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Happy new Year! - Let's start!!!

Happy new Year everyone! :)

I hope all of you guys rang in the new year with your loved ones.
I'm embarking on my 365 project!! yay! and today is my very first post of 2012! +_+ woohoo!

I remember doing a similar project in 2010 where I filmed one tutorial a day for the first 7 days of the year (you can read more about that here). Of course the videos took a lot of editing time so they didn't go up in a timely manner, but it was really fun having a set schedule and tapping on my creative juice (?!).

Well, here we are 2 years later and I am going to go on a bigger project.
Blogging 365!!! I know some professional bloggers take on their blogging as a career and are gung-ho about their blogs, but for a lazy bastard like me - that's harder than asking for my dad to dance in a hula skirt!

I don't know why, but I feel like this year is different. I feel like I can commit(!!) to things and make a huge difference in my life. I feel like... if I don't have fun this year, I will be forever trapped in my little shell. Do you guys feel like that too?
I have a lot of internal battles with myself and with the people around me and I wanted to address most of my deep set issues this year. Not only to myself, but maybe to people who are in similar situations as me. Other than dark sides of my life, I also have so many exciting things coming up this year! First off the bat is (FINALLY) my move to LA in mid-January.
I left New York thinking that I was going to stay in Texas for a very short period of time to resolve some programming issues, but that has been prolonged many times.

I don't know if this is the right time to move out to LA since I have burnt through all my cash for the business, I don't have a stable income, the future is very murky and I'm not sure if I won't be overwhelmed - but, I'm doing it regardless because this is the only time I can afford some failure (If there were to be any).

Anyway, I'm going to list some new year's resolutions and if you guys wanted to share yours, you are always more than welcome to post a comment and let me know! :)

2012 Catalina's New Years Resolutions. bum, bumm, bummmmm!!!

1. Abs workout everyday
- Sounds daunting doesn't it? I'm not overly ambitious this time though! I gave grown wise, haha! My intentions on this is to actually get into the 'habit' of taking some time off to workout, I'm not necessarily going for any set goal or number. Why abs? Because my problem area is my mid-section! ... well, and my shoulders, and my thighs, and my muffin top, and my back.. and... (!!!!).
Bottom line is, Habit!! I'm trying to get into a great exercise habit!!

2. No soft drinks!
- Yup, no excuses for that!
So far - I've been very successful! Now the rest of the year is going to be a rough ride because I love sweet and fuzzy stuff~

3. Blog/Vlog everyday
- I'm still iffy about daily vlogs (are you guys interested? let me know :/), but daily blogs? Yes!! I believe I can do it!! >.<)

4. Yes Man attitude.
- Have you guys seen Jim Carrey's Yes Man? If you haven't you should! :p Just the part of him speaking Korean is hilarious!!
I've always been a Negative Nancy, with No coming out of my mouth more than anything.
Well, I'm about to change that right now! :D
* I'm only going to say no to soft drinks, drugs, life-threathening stuff, illegal activities and anything that is morally wrong.

5. Take things seriously and always try my best!
- I have a horrible habit of half-assing a lot of stuff. Mostly because I've gotten away with a lot of it in my life.
I've half-assed studying, half-assed school, half-assed working, half-assed working out, half-assed in relationships, half-assed with opportunities.. but that's a really bad habit that not only me, but everyone should break.
I remember watching a TV interview of Amuro Namie, who has been my idol since I was a pre-teen, and the interviewer asked her why she kept trekking and working so hard even when the results weren't so dashing and good. Her answer was that she doesn't know, it's just wired in her to always give her 110% to everything she does. It's really touching and sincere, because she hasn't always had her up-days. If I were her and had to stay in the dark with so many tragedies happening, I would have given up without hesitation. But whatever the result is, Amuro always shows dedication to her everything regardless of the result. It's not only her. I have a few people I look up to in my life, and every one of them have a great attitude and willingness to fearlessly try.
There's so many things in life that you can not control, but change of attitude can turn your life into something drastically different.

fan girl moment here.!! ^-^ I just wanted to post, because she's always so purrddy!!! <3

6. Read and write more.
- I used to love to read. Now all I read is trashy articles of who got a boob job in hollywood or some useless gossip about politicians (ugh). I started reading again a couple of days ago, and reading is actually really really hard. I've noticed that my mind wanders every other sentence and I have to keep going back to re-read what I just read. If you let go of your reading habits, then getting back on track is quite challenging.
Books are always fun and I've always had my nose in books since I was a kid, so I hope I rekindle my love with literature again.

I'm currently re-reading The Decameron. It you are looking for witty classics try this book out. (It does tend to evolve around sexual context, but nonetheless, there's interesting points in the book).

#7. Sleep at night.
- Literally what it means.

#8. Try to become a better person.
- In so many different levels!

Those are roughly my goals for this year.
Yes they are very vague with no set structure, but my goal is to focus on creating GOOD HABITS, so it could last a life-long time. Goals like 'losing 25lbs' will eventually come along if I combine #1 + #4 + #5, so this set of 8 goals is pretty much interconnected with each other and relates to almost any goal I could set.

What are you guys trying to achieve this year? SHARE!!!!

Share :


  1. happy new year catalina!! those are some good goals!! hope you achieve all of them! :D

  2. Great Goals! I have a few but haven't posted them..I should. One is to draw more. Some others are to blog more, improve my body composition, and eat better.

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! I'm really excited that you're going to blog every single day :D I'm very much a negative person as well and I find it really hard to let go and be "chill" even though I'm in college and everyone else seems to be having a great time. Hopefully your journey can inspire me too :)

  4. happy new yr! ;) i'm with you with the ab work out one~

    AND of course admiring my fav. NAMIE AMURO ^o^

  5. Those are some great goals! Good luck with your goals and happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year! The Decameron is quite heavy going, though!

  7. those are great resolutions! mine are mostly the same

    happy new year!

  8. Good luck with the resolutions Catalina. It would be cool if you could update those in mid year how you are doing so far. I would love to see your vlogs :) xx Tiffany

  9. i wish you good luck on your resolutions. i'm gonna try working out more this year too...but later because i can't stand the cold. >.> i quit soft drink like more than a year ago and i think it was a good choice. of course now and then i would take a sip but i just stick mostly to water, milk and 100% juice. =D

  10. I believe you can do those new year resolution of yours. Having a daily workout plan will surely keep you fit all throughout the year. As for me, I opt to have a Los Angeles plastic surgery because I don't have much time to workout.


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