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I feel like a Haulaholic

Hey everyone.
I Hauled!!!!

I kind of explained it in my video, but I am deprived of makeup!! I've been very frustrated with the fact that I don't have all of my makeup with me (the majority of it is waiting for me in LA). It's kind of like the issue with shoes when traveling. You know you're not going to wear all of the 14 pairs of shoes you took with you on a weekend trip, but you can't stand the fact that you will have to live without them in a near reach.

My haul actually started with Sisley. I just wanted one foundation, and then I started browsing other sites (mainly to see if other department stores had different shades or options), and ended up buying more than I was planning to.

Here's what I got.
I got two Dior eyeliner crayons, but they are going to be returned, so they got brutally mosaiced out :p

These two are from Sisley-Paris.
I bought the shade in #1 Ivory, which is a tad dark for me (only a little bit though!).
If you are planning to buy it online, Saks has the widest range of shades.
Bergdorf has the basic shades without the newly added + shades.

It's really light weight and the scent is amazing. BUT, the amount they give you is atrocious. I feel like I can hear my money being bled out whenever I pump out some foundation.

The blush is expensive too. There's only 4 options, so you can buy this anywhere you want to.
I haven't experienced anything particularly amazing about this blush so far. I thought the color was going to be green-pink at this type of price! There must be something I'm missing, because if this is just a regular pink as it seems.... then what a waste of money TT_TT.

Next are the Chanels.
I think Chanel runs a very tight boat when it comes to online sales. Where ever you go, Chanel products have this embeded frame that seems to be ran directly from Chanel.

I originally wanted one lipstick (#27 Talisman), and ended up grabbing more than expected.

Left to right, top to bottom: Rouge coco 32 Sycomore, Rouge coco 15 Ruban Rose, Rouge coco 19 Gabrielle, 16 Teffetas Rose, 31 Cambon, Rouge coco shine 63 Rebelle, Rouge coco 27 Talisman, Rouge coco shine 62 Monte-Carlo, Rouge Allure 80Delicieuse.

Out of the three, Rouge COCOs are the most opaque. Next comes Rouge Allure and then the Rouge COCO Shines. If you like the subtle & pretty look, I think Rouge Allures will be the best match. If you're looking for color, Cocos are hands down the best of the three. Coco shines are more like tinted balms. I don't get a kick out of the barely-there application. I like my colors thick and creamy, haha.

Chanel lipsticks all have a very rosy and girly scent to them. The application is so creamy and moisturizing, you'll get a makeup orgasm from it.
They may seem a bit expensive, but I personally don't think it's a waste of money. Drug store products are jacking up their prices lately so, let's say, a decent drugstore lipstick is usually 7 - 11 dollars. Rather than buying three I'd rather buy one Chanel lipstick because it just makes more sense to me. If I assess my makeup usage, there's no way I'm going to use up everything I have before it goes bad. So instead of buying a lot of inexpensive products, I like buying a couple of good ones and using them up as they were meant to be.

That's just my way of thinking, I don't think any one particular way of thinking is right or wrong.

Here are the swatches.
(1) coco 15 Ruban Rose. (2) coco 31, Cambon. (3) coco 27 Talisman (4) Coco 32 Sycomore (5) coco 16 Taffetas Rose (6) rouge allure 80 Delicieuse (7) coco 31 Cambon, (8) coco shine 62 Monte-Carlo (9) coco shine 63 Rebelle

Next are blushes.

Blush Duo Tweed effect in 50 Tweed Sienna.

Powder blush Rose Bronze.

Not really a fan of the powder blush. It seems a bit chalky!!

These are the Dior babies. I am very happy with all, except the two liners I am thinking of returning. No need to show them if they aren't going to be used ;)

1 colour eyeshadows.

066 in Trendy Taupe (only Nordstrom has this in stock).
I love this color!!!! so pretty!!

546 Gold Touch.

Wand of the blackout mascara.

YSL babes!!!
Rouge volupte in 24 Praline Delight, 27 Rose Paris (available at Sephora).

Bobbi Brown metallic eyeshadow in 2 bonfire.
I actually wanted Shu Uemura's G-Bronze (e/s).. but they just don't carry it on their US site.

Benefit goodies. 2 Boi-ings and 1 eye bright.

I was excited about the concealers after reading the reviews. So far, I'm kind of meh.. about boi-ing, but we will see!
Eye Bright, I don't have an opinion yet.

And here's the rest of the swatches!!
Left to right, top to bottom: Bobbi Brown Bonfire, (oops, ignore the top lipstick shade), Benefit Eye Bright, YSL 27 Rose Paris, Dior eyeliner (ignore please), YSL 24 Praline Delight, Dior Trendy Taupe, Dior Gold Touch.

Alright, hope the post wasn't too long!

I'm happy that I have some inventory built up!! Hope you guys are too :)


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  1. i love how you have your bangs in your video!! could you do some more tutorial on hair?? cheers xxx

  2. Dang woman, talk about an intense haul! I love those eyeshadows, but I hate singles. I always have to depot them and put them in unii's, But I'm not sure how i'd depot a Dior shadow =/

  3. I guess it's because I'm a makeup noob and I don't buy expensive makeup (mostly drugstore ones) but I was totally shocked at the cost of your makeup haul. O.O

  4. love it...omg u bought so many lipstick ! Amazing.

  5. Love ur videos and tutorials :) What nail polish are u wearing in this video?

  6. Hi! I don't know if I saw right, but on your lipstick swatch, are no. #7 and #2 the same? Cause they are both labelled as Coco 31, Cambon.

  7. Omg, this is my dream to have all this. *DIES* :P

  8. It's always exciting to see your hauls!

  9. Hey Catalinia, it,s good to see your high-end haul video!I love Rae,s ones but I guess you should start one, too! You have more free-spiritual opinion and I like it. kkk

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. wow!! this is a very nice haul!!

  12. whoah.i can totally see the addiction you have for lipsticks.:) it shows in your haul. its a tad expensive though.:s you would probably hide the credit card for a while.:)

  13. Hey Catalina, love your haul! puts my Chanel lippie collection to shame. :) Wanted to ask though, how do you store all your lippies? x

  14. @rii: I attempted to film it yesterday and failed! haha, I'll try again :o

    @Angie: you don't!! you keep them in their pretty packages and start at them with a happy smile! :p

    @Jamilla: I think I'm not even close you your massive collection ;)

    @Princess Jana: I'm usually very thrifty.. Once in a while I explode and this was one of those rare moments!

    @010: haha, I LOVE lippies!!

    @Michelle: It's from Missha! Nail polish in PK 11.
    You can see a post about it here:



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