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Knowing when to throw things out

We all know things expire, hence the "expiration date" stamped somewhere on a product, but do we really abide by those guidelines? Expiration dates are set at a very standard point not considering every individual's margin of error. So how do you guys decide when a product should get dumped?

I'm going to list my indicators of a couple of beauty products.

Contact lenses

I usually use the year-long lenses when it comes to circle and color lenses. My eyes are usually dry and barely produces tears so I feel like lenses damage more easily on me.
The moment I feel an uncomfortable scratchy feeling in my eyes (usually happens more on the left eye than the right, sometime around 7-8 months into using lenses), I dispose them.


Liquid: When the pump starts to squirt out clumps, when the foundation shows any signs of separation. Other than that, I usually run the full 24 months after opening.
Pressed Powder: When the surface starts smelling weird with darkened wet(?) spots showing.
Cream: When the consistency changes and too much dust particles get caught in the foundation (usually when I hit the middle of the pan).

Eye Shadows

Cream type: When the application starts getting uneven and weirdly cakey.
Pressed Powder: ???? I don't have an indicator :'(


Pressed Powder type: When it starts crumbling (almost towards the end of a life cycle)

I am usually very bad with throwing out concealer, but ladies, I think concealers should be used excessively and often replaced with new ones.

I don't wait the three months. As soon as the mascara turns crumby or flaky, I toss it.
Mascara bases fixers are kept a bit longer, but when the white formula on the wand starts turning dark from mascara, I ruthlessly throw it out.

Do you guys have your own indicators?

* Sorry - this post was finished on the 18th, but I accidentally didn't publish it until the 19th :'( I have no excuse for skipping the previous 2 days, but I will make up for it T^T)

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  1. I throw when it starts smelling funny or it is breaking me out (when it wasn't before).


  2. I just go with throwing it out when it smells strange or the color turns weird, and the texture of course like you said. Thanks for the post! :)

  3. I do the same with my makeup. For pressed eyeshadows, I tend to take a tissue, soak it with alcohol and wipe the top part off once in a while. I simply love my powder eyeshadows too much to toss them after a year or so. But logically, if you wipe off the part that is exposed to the air, that gets in contact with clean OR dirty brushes, it should be fine, right? And I notice alcohol doesn't change the pigmentation of the shadows. Of course, I wait for it to dry before using them.

    I do the same with lipsticks :P it pains me to throw away a lipstick... you being a lip junky probably feel the same xD

  4. I generally don't throw powder out. With lipsticks and other cream products I will throw them out by the end of 2 years whether or not they smell bad.

    I do wonder and never found the answer to this: for backups that were bought years ago, does the expiry of "x months" start counting only after you have opened and used the package?

  5. I throw things out when they can't be used, packaging is broken, or give off a funny smell xD
    I also don't throw out mascara in 3 months like they say to! I feel like its a waste D:

  6. Thanks! This was very useful! Do you have any guidelines for skin/body care? and perfume? I think I have some I need to throw out.. haha

  7. After some experience with skin irritation, I now throw things out after a couple of years for powdered products. I look out for changes in consistency and odor in liquid or cream-based products. It feels good to throw old things out every once in a while. Thanks for the post! :)


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