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Merry Christmas + Chicago Vlog

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :)
I hope everyone had/is having a great time opening presents~
Some of you might already know, but my family doesn't do holidays - so here I am, just having another ordinary day :p My parents will go to church soon, so I'll probably have some quality me-time while they are gone.
Good thing is, I have a video up which can entertain you guys with. Ahh~ the good ol' Chicago vlog <3

Everything was shot with Canon 60D + 16-35mm L lens (with occasionally the 50mm lens thrown in). I have to say it was one of those trips that I was determined to take a lot of footage and actually vlog! But with the bulky DSLR body and the heavy lens, turning the camera and pointing it at my face + manually focusing and talking while walking was nearly impossible. Trust me, I tried... and I almost dropped the camera at Dallas Love Field.
So, most of the footage is going to be me holding the camera towards the object or scenery :p
I'm looking into buying a smaller camera so I could properly vlog next time around (hehe, it's another good excuse for me to buy a camera '-') so hopefully new vlogs will have some more interaction in it. I'm probably going to use the second channel more for more relaxed and day to day vlogs, and maybe bigger/more edited/condensed vlogs will occasionally go up on cl2425. I dunno, just a thought ;P

The trip to Chicago was a very short and sweet trip. I think one of the things that my boyfriend and I enjoy the most is traveling, and this year we didn't have much time to spend together. So he suggested that we make at least some attempt to carry on the tradition of going on a trip together every year. Chicago and Seattle was on the list and I thought Chicago would be better to visit first. When I decided to move out of New York earlier this year, Chicago was among one of the cities that I was considering to move to (along with LA, Dallas and just staying in NYC). It would only make sense to visit where I was eyeing to live!

My initial reaction to Chicago was "Oh my... it's like a smaller, cleaner, colder and less crowded version of NYC". Chicago had everything responding to NYC, which I thought was pretty amazing. Although there are some striking similarities, there's also so many things that only Chicago can have. I think Chicago has its own charm, and I really enjoyed every bit of everything that the city offered. Considering the very short time period, we mainly stayed neared the loop and the more touristy areas.
Places that we most definitely go are zoos, aquariums or art institutions. Neither of us are shoppers, so we never spend time shopping when traveling (unless it's so rare that only that place has a speciality item). Funny thing is, both of us are from warmer areas (he is from Los Angeles and me from Texas) so we were unprepared for the frigid weather and very underdressed. We had to rush into multiple stores to buy winter stuff (hats, gloves, socks, leg warmers..) just to survive, not even stay warm, the wind blasts that occurred every so often.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video ^-^*

Happy Holidays!


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  1. glad to see you and your bf had a great trip! ^_^ well, considering that chicago is more north and close to the water, i would've guessed it'll be more colder than nyc. i want to go there too..but i'll wait til summer time. :) anyway, happy holidays!


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