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Birth Control Pills - A month into it

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Hi Everyone,

I'm almost heading into my second month of Birth Control Pills, and I wanted to update you guys on some of the effects that I have been experiencing so far. I know I haven't officially wrote it on the blog, but for those that follow me on my vlog channel should know that I have decided to take birth control pills, once again!, to help get rid of my jawline and neck acne.

So far, here are some noticeable side effects(?) that happened during the first month.

  • First few days : Horrible, HORRIBLE mood swings. I do confess that I have a short temper, but the first few days were beyond all-hell-broken-loose-bitchiness. I was moody, easily irritated and angry for no reason. No change in appetite or weight, but I was very snappy with a major attitude problem.

  • Also first few days : Random breaks outs on areas that usually aren't considered problem areas. I got a random acne on the middle of my cheek. I also don't have forehead acnes, but I did get some smaller ones near my hairline.

  • Post-mood swings and random break outs : Second week - third week was the 'adjusting' period. My violent mood swings calmed down and breakouts happened less. I still had the occasional jawline breakouts, but there were some improvement in that department.

  • Third week : Major horniness. I'm somewhere in the moderate section of the sexy/horniness spectrum, but the BC pills seem to have triggered by horny button. I felt like my boobs swelled up (pre-menstural) more than usual and I was horny 24/7. No PMSing or cramps.

  • Immediately before the period : I'm noticing A LOT more body acne than before. I had one or two breakouts on the chest area, but never like this. Now my entire chest, upper arm and back area is starting to break out (and it's painful)! I feel like my skin problem is migrating downwards, as first it was the cheekbone/temple area that went down to the jawline, then the neck, and now the chest/upper arms and back. I hate how I'm getting body acne and really hope it's a temporary thing.

  • Period comes : I'm blessed to not barely have any mensural cramps, but this period went away like a breeze. I hardly bled (even on the second day, which I usually bleed so much I have migraines and slight dizziness), and the days were short.

It's hard to say if these changes are permanent since I've only went through one month of the pills. I do have to say that my face area has generally improved. I used to have at least some sort of new, sore breakout on the jawline everyday, but that has substantially decreased. Now the new emerging body acne is a topic on its own. I can not believe how much I'm breaking out and scarring on my upper body. :'(

Oh, and one other thing I've noticed is my skin and hair oiliness. I'm not sure if it's the dry California weather, or if it's the pills kicking in, but my skin and hair aren't as oily as they used to be. I can hardly say that my skin and hair greases up anymore. I think the dry weather has more to do with this, but I'll just put that factor on the table too.

Here are some updated pictures of my jawline/neck acne (taken a couple minutes ago ^^). I still have the horrid scars, but I don't have any active breakouts. So yay for the calming down of jawline acne and *sob* for the body acne.

I'm sorry I've been a bit sluggish with my posts. I've been moving in to my new apartment, and I was a bit preoccupied with it. I have a couple more posts I want to post, so I guess I'll see you guys really soon in my next post. ^__^


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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  1. I've used a birth control pill a couple of years back for my PCOS and I research on the product. My OB-Gyne told me that it has low dosage, so no need to worry about it. It was actually my first time using BC pills. I was hesitant to use it first but then, I was a good girl (haha!) so I went on with using it. I researched on it and I learned that it was also a "beauty pill". I didn't get any flare ups in using that plus my "twins" got a little heavier. I stopped them after 3mos. because I didn't return to the OB. =D

    The name of the pills was "Althea Birth Control Pills". I'm not sure if it's available somewhere else outside the Philippines.

    As far as I can remember, it gave good effects on me. =)

  2. OOh, BCP! I had very good results with BCP, in terms of clearing up my sudden and marring acne breakout. I think your side effects will clear up in the next month or so! :)

    Lol at the "major horniness," hahahaaa

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. When I used the birth controll pill for the first time my skin started breaking out like hell. But after a few months my skin cleared up, so you just have to wait ;)
    If it doesn't clear up you should change your pill or use the 'Visibly Clear' products from 'Neutrogena'. They helped me reducing the damage, but I'm from Germany, so I don't know if you can buy them in the USA ^^'

  5. ive had moderate results with BCP. I'm currently on Seasonique, where you have 4 periods a year only instead. its pretty good! i didnt experience the mood swings, but it moderately controlled my acne. but when i first used it, my body had to get used to it and i had light period for 2 weeks straight! then everything went normal as it should *phew*

    i hope the BCP starts working better for you so that you don't get the back acne anymore. and man the no cramp thing and light periods are such bliss!

  6. I have severe cystic acne, and the only thing that even remotely cleared my skin was Yaz birth control. That stuff is a god-send. It stopped my cramps, made me more energetic, cleared my acne, and my heavy flow went from 10 days, down to about 5. Best stuff ever.

  7. I was on Yaz for acne. I broke out badly for the first 2 months. By three months my skin was clearing and continued to stay clear! I felt elated!! I was on it for a year than got off. Ive been off of it for two months and my skin is still clear! Good Luck!

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience Catalina :) a friend of mine is considering taking birth control for her acne, this is a valuable reference :D hehe just forwarded this post to her. Good luck I really hope your body acne will get better really soon!

  9. I tried Yasmin and I stopped taking it after 2 months. I had very good skin during that 2 months but it made me feeling sick and giddy all the time. Mood swing badly until my hubby couldn't take it at all. Lowest sex drive I have ever experience during that 2 months. The worst thing which made up my mind stop taking it anymore is, very prone to yeast infection down there! It just keep coming back and I swear it's not because I'm dirty.

  10. I have PCOS so I tend to get bad acne anyway... many years ago I tried Diane which is known to work for acne. 2 years ago, a dermatologist prescribed me Yaz, which is a very low dose pill. It actually works very well and now I seldom get any breakouts or I get only a few. I have cystic acne that scars with pits and craters so to me, that's a big improvement...

    It always fascinates me how everyone has different reactions to many different pills. I have friends who take them with your symptoms too - thankfully I don't seem to have any symptoms with Yaz. However when I first came to Japan and they didn't have it, a doctor put me on a higher dose and different pill which gave me intense cramps adn different feelings.

    Hope your acne gets better! To me, you always look great.

  11. i think the oiliness have to do with the dry weather instead because i've went to a college in upstate ny which i think has drier weather (at least where i went to school) and noticed that my face had gotten less oily compared to when i was in nyc. then i came back to nyc because i was done with school and my oiliness came back. -.-"

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. WARNING: very long comment -sorry.

    So there are different kinds of BCP. All have estrogen (usually ethinyl estradiol) and a progestin - which natural or man made progesterone substance. This is what varies from pill to pill. They can be grouped by family.

    Estrane family (1st generation): norethindrone acetate and ethynodiol diacetate.

    Gonane family is divided into 2 subgroups - 2nd and 3rd gen. The 2nd gen include levonorgestrel and norgestrel. 3rd gen include desogestrel and norgestimate.

    Drospirenone is the newest (4th gen). It's unique because it's derived from 17a-spirolactone and not 19-nortestosterone.

    Progestins have different effects:
    Progestational effects: how the progestin stimulates progesterone receptors. The goal of bcp is to have high level of progestational selectivity.

    Androgenic effects: progestins with high androgenic activity increase unwanted side effects like acne and hirsutism.

    Estrogenic effects: has to do with the ethinyl estradiol. A higher amount of estrogenic activity helps to decrease androgen-related side effects. Some progestins can inhibit this.

    Usually 3rd and 4th gen tend to be highly selective and have minimal androgenic properties. These include norgestimate, desogestrel, and drospirenone.

    Drospirenone has low androgenic activity (less acne) and seems to lessen symptoms associated with PMS. Since it is derived from 17a-spirolactone, it does have some diuretic effects and causes less bloating. You should try this one.

    Sorry this post is so long. BCP is a big topic. Hope this helps!

  14. I used to have really bad acne vulgaris and I went on the Diane 35. I experienced all the things you are experiencing now. I was very emotional, one minute crying one minute angry. I also gained alot of weight in the beginning. But I was patient because I had seen my sister achieve results so I knew this stuff worked. It took about 6 months before I noticed a difference. My skin really cleared up and my weight had gone back to normal, no more moodiness. Over the next 6 years I would go on and off it. I would take it for a year or two and then get off for a year and then my acne would get worse again. I don't like the idea of depending on pharmaceuticals for anything, which is why I kept trying to stop taking it. Mind you I was doing nothing for my skincare routine (using basic face wash and that's about it). Once I realised I had to amp up my skincare I created a routine for myself and now i've been off it for 2 years and my face has not broken out since. I just have my old acne scars and enlarged pores but those are slowly going away.

    Patience is a virtue. And you need lots of it when it comes to acne. Just remember your oily skin will mean you won't age as fast. So we suffered when we were young but at least we'll look great when we're old!

  15. I don't really like BCPs bc there are so many different side effects. For clearing up my acne I had prescription antiboitics and use retinol A creme and sulfur peroxide sulotion which really helped. My co-worker takes them. I was reading a magazine it side that it was for ppl who like order and control. . for me, i would probably have to take the shot version.

  16. I hardly live online comments, but I am doing it because as a fellow Korean American girl around your age who has suffered from skin problems, I feel your pain and frustration.
    STAY AWAY FROM BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! People underestimate their side effects but people can actually have problem conceiving in the future and all the other side effects they read very quietly on TV ads. I went to dermatologist to ask if I should be on it, and she recommended AGAINST it. I suggest acupuncture, facial, and chinese herbal medicine. Hot bath and jogging helps as these forces toxins out of your body and increase blood circulation. For me personally, I had to change my diet a lot and eating good stuff like veggie juice, yogurt, cutting cookies, fried food, etc.... helped a lot. And staying emotionally happy. There's no short-cuts to acne and if your skin is getting worse at this age, it probably is a reflection on your health. hang in there and hope it gets better soon!


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