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Throwing out old circle/color lenses

Merry Christmas Eve!
It is THAT time of the year again!

Yes, time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.
I was cleaning my room today and came across my lens bag, which was delivered from LA a while ago. I didn't bother to open it until today and I was pretty shocked when I did.

So here's the shocking part of old color lens.
I am VERY careful with lens storage because I had to go to the ER once due to bad contact lens usage (my eye was swollen to a point my aunt thought it was going to explode out of my eye socket). I always clear out solution, clean my lens case before I store fresh solution and my lens. So this couldn't be a result of dirty solution. Basically, these color lenses were sitting in solution for quite a long time.

I'm wondering if the brown lens is leaking color?!
The left lens is dry (the solution leaked), but the right one.. eww! Why would the solution turn yellow??

It's hard to catch the colors in this picture too, but this three toned lens (that is obviously dried out, crinkled and two lenses stacked together - wth?) kind of had brownish leaked color in the mid section too.

I'm going to throw them out so it doesn't really bother me, but I really wonder why some lens' solutions turned yellow. Odd thing is, other colors (blue, green, black) still have clear solution. I remember clearing out all my lens cases and filling them up with clear solution when I had them sealed and sent to LA.... so, the solution should have turned yellow in every case if old solution was the problem.

But, oh well. For now, the mystery is yet to be solved.
However!!! If the colored water is really the lens leaking color... that's something that I would seriously reconsider when wearing colored lenses.

These are all of my lenses to throw out :)
I have some new or backups of my favorite lenses so it doesn't feel painful at all to throw all these alway :p I actually feel happy some of my clutter is getting cleared out.

* Usually, lenses are good for a year or whatever period they are made for (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly..etc). Trying out a huge range of lenses, I've noticed that not a lot of them actually live up to however long they're suppose to last. Most of the time I experience ripping or curling of lenses within the 3-6 month period. I know circle or color lenses aren't that affordable, but when even the smallest thing happens to your lens, it's better throwing them out. You don't want to scratch or damage your eye because of some malfunctioning lens. It's hard to let go of something that you like and paid a lot for - but!! in the long run, your eyes are much more important than the money you paid for your lens, so when it is time to say goodbye we should learn to bravely let go. :)

Anyway, have any of you guys experienced color leak? :(
I'm a bit worried!!

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  1. Yes, I did! I had like 3 sets of coloured lenses and i just stopped using it cuz to be honest, it really bothers me using them everything when going to university. I'm always running late. So usually, I just set it aside and just bring my glasses. Anyway, I had the same lens you had that one which was dried up? Yeap, I had since high school and when i cleaned my room last month, I saw it! omggg, the solution was really yellowish it looks gross! I don't think the solution itself was turning yellow but i really feel like it was the lenses.

    Anyway, Have a Merry Christmas! It's already the 25th where I lived. :)

    ~ Karis

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have to admit I have an habit of hoarding an array of overdue color contact lenses in my room, some from over 2/3 years ago. After reading your post, I decided to check mine out too. Surprisingly weird enough, like you mentioned browns/honeys(from 2 years ago) prone to turn yellowish. On the other hand I also notice it could be also due to the fact that the solution/ contact lenses has expired, therefore. Because at the rim of the lens case, the leaked solution(residue) was yellow.. In my opinion, using an establish/ professional eye care brand is really important.

    Ps/ I am referring to Cibavision-Freshlook Color contact lenses. I'm an avid user of this brand & do recommend it. Its beautifully natural on the eyes : ]

  4. Hmmm~~ well on Geo's website, they show that to make circle lenses, they smush the dye between two lenses...So if the two layers are peeling apart, it would make sense that the dye is leaking out as a result!

  5. I read this on nate pann a while and I think you should read it! The 글쓴이 was in a similar situation.

  6. ah thanks for the reminder/warning! I know this guy who didn't clean his lenses well enough, especially in the humid Taiwan weather (they were just normal prescription contact lenses) and he practically couldn't see out of one eye. All he saw was white, and the doctor said he almost lost eyesight in that eye!!! So definitely clean your lenses A LOT!

  7. I found some info on searching on google how to choose color contact lenses, so maybe it can help:
    But they don't sell prescription, so i wonder where to find the cheapest prescription circle lenses ?

  8. I noticed the color leakage from my newly ordered macciato -Geo's mimi cafe
    :( I was afraid that I got a fake one


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