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Extension Pains

I've never really talked about why I took out my extensions, but I think this picture will tell a long story.

hahaha, gross right?
It's actually nothing coming out from me. It's not puss nor dandruff, it is the glue that holds the strands together that had gradually melted (and a bunch of bulbs from my hair). I wanted to share some 'cons' of semi-permanent hair extensions.

First is, obviously, the excessively long time invested in the installation.

Even a trained professional could take up to 5-6 hours doing a full head. I went into it as a experimenting-trooper and had to deal with installing for almost 24 hours.

Second is the headache.

Yes, it's true that your scalp is going to scream with pain. You are literally tugging on almost every strand and adding heavy weight on your hair. Of course it's going to be a lot of pressure on your scalp. How should I put it, it feels like your ponytail getting caught in the elevator door and the elevator going up to the next floor.. ish kind of feeling?
It's not pleasant and it's no fun especially when you are trying to sleep.
Your head will feel so bruised, you won't know how to put your head down to sleep.

Third is the difficulty showering and brushing.

Every time a chunk of strand came out, I groaned "nnnooo....".
Every extension is money and my blood!!!! you can't lose it!!! and yet every time I took a shower or brushed my hair, I had a handful of extension lost!

Fourth is the main reason I decided to take out my extensions.

THE MELTING GLUE.....dun dun dunnn!!!
I don't know if it was my extensions, but the glue part started getting sticky and yuck by the end of 2 or so weeks. It would be a bit of an unpleasant moist stickiness, which freaked me out more. I would blow dry my hair with cool air for the longest time and I would even try to let my hair dry in the sun. Nothing helped!!! They just wanted to melt!!
I even changed shampoos and it didn't work out.

If you look closely, the glue separating and getting all over the place was a hot mess.
Uninstalling these extensions was pretty easy, but then what followed was the last and biggest 'con' of extensions.


Hair Loss!!!!

The amount of hair you lose when you take out the extensions is quite frightening. I thought I was going to go bald, seriously! I was so scared because every time I gently ran my fingers through my natural hair, I would have a handful of hair shedding.
I am still recovering from that stage, but the initial hair lost was quite shocking.
It's like cheesy drama scenes, when the dying girl brushes out a handful of hair and gets shocked at how her body is crumbling.. yeah, it's literally like that!
okay, not this... but you get the point, right? :p

I've listed all the dark secrets of extensions, but all in all - I kind of liked the experience. It's nice to have a lot of hair to play around with. I honestly thought the extensions were going to help me get busy with myself and have pretty curls all the time, but no, that never happened :p

I had promised to write about why I took my extensions out and that was the reason: melting glue.

I hope this helps as a reference for all those that are considering extensions. I can't say that ALL extensions are like mine, but I hope those that have extensions will have fun!!


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  1. I'm having a hard time recognizing you in your last picture...(The last picture of you I mean, not the pics of the guy with the nosebleed.)

    To me it either looks like your hair is flipped over your face and everything below your earline is bald, or from the other way, it looks like your face is completely melted off....

    Please tell me it's neither of those!!

    P.S. Thanks for sharing! I guess wimpy hair is better than no hair.

  2. Oh, hahaha..
    It's just me grabbing my extensions when they were all taken out :p no face involved in the pics

  3. OWWWW! You've convinced me never to get extensions!!

  4. Hey Catalina,

    This post is pretty witty and gave us a nice under the hood insight to hair extensions (now why didn't Britney tell us that...)! Good one there!

  5. Wow that is really gross. You have me convinced to never get extensions. LOL.

  6. As a stylist, I never recommand extentions for that reason. You simply just loose too much hair.

  7. omg i've never thought hair extentions is like this, the glue looks chunky and unfortable in the hair..
    before i used to think this way of hair extention is like the best compared to clip-ons.. but after i read this, i think i've changed my mind @@
    thanks for sharing this post!

  8. Oooohh...that's really bad! If I ever were to get extensions I'd get the clip-on's!

  9. You have just convinced me never to have extensions!

    Aaaand I recognise the picture of the bleeding guy! It's from my favorite korean drama of all time - but incredibly sad I was in depression for a week or so after watching that drama.;S


  10. i'm sorry catalina but this post really grossed me out lol

  11. Thanks for sharing the cons side of extensions..

  12. Wow that is really creepy... I've never been interested in extensions, this completely rooted any interest I will ever have


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