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Review: Etude House Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel

Hey Everybody, today I wanted to share some of my thoughts about a product from Etude House. I know a lot of my readers come from Southeast Asia, and Etude products are easily (?) available in those regions, so hopefully, this will be a review that will be easily accessible to a lot of you guys.

I've been struggling with large pores + black head for a long time. I remember having gigantic pores along my nose, all the way to my cheeks since I was a kido. I never really cared about it, but I've come to realize that the pores make my face look really dull and saggy (or am I just getting too old? :p). I was browsing an Etude House store the other day, and decided to try this out.

The full name of the product is: Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel.
I can't remember the exact price, but it was on the affordable side.

As you can tell by the product name, it heats up when you apply it on your troubled areas! It says the Ghassoul Clay attaches to the dirt and oil in your pores and reduces them.
Here's a summary of what's written on the back side.

  • The heating part opens up your pores and the oil melts the black heads.
  • It's a scrubbing and cleansing agent.
  • The clay ingredient sticks on to and pulls out the dirt and oil to minimize black heads and the mineral part helps you achieve beautiful skin.

  • So what is Ghassoul Clay?

    According to the package, it says it is a clay that has been used in Morocco for centuries and Egyptian and Roman aristocrats used it to maintain beautiful skin. It is mainly known for attaching to excess oil/dirt in one's pores.

    So, that was the packaging part, and now on to the real deal.

    The product squeezes out as a milky gel form. When it touches the skin it immediately heats up. The down fall is, it doesn't stay heated that long. By the time I have the gel on my face, the heat it gone. So I've came up with a trick to take full advantage of the heating gimmick - squeeze out the product directly on the face! This way I can feel a wave of heat on the problem areas (LOL).

    Also, it has tiny scrubbing agents in it. I first thought it was some dirt from the clay, but it's actually the scrubbing particles that help scrub off dead skin and other dirty stuff on your skin surface.

    This has to be applied on your wet face AFTER you are done with your regular washing routine.

    With your fingertips, try massaging the gel on the areas you want to clear up. The milky gel turns into oil, and that's when it starts melting away the black head bitches!
    The package recommends 1 minute of scrubbing after it becomes oily, but I usually scrub about 3-4 minutes since I have a large area to cover.

    Here's a tip - instead of making circular motions that go towards the outer part of your face, try the reverse. You will feel the difference since you are going against your pores and facial hair direction.

    After you are done, rinse it off with lukewarm water and apply your moisturizer and other stuff you normally put on your face! Repeat 1-2 times per week.

    Pretty simple isn't it? :)

    Along with a review, I wanted to share my experience of the product.

    Before I start, I want to make a lame excuse for my skin condition. I've tweeted it already, but ever since I came to Korea (which is already 2+ weeks!), I haven't had a single break out. Amazing, right? BUT, the downside is excessive oiliness. I've never been this gross in my entire life. My face is literally wet by midday. It is excessively soaked with oil and when I wipe if off it is really sticky and yellow. I don't know if it's the humidity and bad air pollution, but due to this massive oil burst I'm experiencing, my pores and black heads are more noticeable.

    Here's the before shot (right before I jumped into the shower).

    HUGE pores and black heads + a lot of oil. Mind you, I've already wiped off some oil before taking this picture.

    And here's the after.

    Aha! The nose part has cleared up drastically, but I'm wondering if the cheeks are hopeless at this stage LOL.

    I have to say my face felt less bumpier after I used this for a couple of times. I still have problems with my pores building up really quickly, but all in all, I think this deep clean gel is good for immediate resolutions. I'm not sure about the long run, but we will have to see! :)

    Price: 5/5
    Packaging: 5/5
    Immediate effectiveness: 5/5
    Long run: ?/5

    Would I recommend this product: Yes.
    Would I buy it again?: Yes.

    Downfalls: The heating part barely lasts!!

    All in all, I think it's a good buy.

    Hope this helped! If you guys have any questions, lemme know in the comments!

    PS. This is going to be one of the products I will be giving away on my Youtube channel when I get back to the states (of course a new one, not the one I used :p). If you're not already subscribed, please subscribe and participate in future giveaways :) Stay tuned!


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    1. Hm, I've always walked pass a lot of Etude House stands and shops (but, being awkwardly bad at Thai which fails) and wanted to give it a try, since I see Dara's face everywhere there :3 (Not a blackjack but, a VIP)

    2. ohhh.. this is interesting!!
      i have the same problem (huge pores) with you and i bought the Etude House's Minisize U Pore line to try on.

      a link if you want to see how it looks like :-

      i've been using it for a week and it seems pretty good. but the serum is pretty oily if you put it on during the day so i usually put it at night.

      i'll be writing a review on it soon. mayb you want to try them? :)

    3. looks good! I use the Olay thermal re-finishing scrub, and it really works on clogged pores, too.

    4. Oh wow! Thanks for this review! I also have very large pores and blackheads on my nose so I will give this product a try!

      I've also been using the clean and clear black head toner and that has worked wonders on my face! My face is definitely not as oily as it used to be and the blackheads aren't very noticeable.

    5. Oh, according to the picture, I think this baby did a good job! And I think I should blame the weather too, because when I went to southeast Asia, my face all buttery too, but not one single breakout. When I came back, the usual occasional break out came back, but on the good side, probably because of the dryer weather in North America, I have a lot less blackheads since I'm less oily.

      Thanks for the review Catalina! Now I'm going to try this gel out if I ever get to buy it :D

    6. The results look amazing! Sucks for those of us living in the US..Need to find a way to get my hands on one! :P

    7. thanks for the awesome review! i think i will have to check this out, my pores aren't terrible, but of course they can be a problem sometimes and i have a few guy friends who might find this product useful too haha

    8. wow this worked great for you! i've tried the other blackhead products from etude house (non-heating ones) and they didn't work that much for me. definitely want to try this now as blackheads and huge-ass pores are my biggest problem.

    9. looks good!

    10. amazing! I have major black head issues on my nose too. I so need to get that and start scrubbing. :)

    11. This post was so interesting ! I found your blog and I am enthusiast about it =) keep up the great work !

      Fashion and Cookies

    12. Ahh I admire gurus who have the courage to post closeup face shots for skincare reviews!! Thanks for sharing!! Your skin looks like it's been getting so much better!

    13. hey there~
      i'm definitely following you~
      please follow my blog too at ^^

    14. i just recently bought this product along with a bb cream, and i got a free Wonder Pore..
      question: when can i use the wonder pore is it before or after applying the black head deep clean gel?

    15. hi catalina! thank you for this review, this produc is what i was looking for.. i got the same problem, unfortunately i can't found it in México but i saw it on ebay..yay! so i'll try it.

    16. THANK YOU! I just bought mine just now. I just grabbed and purchased it. so I really dont know if its a good buy. thanks for your review!!! I have no regrets!

    17. I tried this product like 10 times but it is not effective at all :( my blackheads are still in there :(

    18. I used this product for like 10 times and my blackheads are not reduced at all :( Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam is more effective, but the result is not as satisfying as the Skin Food Nose Pack

    19. This is very nice and cool site..This is exactly Fireplaces what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this great article!


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