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FOTD: V-DAY makeup

 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

Hi all,

It's that day again!!!!!! Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Usually, me and my bf don't take importance in this day since it's kind of an arbitrary date set for every couple in the world. We tend to value our own anniversaries more importantly and usually v-day is just one of those any other days.

I'm not sure what the plan is for this year, but I guess my bf wanted us to do something (at least eat out I guess), so I went ahead and put makeup on. Usually, I don't like full-blown makeup since it feels a bit heavy on my skin, but I guess today's one of those days I decided to go with full makeup.

Tony Moly party liner in Black
Face: Hera HD + revlon colorstay mixture
Eyes: Etude proof 10 eye primer
Chanel quad in Oasis
and false lashes.

I was never able to master Chanel's oasis quad, but I think I get the idea of how the combinations work the best. I guess we can only learn by experimenting! :)

Here's a vlog that features the makeup in it :p


 -|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|-

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  1. How long have you two been dating?

  2. i love how you have the ability to look different every time with your makeup. You've got a real talent. Everybody is always hating on Valentine's Day but I think it's a fun day to go out and take advantage of restaurant's special menus hehe.

  3. You're so pretty! Love the make up Catalina. =)

  4. Hi Catalina! :) You are so pretty and I really adore your makeup skills.

    Hello every one :) I started blogging too! :)If you have time, please check it out.

  5. The first time I followed your youtube vids (the makeup one), I thought that you usually wear a lot of make-up. But when I looked at this channel, I noticed that you didn't wear a lot of make-up in usual day to day. You still look good though!

    I like the look above - I still have problems mastering false eyelashes and decide to only wear them at night as they look over done during the day... though I live in Japan and other women here easily master them!

    Lucky you - I hope you had a good Valentine Day! I was sick and alone for it, practically missed it because I was in bed... also I don't have anyone in my life so I have no idea what it's like to celebrate V day!

    I do have a question that I could probably ask on your other channel - but I've always noticed that you used powder to do your brows rather than pencil. You've also mentioned that you have oily skin... how do you make it stay?

    I have oily skin too and I'm Asian (Chinese by ethnicity). I find that the first things to go is often my eyebrows - but unlike you I have very light hairs so it's obvious. It's the one make-up thingy that I can't go without. Even if I don't wear any make-up I still try to wear some eyebrow make-up coz I look eyebrowless without them!


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