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Talk about sensitivity!!

Man, I always seem to jinx myself. I haven't had such full body explosion in such a long time, but as soon as I put up a skin history post my skin decided to go all out with this horrible reaction.

** WARNING - this is kind of gross **

This doesn't happen often, but occasionally my skin gets rashes like this.

Sometimes it's on the arms, or on the face, or on the legs, but this time I'm having it all over!
At first it started with my arms and spread to my abdomen area in no time. After a night of scratching my belly, the rashes have calmed down on that area, but started moving down to my legs and up to my face.
I have more severe photos, but I'm in my panties and bra posing in a weird way to capture my back and the back of my thighs. I'm sure those pics won't be easy on the eyes! :p

It's not itchy when I'm not looking at it, but it's just irritating because I can't even have the slightest irritant to my skin at the moment. If I go out in the sun for a minute it starts reacting and if I sit on the carpet, the surface area that was rubbing on the carpet would swell up and rash.
My parents aren't really worried about it since my dad has the exact same skin problems and his conclusion is - "you can take medication, soothing agents, shots - whatever, you name it. Our skin is just too weak and sensitive to be cured in a short amount of time. It's not going to kill you, so wait it out."

I'm still flirting with the option to go see a doc, but he is right. The rashes seem to calm down slowly and lessen as time goes.

What caused the reaction?

FISH SAUCE!!!!!!!!

I've had allergic reactions to fish numerous times in the past (and it wasn't shellfish - it was cod, chub mackerel and other regular fish). A lot of people think I'm trying to be funny when I say "I'm allergic to fish, and no.. not shellfish, but random fish.. ._.)"

I've had fish once in a blue moon for the past three years and was fine, but I really don't know when something like this will happen so I'm all paranoid about fish all over again.

So far, my laundry list of allergy triggers is..

  • Fish
  • Certain brand's hair dye
  • House dust mite (OMG!! this is my worst nightmare!!)
  • Sun (rarely, but sometimes)
  • Certain eye drops
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Certain fabric softeners
  • Certain dish washing detergents
  • Working with arrogant dickheads and biatches!! :p (<< highlight text)

  • I guess I'll have to hope for the rashes on the face to calm down so I can hurry up and film more videos :p I feel pumped and motivated about blogging and youtubing! I've found my online activity mojo again!!!

    Do you guys have any allergic reactions like me?
    How do you guys deal with it? I usually just tough it out..
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    1. haha. yeah, i'll just tough it out too. but it seems like Bubz have sensitive skin like yours too. i've seen her recommending some lotion to put over. mayb you want to talk to her about this?

    2. I was about to say, those are urticaria. I have allergic reactions like that too :( You and I have such similar skin and similar sensitivities! I feel your pain :( But I get Angioedema too (swellings) and of course wonderful eczema :P I take Aerius for it, but that doesn't help much. For dangerous allergic reactions I take Dexamethasone. Make sure you always have an epi pen!

    3. I just mainly use facials and all types of products to make it go away :)

    4. I have a shellfish allergy, and it's really severe - e.g. I stop breathing! PLEASE see an allergy specialist!

    5. When I was in my teens my skin was sensitive like that too, but now I don't seem to get it as much no more or very rarely. But yeah even though I love seafood, I can't have it too much because it could react to my skin too :( Just don't think of it much and don't scratch it and it will go away in no time! Or I guess use aloe vera too to soothe the skin! Hope it goes away soon though!

      JanBan x

    6. OMG that looks painful... but at least it's not? :) I have something similar but it only happens on my face (when I was little it's on the inside of my elbows), but it's really itchy, and painful ='( as a matter of fact, having it right now as I type lol... not sure what triggered it cuz I haven't done anything, maybe it's because of stress and lack of sleep. I usually try to tough it out too cuz if I don't further irritate it it'd go away. But I do apply high repair serum to help it heal :D

    7. wow ur skin is really sensitive!! im allergic to antibacterial skin products and razors thats all, usually i use tea tree oil when i have a reaction, it calms the skin down, stops the itch or irritation

    8. That is very sensitive skin you have there! I hope it gets better soon. the itching will drive me crazy

    9. i have sensitive skin as well, and get rashes/reactions often. i feel your pain! however, i'm not too sure what exactly causes my rashes, but i know that stress triggers them (possibly because my immune system is overworked and weakened).

      i found that hydrocortizone (1%) in conjunction with benedryl (Diphenhydramine) really helps with my itching and redness. i buy benedryl in the capsule form and sprinkle it on top of a glob of hydrocortizone and rub it into the affected area. it's relatively cheap and works well with my rashes.

      i hope that your rashes disappear soon!

    10. I have the same problem too. I am allergic to fish like you, random fishes. My doctor says "it's the rich people's disease." -__-" I know that other stuff triggers the reaction to rashes. Like hot weather. My skin is sensitive, and I live in tropical weather which doesn't help at all.

      I would suggest you visit a skin specialist. Get well soon too! :)

    11. I am extremely allergic to all raw fruits and vegetables.. basically all raw produce. The worst part is, this is an allergy I developed during my teens and twenties, so I already know how delicious everything is! But now if I ever have fruit or there is bits of raw fruit in any food (like a smoothie, etc.) - my throat closes up immediately and it's time to whip out my epi-pen. I used to only get hives, but now that my tongue and throat swells up and closes up immediately, I WISH I could go back to the days of hives!

      I always carry two epi-pens with me, because I never know when there could be a bit of raw produce in anything, especially at restaurants. The only thing I can recommend is carry a bottle of Benadryl with you EVERYWHERE.

    12. Hey Catalina,
      Looks like hives. If they bother you enough that they are interfering with your sleep and daily tasks, take 1 Zyrtec during the day and 2 benedryl tablets at night to ease the symptoms. If they don't resolve in 2 weeks, go see your doctor who might be able to prescribe you corticosteroids to bring down the swelling and itching.
      Good luck ;)

    13. i have contact dermatitis and alleric to dust![and still in the process of healing under meds] that looks super itchy dear =.= you must see an allergology skin was triggered by the tretinoin i've used 4 weeks ago.but after it healed [which my other derma doc gave me a cream], it went back, didn't know i'm allergic to hair dye T_T argh! i always tie my hair, i stopped using make up for a while and planning to buy new ones and toss it out after 3-4 months.sorry for the long post, but what i do is simply stay away from the allergy triggers and keep my immune system healthy and strong.hope you feel better soon Cat! share with us your skin updates so we can get helpful tips and ideas too. take care =)

    14. My mom got that this summer, she says it's from sweat. She said if you sweat, you should try take more showers since it's so hot.

      It might also be from stress, i've gotten it in the past

    15. don't they have allergy tests? and i get what you mean. i'm allergic to shrimp, lobster, and crab and when i tell people, they're like, "oh, so like shellfish right?" and i'm like, "no, just those 3. i'm good with oysters and clams." so yeah, i get what you mean by the fish allergy. but i would try a doc or dermatologist.

    16. Aw poor thing, hope it clears up and you feel fresh again soon! x

    17. I hope you feel better! I remember when I got rashes and had no clue what caused them... it turned out to be oxiclean!

    18. I hope your rashes/hives go away soon!! I used to get weird red bumps along my inner thighs when I was younger. It's really weird because they'd look like small bites but then they'd explode all over my thighs. I actually cannot take Tylenol when I have a fever/flu because I get rashes along my inner thigh as well, and sometimes on my wrists.

      I'm sure you've probably heard this a lot of times, but maybe seeing a specialist will help you determine what exactly you're allergic to? I hope it clears up soon!!!

    19. Aww that's too bad. I love fish sauce lol.

    20. ive had that kind of rashes quite a number of times already. im not sure what causes it but for me it can be anything - dust, foods, pets, etc. my dad gave me calamine lotion but i hate how it feels on the skin - dry. i'll make sure i have my hydrocortisone cream with me wherever i go just in case.

    21. I actually get tiny rashes when I'm in the sun sometimes... It's weird! It's only on my neck and upper parts of my arms though...

      Baaaaa.. : ( I don't know what I would do if I was allergic to eyedrops!

    22. Catalina-
      I was really sensitive to everything, including wheat!
      Once I changed my diet and took enzyme supplements all food allergies went away. You should try

    23. Catalina,

      Try taking enzyme supplements. I recommend from Enzymedica. I had many allergies including wheat and diet change and good quality enzyme supplements changed my life! Good luck!

    24. omg.. I'm so sorry that you are going through skin rash! My mother has similar reactions to some products. I hope you get well soon!

    25. I'm so sorry to hear that, Catalina. Try calamine lotion on the rashes. It really helps to calm down the skin. I had rashes on my arms and legs before, and applying calamine soothed them a lot!

    26. I'm allergic to almost any cleaning argent. But I'm trying hard to avoid it. And since while cleaning I can use rubber gloves, I have no major problems with my skin. But most of times when rashes appear on my skin I'm using soft moisturizer (mostly dedicated to children)and ointment with aloe-vera extracts or pantothenate or allantoin (you can get it in every pharmacy). It simply calms my skin.

    27. Catalina, I get the exact same thing all over my body sometimes, and I never know why it happens.

      Solution - take cold showers and tough it out. In the meantime, antihistamines (like zyrtec), aloe vera gel (cooling sensation) and drinking plenty of water provide relief from the itch and speed up recovery.

    28. Oh no, really wish you well. I have skin allergy too and have whole body outbreaks and whizz if I ingest unclean seafood. I usually grit my teeth and endure it. Docs always say there are no cures (to me)but I do really hope you find a way away from those rashes. Hugz!

      Ash :o)

    29. I usually don't dye my hair often but two days ago I decided to dye my hair a few shades darker. and I found out that I was allergic to this type of brand and had to got to the hospital. It was horrible because I was all swollen up and itchy. Mind you I have dyed my hair before and I never got an allergic reaction from those hair dyes. From my experiences I think allergies can spring up out of no where and even can go away. An example, in my case, would be that when I was younger I was always told I was allergic to shellfish, like shrimp. But a few years back I decided to try to eat shrimp one day and I didn't get a reaction from it. So till now I have been eating all types of shellfish and still no allergic reaction. Which is great, because I really love seafood. :)

    30. I'm allergic to two laundry detergents and fabric softners. Found out the first time in boot camp, it was so not fun.

    31. Awww I feel you. I have a sensitive skin too. I remembered once, I used a moisturizer that my skin did not like, I went all red and swell up. I was lucky I was off for 4 days, so i spent 4 days at home, waiting it out. even though i was given medication to help with the itching, there was nothing i could do with the redness.

      I actually take antihistamines to prevent any kind of allergic reactions because i am also allergic to food, environmental stuff - similar to the allergies you have. :( But if antihistamines don't work, i wait it out.

    32. That does not look fun at all. I get a similar reaction whenever I take any sort of liquid gel medications including DayQuil. Same goes with certain clothes if it has red dye. I'm also allergic to chemical-based sunscreen and other things I should get tested for. Have you tried Benadryl and Triamcinolone ointment? Helps to stop the scratching. The Benadryl also helps knock you out so you can't scratch. Also, have you taken any Vitamin B? One of the side effects is itchiness/rash. Anyway, hope you get better soon!

    33. OMG!!! i broke out in rashes recently too! (hives?) idk.. but it's so random. My skin is so sensitive.. its ridiculous.

      i never thought i would be the type to have sensitive skin.

      freaking allergies. lakjsdlkasd omg.

      wow. yeah.. wow, ive never vented like this in a comment. sorry hahah but i love your blog/videos :)

      btw! i kinda wanna see what the YSL praline color looks on the lips? please and thank you :)


    34. go to your local drugstore and ask the pharmacist for an over the counter steroid cream, they're pretty mild and work pretty well. your rash should be gone within a few days to a week!

    35. It seems like I'm not the only one who gets rashes. My case is very similar like yours. I wasn't allergic to anything until last month, my body is very itchy and has red rashes all over the places! I still don't know what triggers this rashes. I'm avoiding any seafood right now to see if I'm really allergic to it.

    36. wow you guys have some crazy stories!!

      @Suzy: aww.. I feel you. We should make a sensitive skin club and share info on stuff!!

      @@Jamilla: OMG.. that's horrible! I should see a specialist :'( I'm just very anti-doctor for some reason (no offense to med ppl out there!)

      @Anna: Oh no! we sound like we have similar conditions!

    37. I get the occasional sniffles and watery eyes during spring time; pollen, weeds, etc. Nothing too severe though. My twin sister used to get spontaneous rashes/hives when she was younger. My mom thought it was from the teddy bear she used to sleep with.

    38. Same here. Allergic to any seafood. :/ anyway, Loving your blog. Keep it up :)


    39. Hey Catalina,

      Maybe I can help so I wanted to share:

      I know a few people that had severe rash/ ecxema, etc. Through many books and information from ND's and other doctors most cases it's due to built up toxins in our body. If you have a lot of toxins in your body (which almost everyone does) our immune system goes down and our body fails to fight off toxins when it enters our body. Our liver detoxify's toxin's but when it's overworked it's hard on all our organs. Most of the people I know that had mild or severe cases of skin disorder/ allergy issues did a specific Detox program that helped them dramatically. There's a lot of detox programs out there but they did this one specific one that helped them much much more then any other they've tried. I tried it as well and I loved it. I did it because I had acne problem and constipation issues since I was young. My skin cleared up,I don't have constipation issues, and over-all I felt really great!

      Let me know if you want help with it.


    40. i'm having similar symptoms to what you are having and my doc says that it's orticaria/hives. they jus appeared randomly bout 6 wks ago but they come and go along they way. no apparent cure but to try to find out what the allergen is. i have too many suspected items on my list(squid, insect bites, mushrooms, pollen, shellfish yadayada) right now that im engaging a skin specialist soon if it flares up again.
      in the mean time aloe vera calms your skin down and try not to apply too much skin care products. it could be some ingredient within the product that you could be allergic to too. fruits help to clear toxins in your body that may be stuck inside due to the reaction too...

    41. I don't know what does 'toughing it out' means. Lol!

      Anyway, You need to see a Dr. (most likely a dermatologist) to get a allergy test done. It's to see what you're allergic to exactly, so you can avoid it in the future. :)

      Meanwhile, see a Dr. He'll prescribe you with anti-histamines to calm the reaction.

    42. I'm Korean too and I have the exact same allergies! You might also be allergic to MSG, 'cause when I went to Korea this week, I ate a lot of restaurant food and had a bad headache. Also godungoh :( It's so delicious though!

    43. I just noticed this blog post and you have the same thing my mom gets when she eats sushi or sashimi sometimes. Her hives gets really bad and it starts around her stomach then spreads to the neck. She takes Benadryl and it seems to work for her...gets rid of the hives pretty quickly.


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