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Asking for a small favor: Cast a vote!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to ask a small favor. It doesn't have to do anything that benefits me, but I would greatly appreciate it if every one of you could take a minute out of your time to cast a vote and help a great cause.

Snowleopard trust is an organization that is specifically dedicated to preserving and helping endangered snow leopards survive on the face of earth. The number of cats remaining in the wild have been reduced to 3000-3500 and they are on the verge of disappearing. Snow Leopards are elusive and not as widely known as other big cats. They live high up in mountains in Central Asia and were hunted down mostly for their fur, bones or to protect village farm animals.

I've been supporting for some years now and it is an organization that I hold dearly to my heart. When I was in school I would write suggestion letters and volunteer to translate some fact sheets rather than finishing my papers. To me, saving these wild cats were always a mission I believed in and supported - and I still do. Of course there are so many animals that need to be saved from vanishing. Almost every wild animal is under the threat of being wiped off the face of earth, but if I had to pick, penguins, snow leopards and polar bears would be the animals I would want to save the most.

If you adopt a family, mommy & cub, or just A snow leopard, the organization sends you a thank you gift! (Of course minus the shirt on the mommy :p I just like dressing up my plushies)

Snow Leopard enterprises is basically a system where both the villagers/shepherds in Mongolia and Snow Leopards could be in a win win situation. Many Snow Leopards have been gunned down because they attack herds to feed on. For shepherds, the loss of a single livestock has a huge impact on their sustainability, so they usually shoot the leopards when sited. You can't blame the Mongolian people since they too are trying to survive. What the enterprises does is step in in the middle of the conflict and provide jobs for the people in exchange of a promise not to shoot the snow leopards. This way, the Mongolians have an alternative source of income and snow leopards could spare their lives.

A lot of cute stuff are handmade with articles that come from the livestock the villagers herd.
Here's one of the popular ones, a 'cat toy' mouse.
The little mouse on the penguin's head is actually one of the products that is made and sold by the enterprises.

I'm not asking you guys to buy any of the products, but I do want you guys to help SLE win in a contest they are in. They have been chosen as one of the 12 finalists for the BBC World Challenge 2011.

If they win, they will win $20,000 (more capital injection to help sustain snow leopards and Mongolian people!) and a feature in Newsweek magazine and on BBC World News. Raising awareness is critical to organizations like snowleopard trust, so please help them out by casting your valuable vote.

Here is the link to vote

Please help save these beautiful cats :)
A snow leopard at the Central Park Zoo (New York, NY) - This is probably the closest I can get to photographing a real snow leopard. They have snow leopards at the Bronx zoo too.

I am a tiny, minuscule monthly supporter of this organization and asking this voting favor out of good faith. I genuinely support them but have no business relations to this organization.

Do you guys have a charity or organization you guys support? Let me know about that too! I'm not the best at contributing to changing the world, but I have a good heart and open mind for good causes and I am curious about what you guys support!

Thanks so much in advance!


Visit and learn more about saving snow leopards!

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  1. Thank you for promoting awareness about these beautiful animals to others. I went to vote already ^-^

  2. Hi, I'm so glad that you do this thing, I'm always an animal lover so if I could do anything I'll do :)

    I voted and spread out to all my friends about it.
    Thank you again!


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