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Korean Haul + some crazy stories.

Hi everyone!
I'm back in the states, and I wanted to share some stuff I brought back from Korea + crazy episodes at the airport on the last day.

* - * - * The Airport Fiasco * - * - *

On the day of my departure, my flight for going back to the states was scheduled at 10:40 AM. I couldn't sleep the night before because I was busy packing my bags at the last moment. I decided to go to the airport early, so I left at 4:45 and arrived at the airport around 6:00AM-ish. The Delta counter wasn't going to be open until 7:40AM, so I was using the free wifi for a while, and happened to fall asleep.

When I woke up and looked at the Delta counter, they were taking down the sky priority & economy banners (8:50AM). I rolled my cart over to the counter and put two of my four luggages on the belt. Both bags were excessively overweight and I was told that I either had to ship my stuff via cargo (pricey), or buy a box and distribute the weight and pay extra baggage fees.

I had to run around Incheon airport to find a place that sold boxes, and had to beg the guy there to help me because I was running out of time. I started to unload my heaviest bag into the box and ran to the Delta counter again. I had to pay 200 dollars for the extra box I was checking in, and when I put my other two check in bags on the belt, they were still overweight!!

I couldn't help but start pulling things out from my bags, and unfortunately, I had to throw things out that didn't have that high of a priority. I threw away all my towels and slippers, a pair of shoes, a huge body of shampoo, soaps and stuff I bought as gifts and a lot of makeup I bought from road shops. I told the unnies behind the counter that they could have the makeup products since they were all sealed and new.

While doing that, I was told that I had to run with all my might, because I was already late and if I arrived at the gate too late, they would charge me another 200 dollars for coming in late and my checkins arriving late. (wtf? is that even possible?)

So I ran towards the security gate and was stopped because I had two carryon luggages. The guy argued that I couldn't take in two carryons. I tried to explain that I called Delta and specifically asked if I could take two carryons without any additional bags, and I was given a green light on that. The guy who stopped me was such a dickhead, and snatched both my carryons from my hand and told me they were too heavy and that I had to check in one of them.

I'm already out by 200 dollars, I had to throw away a lot of stuff to avoid the 75 dollars excess weight fee, and now he wants me to check in ANOTHER bag - which will be another additional 200 dollars?!!!!
I was so furious I started snapping at him (which didn't help my cause), and I helplessly had to run back to the Delta counter. The person who had helped me out was getting ready to leave, and I explained the situation - but, the conclusion was that I had to check in one of my carryons. :( argh.

So I obliged and checked in one of my carryons (that's a total of FOUR flipping luggages I checked in), and ran my butt off to the other concourse where my gate was.
I didn't know until I got to the states that the departure time was rescheduled to an earlier time at the last minute, and that was why I was rushed. I was so frustrated because I was planning to do some duty free shopping at the airport, and I had boarded the plane with no time to even give the duty free shops a glance. With the exchange rate, it would be no use shopping duty free in Japan because the dollar is so weak against the yen. I HAD to shop in Korea, but that chance was obliterated because of my stupid baggage issues.

I had a layover in Narita Japan (which I usually enjoyed before the dollar became so worthless, thanks Bernanke), but everything was so expensive to buy with USD, I only looked at stuff with no purchases.

When I arrived at the states I only had 35 minutes to spare before boarding started on my final flight began. I was so unlucky because three international flights had arrived at the same time, and there was this HUGE line of people at the immigration/entry place. The lines were slow, and too many people were overflowing the venue. Thank geezus, at least I was in the fast lane (since US citizens seem to have an easier time entering the country) compared to the visitors line. It took me 50 minutes to finally get to the carrousel where my 2 check in bags + the extra box + my checked in carryon were tumbling around on the floor. I picked them up, went through customs and had to check them in at the Delta belt outside of customs again. I then started running (again!) across the entire airport to get to my gate. I was one of the last ones to board the plane, and I safely made it home (with one missing luggage that couldn't make it on the plane + my box all ripped open because TSA just had to be nasty and rip it open to inspect).

So that's the whole Airport fiasco I had on the day of my departure+arrival.
I feel like I bled so much money on this trip, I'm not even sure if I made smart decisions while being pushed for time. With all this happening, I managed to bring only a handful of products with me.

Shall we watch the video then?

Products mentioned...

1. Skinfood Black Sugar Bubble Foam

2. Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil ($36 dollars at Bergdorf Goodman)

3. Hanskin Annapre Prefect Veil Luxury makeup primer (2 greens + 1 violet)

4. Etude House Moistfull Massage Mask

5. Etude House Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel (Review: Here)

6. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

They seem to be pushing the product really hard. You can watch a commercial of it below.

7. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact.

The Mineral Powder was so famous, innisfree made a powder pact of the no-sebum product. I was very excited to buy this, but it was such a huge disappointment. People raved about it making your skin look soft and fresh, but it was anything but. The texture wasn't as soft as I had imagined and the powder had color (white) to it! It also clogged around my acne scars, accentuating my imperfections while leaving my face still oily.
I don't understand what all the rave was about, but I'm still going to give this powder another chance.

8. Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

I actually got three of these (one was free in the volcanic mask set), and they are okay.

9. Skinfood rose essence blusher (#2 Orange and #5 Pink)

10. Holika Holika Rose cleansing foam + Lavender Cleansing foam.

11. Beauty Credit Lovely Powder Pack matte

12. Thefaceshop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask (Review: Here)

13. JaThree Hair care products (Review: Here)

14. Etude House Missing you Lip Balm in Penguin

LOL I think you guys know why I bought this one :p

Anyway, I forgot to mention a couple of other products, but I'll include them in the next giveaway video :)

btw, here are some photos from Korea.

Going in to the heart of Seoul. Ahhhhh... the beautiful traffic.

쳥계천 - A stream going through the middle of the heart of Seoul (different from Han River).

The grass part in front of City Hall.

충무공 이순신 장군상 seen in the distance.

Seoul N Tower.

Haha, sorry I don't have any exciting photos. I was always busy avoiding the rain or trying to get to my destination ASAP. I have a hard time trying to view Seoul from a tourist's perspective so it's kind of hard to catch the interesting bits and pieces of the city. :p

Thanks for reading/watching.


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  1. Yay! for hauls! looks like you got a lot of great stuff! but boooo! sorry to hear about the airport drama TT.TT and throwing away all your stuff :( they should of let you keep it and at least had some kind of heart! but thanks for the pictures, i really want to go to korea so i love seeing pictures! ^_^

  2. OMG. THATS CRAZY. I WOULDVE BEEN SO MAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDD. =( so sorry to hear all that.. I can't believe you got rid of so much stuff... T^T it's heardbreaking...

    thank you for the video and the pictures~

  3. Awww what happened to you at the airport sucked big time :c
    Nevertheless, a great haul! I really want to try out that nose clay mask after watching your video and reading your review XD !

  4. your airport story sounds like a misery... -__-

    Love the penguin lip balm! so freaking cute haha I would of probably got it just for the penguin myself.. ^^
    I'm dying to try that blk head mask.. I have a serious case of blk heads on my nose. I wonder if anyone in the states carry those? Miss using Korean products.

  5. awww sorry you had such a terrible incident at the airport, and had to throw so much goodies out. I would have been so mad. I hate rude and unhelpful people at the airport, i've had my fair number of those. Great haul though, can't wait for your reviews

  6. so sorry you had to go through that? why the hell is everyone having problems at the airport?

    i had problems coming back from korea as well. douche bags acted as if they owned the place...wanted to smack them silly. they swear they are the shit with their ugly uniforms on.

    and even when i was there i visited cambodia and vietnam...ugh stayed at incheon int'l for 12 hours...

    ugh but yay for you coming back...hopefully more videos? haha

  7. Wow, you actually got home with a good amount of stuff! I can't wait for more reviews, i think Korea has a lot of real great make-up (: I might have to try to get some! Thanks for always making great videos, I wouldn't know about any of this if it wasn't for you T u T

    sorry about your crappy airport indecent ):

  8. I love your huge hauls! The airport thing is soo annoying!
    Thank you for showing us pictures of Korea, I really want to go there some time (:

  9. Owhh what happened at the airport sucked big time! Such a waste! I do hope they didnt actually throw it all out and just used it instead. Wouldve been less of a waste, still not the way it was supposed to be, but still XD
    That clay thing from innesfree sounds like a legit product. Thanks for showing us all these stuff, though I probably wont be able to get/buy any of these in the near future its nice to look for products in my country that kind of do the same thing :)

  10. I think your airplane story was the worst I've heard -_- and that really really sucks. To think you still want to giveaway despite having thrown out so many makeup is really but really sweet of you! I've seen innisfree products around my place a lot, but never really bothered to try, but I might give it a shot; that clay mask looks cool!!

    Thanks Catalina for the giveaway even if I probably am not going to win anything. I still think it's really sweet XD

  11. idk what i would have done in your situation. it's horrible what happened. i hope next time won't be as horrible. >.<

  12. That is insane! :( I'm sorry you had to go through all that! But thank you for trying to hauling stuff still <3

  13. And I thought missing my plane when I was in bangkok the worst thing I've ever heard of but this one is just ... If I have been you, I would have cried my eyes off.

    Love your haul though :-)
    I wish I can go to Korea someday too but just to see the place coz most korean products are starting to be available here too.

  14. i can't believe you had to resort to throwing away your personal items D: D: that's just ...horrible D: D: D: D: D: im really sorry you had such a shit experience :( :( i would have exploded >.> no way I would have thrown my stuff out lol

  15. omgg you poor thing!!

    I had similar thing happened to me when I was studying in Taiwan too. In 2008, it was when the airports decided to change their weight limits from 32kg to 23kg and the travel agency did not mention anything to me. *ARGH* I packed wayy too much from Taiwan to Vietnam for a visit... I had to pay 400 USD to bring EVERYTHING over to Vietnam just for gifts to family in VN. I had to leave tons of stuff back in Vietnam because I didn't want to pay another 400 bucks just to go back to America. Airport extra baggage fee is a ripped off.

  16. That's so crazy! your airport experience seemed terrible! How frustrating :( Luckily you made it to all the gates though right? You should complain to Delta though, maybe they'll be able to to give you your money back for one of the carryons or something, the one you had to argue with the "dickhead" about haha. Thanks for sharing your story with us! I'll definitely keep baggage weight in mind if I buy anything ^^

  17. Omg i feel so bad that you had to go through all that crazyness at airport.. anyway i hope you had a great time in korea XD i love watching your videos :)

  18. I am so sorry to hear about the flight mishap!! But at least you are home safe. :)


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