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Odor Absorbers

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

You know that smell when you walk into someone's room or house? Every that is occupied by a living being has a smell. Do you notice that smell? I do. I call it 'the human smell.'
I think I've talked about how sensitive I am to scents, but the first thing I do when I walk in a place is sniff.
As I started my business, I've been struggling with box smells. Boxes come and go everyday and since my business is e-commerce, I have a ton of shipping to do. Items come and go in boxes, a lot of my inventory is organized in boxes, I have used boxes hanging around so they could be used.. Boxes emit a weird raggy smell after a few days sitting in the same place. On top of that, they let out a lot of dust. So ever since last fall, I've been obsessing on odor absorbers.
I wanted to give you guys some recommendations.
I know this seems like it has very little to do with beauty, but if you can smell your own smell in your room or house, it's time to do something with your odor!! I always find it baffling when people with pretty makeup and clean clothes live like a pig at their house. If you care about your appearance, you should most definitely try to do something with your environment too.
Anyway, here's some that I recommend.

This one is amazing!! I think I wrote about this before, but I'm going to write about it again. I bought one in New York, and my kitchen had the worse smell ever (a lot of cooking was going on everyday), and this zapped out the smell in no time. There's a blue freckled sponge in the container and it shrinks (dries up) as time passes. The sponge itself has a scent to it, but it's hard to notice unless you're close by and sniffing. You can either have the lid on (lasts longer), or you can be like me and have the lid off for a full blast effect.
I bought mine at Bad Bath and Beyond, but you only have a 50/50 chance of finding it in stores. I had many unlucky attempts at various stores.

Here are the four that I am using right now.

First one (way left), is from Target: up&up Odor neutralizing gel beads.

I bought the fresh linen scent, but basically, it just smells like laundry detergent.
You're suppose to peel the sticky part on the lid to let the scent slowly go out. The price is nice and the gels are pretty, but honestly, it's hard to say that it has any effect unless you have the lid open.
I don't think it's a waste of money if you like nice fresh scents. However, unlike its name, I don't think it neutralizes odor.
The other thing about this is, it reminds me of bubble tea and makes me want to grab a few and swallow it!! I always have this strong urge to pick up a gel bead and squeeze it around because it looks so yummy.
Anyway, good for nice scents, head tilt with an uncertain smile for odor elimination.

Second one is a Korean brand called "pigeon".

This product's main goal isn't focused on odors, it's more for eliminating moist, humidity and fungus. I do want to point out that it works really great (see all the water it absorbed stored in the bottom portion?) doing what it's suppose to do.
I wanted to add that because as it controls fungus and stuff, he also takes away the kinky smell they emit. I think you can get these easily at any Korean supermarket. 3.99 is a great price for such effect absorber.

Third one is Smells Begone and mine is in calming rain.

It's earth friendly (yay) and made in USA.
The smell is fresh, but in a soapy way. I'm okay with the scent, and I think this works better than the target gel beads. If you can't get your hands on bad air (which is really good, I promise), I think the next choice should be this one. Here's how BB&B describes it
Simply remove the seal and you'll be treated to an aromatic odor absorbing scent that will improve the air quality of and up to 450 square foot room. Effective for up to 90 days. Non-toxic.
I like how it's earth friendly and non-toxic. It's the same sponge-like material as bad air, but smells begone is a bit more creamier than bad air.

Fourth one is plain ol' soap, or in my case a bath bomb from Lush I got a couple years ago.

Soap works great!! Especially fresh scented ones like Irish Spring, anything that has a cucumber scent or meadow scent to it. I've used that bath bomb as a odor eliminator since I was in New York, and it works pretty well. I do have to say that with soaps, you have to shed off a bit if you feel like the smell has gone dull. If you want some fresh scent in your house and you're not keen on buying odor sponges or candle, try a bar of soap!!
just simple cut up the soap into cubes (or you can use the entire bar), slip it in a cleanly washed pantyhose, and keep it in the area you want to keep fresh! :)

Last but not least is one of the most effective ones - Baking Soda!!!

This is so useful, especially if you have pets!
Sprinkling a bit on odor spots or nasty areas just does the work. If you have though oil stains on your oven door (sticky.. and ovens let out A LOT of smell, aka 'the kitchen smell'), just sprinkle baking soda on the stains and pour a whee bit of vinegar on the baking soda. BS will start boiling up, and after the initial bubbling period, just grab your oven cleaning sponge and easily scrape away stains that cause nasty smell in the kitchen! :)
Once you have your kitchen and the room you use the most (in my case, my bedroom) under control - your house is definitely going to smell and feel so much better! Good bye to human smell!!! Or nasty socks smell, or bathroom stink, or kitchen smell... or any other smell that defines your surroundings!! :D

I got an idea to write about smelly surrounding and eliminators while I was packing. I know it has little to do with beauty, but ladies!! it's not just the face and body that should look and smell nice ;)

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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  1. I really can't tell if these gel stuffs do work either.. my apartment is cramped and my housemates hardly open the windows, so there's not much ventilation. I bought those gel odor eliminator, but there seems to be no difference. I'll try the baking soda and vinegar! :-)

  2. I use these not for smells, but to absorb humidity at our house in Muscat. They work really well for that.

  3. Wow, my mom has really been on our case in the house lately because of a "dog smell," so hopefully these will help! Perfect timing ^^ thank you!

  4. I have never seen these odor removers in stores before. Maybe we don't even have them here in Norway? At least not where I live now.. so I mainly use scented candles or oil burners to get a nice odor in my house :) I also like those bags with potpourri(sp?) that you can keep in your closet and such, which I buy online :)

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Every winter, because over here it's so so cold, my dad would put plastic wrap over most of our windows to cut the wind. With the cooking going on, after several days, there's this indescribable smell, a mix of food and "old air" smell which I hate so bad, but I can't always open my window for half an hour to ventilate. I light my scent candle once in a while, but it is definitely not the best solution.

    I can't seem to find the Bad Air sponge where I live, but I'll try the other alternatives.

  6. Wooooow I love you! I hate bad house smells, and I am sick and tired of febreze and all that crap.

    Pay me a visit and I'll pay you with love!~


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