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Review: Revlon Lip butters

Hi everyone.

Day 3 of the journey and I am still hanging in, haha!
Well, after writing about the list of animal friendly companies, I was happy to realize that I was horribly mistaken with Revlon! Yay! Revlon is actually on the animal friendly side, which makes me so happy because I can review these lip butters!

Everyone's probably heard about the lip butters because of all the craze and there's already tons of reviews out there. I haven't really tuned in to the reviews since everyone came out with similar reviews at the same time. For some reason if that happens with a product, I get a bit turned off. I've only watched one review from Emily Noel, and my general understanding was "oh, it's not tinted lip balm, it's as opaque as lipstick", or something similar along the line.

The other day, I went to Target and found some lip butters. The only colors that I liked where 035 Candy Apple and 025 Peach Parfait.

both swatted 3x on the back of my hand

Here's a tip before you jump on the product. The top part has a clear plastic so you can see the color of the product. I wasn't paying attention and when I was about to check out, I noticed that some lip butters had the top flung out and exposed! So always make sure to check if the top plastic is properly on.

clear plastic tops!

I've tried them on my chapped lips, and the pigmentation is okay - it's not as mind-blowingly similar to a lipstick's opaqueness, but it is okay. However, the balm aspect of the product was a bit disappointing. As you can see below, I have chapped lips, and I was wondering how well the lip butters would cover up my dry flakes?
The answer is: not that much.
I use a regular lip balm from Nevia and Revlon's is no where near that.

I do admit that when applied, there is a very thick and sticky filmy feel to the lips, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's moisturizing my lips. As I had the lip butters on for 6 hours, I noticed that it actually dried out my lips more than before applying them. So, for the balm aspect (if there is any), I wouldn't say it's something to look forward to.

Let's start with Peach Parfait.
The shade is a nice nudy-pink with a ton of gold glitters in it. Pink and gold glitters is the absolute worst combo for my lips, but this lip butter didn't look so bad. It's very sheer so it adds more of a shiny sheen to the lips.

It's okay for everyday looks. Not too over-powering and very glittery and subtle.

Next is Candy Apple.

I love sheer red and cherry colors! If the color and sheen hits the nail on the head it will make your lips look youthful and lively. I think this lip butter did quite a good job with that.
It definitely has more pigmentation than Peach Parfait.

I like both in different ways.
Peach Parfait is better for shiny, sheer look.
Candy Apple is more for a pop of color and nice juicy lips look.

What colors do you have or want?
Should I buy more? If you have any colors to recommend, please leave them in the comment section below! :)


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  1. i can't wait to get my hands on these! xxx

  2. I love how the peach parfait looks on you! I have it as well, but it looks nowhere near as nice :'(

  3. If you have chapped lips and that lip butter didn't take care of it, I'd recommend try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Balm for lips, even though I mentioned in my previous post I couldn't determine if it did or didn't do animal tests.

    Anyway, I purchased it randomly several years ago and found it amazing, then when it ran out after maybe a year, for some reason I didn't repurchase it, maybe it seemed expensive at the time, so I tried several pharmaceutical brands thinking maybe they'd be just as good, but no, my chapped lips returned with a vengeance even though I'd frantically apply different brands like 5 to 10 times a day. My lips would be chapped and always stay chapped with bits of skin I had to peel off, and I would bleed and form crusts and it was horrible. That lasted a really good while until I bought again the Elizabeth Arden balm which I had always loved but was a tad expensive for a lip balm, and in a matter of days, my chapped lips were gone for good! A minimum of one application a day as part of your daily skincare routine suffices, although two is better, and maybe more if you're still in Chicago and it's windy out everyday.

    I have like chronic chapped lips without it and it's really the only product I've found that works for me (besides one that was prescribed once to me in a pharmacy in Switzerland but I could never find it again and I don't live there anymore). Other balms feel like just a greasy film that may (or may not) protect you from exposure while you're wearing it, while the Eight Hour Balm not only protects but treats and heals your lips durably (like you can forget to apply it for a day or two and you'll still be good). It exists also in a few tinted colours, but there are only like five and I don't think they're very covering, but I've never tried them.

  4. yay for updated posts! love the candy apple shade on you :)i must try!!

  5. all Revlon lipsticks dry my lips out like crazy. i don't think i'll purchase these.

  6. Wow Candy Apple looks so pretty!! It's a shame that it's not very moisturizing on dry lips :(
    Looking forward to your next blog :D

  7. i have cotton candy and i've been looking for peach parfait. cotton candy isn't as pigmented though, which i thought it was from a vid i was watching.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. the colour lollipop is to die for! If you're looking for a pink fuscia that is wearable, it's perfect! I love it! I also love red velvet! It's a more cooler, deeper red! Try them out! I'm still trying to get my hands on a few more colours :)

  10. Try tutti frutti if you want to try an orange :) I am interested in this one although I will have to wait unless I vacation to the states ^^;
    Both shades look nice on you frOm what I can see

  11. i like the juicy look of candy apple!!

  12. The peach parfait looked awesome on you :)

  13. It make your lip drying right? I can see it.

  14. It made your lip drying rite?


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