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Bright Eyes with a Touch of Green

Bright eyes? Brighter eyes? Brighter eyeshadows? is that even correct? :p
Anyway, I created this look a couple of weeks ago (sorry about the late editing :p), and wanted to share it with you guys. I guess I've been too consumed with thick, heavy eyeliner looks. Brightening up my eye makeup made me feel so liberated and happy for some reason. We all know that dark colors could actually make one's eyes look more squinty, but it's hard to break out of what's so in vogue.

밝은 눈화장!! 말이 되나요? ㅎㅎ
아무튼, 사실 몇 주 전에 촬영한 비디오인데 이제서야 편집해서 올려요.. 죄송 ㅠㅠ
최근 몇년간 계속 두꺼워지는 아이라이너에 익숙해 졌었는지, 이렇게 덜 쓰고 밝은 섀도를 쓰는 화장을 하니 뭔가 속이 뻥! 뚫리는 기분이 들었어요. 짙고 두꺼운 라인은 오히려 눈을 더 작게 만든다는 걸 머리론 알지만, 워낙에 유행이라서 어떻게 버릴 수도 없고 했는데 이렇게 오랜만에 밝은 화장을 해서 기분이 좋았어요.

This look was super easy to create and it brightened up my face a lot. Especially the eyes look much more wider and brighter than darker looks. I love how this makeup photographs too! I guess it's a good combo of contour/highlighting the face + bright eye shadow colors, but trust me, this look brings out a fresh, clean look on camera.

이 화장은 보기만큼이나 쉽답니다. 쉬울뿐만 아니라 얼굴도 화사돋게 해주는 것 같아요 ㅎㅎ특히 눈부분이 탁 트인 듯한 느낌을 주는 화장입니다. 특히 사진빨!! 적절한 음영+하아리아트, 그리고 밝은 색상들이 아주 픽셀 녹아버릴만큼 사진빨 잘 받게 해줘요!

Here's the video tutorial. 일단은 영상강좌.

Here's the list of products I used.
오늘 사용한 제품 목록입니다.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer (베네핏 보잉 컨실러)
Hera HD foundation (헤라 HD 리퀴드 파데)

MAC Colour Forms - 5 Warm Eyes (Fertile for the brows)
맥 컬러 폼 - 5 웜 아이즈 (눈썹 색으론 제일 우측에 있는 퍼틀을 썼어요)

fertile is the dark brown color (fertile 은 가장 우측에 짙은 갈색섀도 입니다)

MAC Paintpot - Rubenesque (맥 페인트 팟 - 루빈에스크)
Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow - 2 Bonfire (바비브라운 메탈릭 아이섀도 2호 본파이어)

Seems subtle, but if you build it up it becomes quite noticeable.
보기엔 연해 보이지만, 여러번 색을 쌓아올려주면 꽤 눈에 띄는 색입니다.

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette - Green (4 left, 3 up from the lower left corner)
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette - Champagne (3 up from the lower left corner)
코스탈 센츠 88 쉬머 팔레트, 표시한 두 색을 썼습니다.

It's these two colors I used. The palette was held upside down in the video - sorry about the confusion.
영상에서 썼던 두 색입니다. 영상에서 보여줬을 땐 팔레트를 거꾸로 들고 있어서 헷갈렸을 수도 있어요. 죄송헤요!

If you don't have the Bobbi Brown metallic shadow, the 88 shimmer palette has a similar color.
바비 브라운 섀도가 없다면 88 쉬머 팔레트에서 비슷한 색이 있답니다.

88 Shimmer is a bit more coppery, but I think it is passible for a bonfire dupe.
좌가 바비 브라운, 우가 쉬머 팔레트 색 - 쉬머 팔레트가 발색이 좀 더 진하긴 하지만, 둘이 비슷비슷해요.

Lancome le crayon khol - chataigne (랑콤 아이라이너 - 진갈색)

Beauty Credit Lashes # 6 (뷰크 6호 속눈썹)
Dior - Diorshow Blackout Mascara (디올쇼 블랙아웃 마스카라)

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect - 50 Tweed Sienna
(샤넬 블러쉬 듀오 트위드 이펙트 - 50호 트위드 시에나)

I always fail at getting a nice swatch of this blush! It's so sheer and subtle.
으악! 항상 트위드 시에나 발색샷에 실패합니다. 으찌나 연하고 은은한지.. 잘 안잡혀요 :/

Bobbi Brown - Bronzer/Blush Duo Set (Bronzer is in Medium)
바비 브라운 브론져/블러쉬 듀오 세트 (미디움)

MAC Colour Forms - 5 Warm Eyes (Chillproof for highlighting)
맥 컬러 폼 - 5 웜 아이즈 (하이라이트 컬러는 칠푸르푸)

Here's a swatch on how the colors come off.
손등에 영상에서 썼던 두가지 색을 발색해 봤어요.

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Blush (에스테 로더 하이 글로스 - 블러쉬)
- I was loving this lipgloss so much and I lost it because of a giant hole in my bag! I'm so bummed about the lost, but I have to say, Estee Lauder's lipglosses never fail to wow me. My all-time-favorite lipglosses are always Estee Lauder products.
They are a bit on the sticky and thick side, but I like it better than watery glosses.

ㅠㅠ 흙흙.. 가방에 구멍이 있었는데 아무래도 구멍으로 빠져서 어디다 떨어뜨린 것 같아요. 제가 몇년째 에스테 로더 립글로즈들을 금쪽같이 아끼는데요, 뭐니뭐니해도 제가 항상 추천하는 립글로즈는 에스테 것들이예요. 립스틱은 영... 별론데, 립글로즈 하나만큼은 진짜 야무지게 잘 만들어내요!

And here's the final results.
Of course there's the usual tucking the chin, opening the eyes wider than usual and circle lenses added to the effect when the shutter was pressed, but I think the makeup gave a lot of oomph! to the dramatic (?) transformation :p.

그리고 결과물(?) 입니다 ㅎㅎ
물론 사진 각도나, 눈을 부릅뜬다거나 렌즈발 등등도 적용했지만, 화장자체가 사진을 잘 받게해요~~

Here's a bonus gif, just in case you missed it on my twitter ;)

I finally finished the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers :D I'm not that into K-drama, so it was quite an accomplishment for me to finish a whole series. :p This is from the last episode, where I couldn't resist but fool around with photoshop.

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  1. OMG! So gorgeous! :) and the last picture at the end definitely made my day! <3

  2. I really love this look =D Loving the touch of green and how shimmery the shadows are.

    And LOL the last pic is so funny... Do the penguins have a special meaning in there?

  3. @Mindy: Hey sweetie :) aww.. I'm glad it made your day. *hugs*

    @Kiwi: 3 polished+beautiful guys + a bunch of baby penguins running towards me screaming that they love me = the best thing that could ever happen in my world! haha ;)

  4. Your eyes look amazing. It brightens your whole face. Amazing!

  5. it looks so beautiful! *~* and your eyes are so pretty. but i guess this makeup doesn't go well with green eyes Y_Y

    ShuShu ♥

  6. lovely look!!!
    LOL at the BOF GIF :) im still on the sixth ep...ive been distracted by other drama lol

  7. haha, what a fun gif :P love the look

  8. I love that pop of green! Fabulous look!

  9. I love this look! I don't have any of the products mentioned, but I have the colors so I guess I'm going to try this the next time I'm going out. You're the best, Catalina! :3

  10. I don't usually comment on blogposts but let me tell you that I really like this one. The idea of swatching products of the look is so clever and useful ! I wish other bloggers/beauty guru did the same ;). Plus the look is less heavy than others I keep seeing everywhere this season so it's a good change.
    Thanks for this and keep blogging :)

  11. Love your eyes, the combi is so pretty. Will try it!

    Ash :o)

  12. what foundation and powder brush are you using in this vid? thanks for your tips and tutorials always~ <#

  13. i loved your blog, now following your youtube channel too :D

    love * Monstros no Armário

  14. unni! this is so pretty! i was wondering how you made the last GIF photo? it's really cute and funny! especially with the penguins..haha

  15. unni! this is so pretty! i was wondering how you made the last GIF photo? it's really cute and funny! especially with the penguins..haha


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