I think I did well with the shopping since I like most of the stuff I got :D hehe

I'm sorry the update on this blog is slow.
I'll see you guys in my next post!!

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  1. I love the packaging on all the products! So pretty! I don't know why, but when I see pretty packaging, it makes me smile! haha. Thank you for this post! <3 <3

  2. nice haul! can you do a tutorial on each of the shadow palettes? would be awesome! thanks a lot :)

  3. the leopard packaging is so cute!~

  4. I love, love, love all of them!!! ^__^

    I wish I could easily get them here... TT_TT

  5. I totally fell in love with #3. Khaki Combination. Been searching a palet of shadows in green 4 month!! Your blog & your videos are NrOne!! Keep up the good work & thank you so far for everything you have sheared ;D

    Have a really good weekend :)


  6. mmmm..beautiful ones !!!
    And yes waiting for a tutorial:D

  7. I know this is a random question but I saw you used the shu uemura concealer a lot. Is it a good concealer? Does it look natural, and non-cakey? Please answer... Thanks

  8. The packaging looks so pretty *-*.
    I'm falling for the lipstciks and #1 is Plum Combination platte.
    M Luminous Color PK102 is such a pretty colour, but it's discounted? T~T.
    Must get my hands on these hehe

    Thank you for the swatches~

  9. i love the packaging! and the blue and purple eyeshadow palettes are soooooo pretty! the lipsticks are too sheer for me, though. ugh, and the tubes are so pretty :(

  10. Looks like you got yourself everything!! :) haha Gorgeous palettes!

  11. omg #3 khaki. Love it!! is that sale still going on? Was there a promo code or just a sale. I want that so badly now :P

  12. Everything looks amazing! Tutorials?
    Ah.. I miss your hauls! The packaging looks amazing, I got one something from missha too, it has like the same packaging, but it's like the powder.
    Your blog posts make so so happy! <3 ya!

  13. the nail polishes are interesting! first time seeing them.


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