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Featured in Nylon Magazine

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a short feature in Nylon magazine. Someone told me that they saw me in the magazine, so I had to go to the book store and buy this magazine :p You know, it's not that easy to get my hands on the physical magazine (especially Korean ones), when I'm in the states.

So here's how the August issue looks like. It's the totally trending Olivia Wilde, who seems to have itchy boobs and crotch area (or is it just me who's bothered by the hands' position?).

and here's me..

It loosely translates: Hello, it's Catalina. Nylonia people must be familiar/happy? with my Youtube because Korean cosmetics are often introduced and I have a lot of celebrity (BoA, IU, SNSD, 2ne1, etc.) inspired looks and hairstyle videos. That's right, I'm Korean and I live in the states. I will continue to teach how to do New York style makeup that suits Korean features. Be prepared! - Or something similar to that. It's hard to translate the exact words :p

And here's the full page. Other gurus are Elle, Lindy, Blair, Tiffany, Michelle and yours truly.

Sorry about the bad photos. I took a quick shot with my point and shoot, and the light is reflecting on the paper :p

To be honest, I was thrilled to see my penguins in the magazine, hehe.
It's a pity they were all turned around in that video. They missed their tiny window of opportunity to have their faces on a magazine!!! LOL

If by any chance you guys happen to see me featured anywhere, please let me know!!

Also, I haven't said this much, but I love you guys so much! Awesome things couldn't happen without the support you guys are giving me :) I'm an uber lucky person, hehe.
I'll be back with a review on my next post.

Til then,

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  1. You see Catalina, that's why you ALWAYS have to make sure your penguins are ready for a video :P But aside from that, congratulations :D !!

  2. @wuguemei: thank you!

    @soiia: I KNOW!!!! It's one video, and I seriously mean only one, where the penguins are facing the other way! they learned their lessons the hard way :'p

  3. Man, Olivia Wilde is a beautiful goddess but that is one awkward picture.
    Wow how exciting. Congrats, Catalina ❤

  4. congrats catalina!! i love Olivia wilde mainly because of House but myy that is an awkward picture!!

  5. Congrats! You totally deserves it!

  6. This is awesome, congratulations!

  7. omg catalia you deserve it! im really happy for you! i always love your videos since its really simple and the way you talk is really friendly!

    please update your blog more often after you're done with all the moving stuffs and used to your new place ^^

  8. funny thing is i only know the gals on the right side XD grats :D


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