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GLOSSYBOX : Tis the season to be glossy 2012

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My oh my...GLOSSY BOX is here!
I received an e-mail from glossy box addressing the "Tis the season box" and was wondering.. 'wait? I haven't received any glossyboxes in the longest time! I wonder if I'm going to get one too?' and what do you know.. it was waiting for me at my front door today.

So the basics are the same. 
The box is a monthly subscription box with various sample or travel sized products in it. 
Bloggers/Youtubers receive a slightly larger (?) box with some products being bigger than what is actually shipped out to subscribers. So buyer beware, the box that you will be receiving is a bit different  from my promotional box.  Having said that, yes, this box was received for free from glossybox.

Here's what's going on in this month's box..

  •  Five products are included! :)

  •  Ahhh... so here they are. It's actually five products with two vouchers. 

So, let's dig in.

First product is from Illamasqua. It's a"Medium Pencil", which is good for eyes, lips, face and body...
That's a whole lot of purposes for a single pencil! I highly doubt this pencil could be used for lips and body.... or is my box of thinking too small?? o_O

Anyway, the color is Flinch and it is a smoky taupe color with a grayish tint to it. As soon as I took it out of the box I knew I was going to use it for my brows.  It's a perfect brow color for those that have darker brows.

I had to compare it side by side with my Shu Uemura Hard Formula #9, which is the current eyebrow pencil I am using.  As you can see the Illamasqua pencil's consistency is better and the application is more even. Also, compared to Flinch, Hard Formula has a bit more red undertone to it.

Below are before and after pictures of applying Flinch to my brows.

As you can see the gaps are filled in with almost no effort and there's no smudging.  I think it is too quick to say more about this product, but as for now - I think I'm liking it!

Second product is a travel size day face serum from Skin & Co ROMA.
This is half the size of the original full sized product.  Design of the bottle is cute and the product is made in Italy.

I have to say that the aroma (to say it nicely) of this product is not my favorite.  It reminds me of coconut oil, which is one of the scents I prefer not to go near.  The thick nutty smell of this could be pleasant to a lot of people, but it's a huge no-no for me.

Other than the (eh-hem) aroma, I think the application is really nice.  Unlike typical serums, this one is not sticky at all.  It's more on the watery side and seems to absorb quite quickly.
Here's a good before and after shot.  As you can see, the formula is transparent and a bit runny.  Take a close look at the skin on the back of my hand.  Before and after application is like night and day.  My dry patches have disappeared and the skin is left smooth and hydrated.
By reading the small brochure that came with the box, Skin&Co makes mostly plant-based skincare.

I think the biggest pro to this product is the fact that it's not sticky.. at all!

Lierac Paris - Gommage Sensoriel 
Haha, I thought this was a lancome product at first.
Like many French products, Lierac has a strong perfume smell to it.  The scent is almost identical to YSL's Elle, but with more floral notes to it.

If you squeeze out a drop, this is how much exfoliating agents you get in the gel.
The formula is extremely oily (it's a gel to oil type, like the HERA cleanser that I struggled with back when), and once it contacts water it turns milky. I like how big and chunky the exfoliating agents are, and even without water added, the formula itself works great as a cleansing oil.

The perfume stays for a prolonged period of time on the skin, so if you're not into scented facial washes.. stay away!

PERFUMIES - Solid Perfume Stick
At first I thought it was lip balm and almost had it smooshed on my lips. LOL
The scent is really fresh and definitely younger than Lierac. It has a strong citrus scent to it, which makes it smell almost like you just stepped out of the shower.
The concept is solid perfume you can take anywhere.  No need to worry about the bottle being shaken or liquid spilling in your bag!

As you can see, the stick itself is a creamy vanilla color and applies clearly on the skin.
I tried my best to bring out where I smeared the perfume stick, but it's really unnoticeable.
The longevity of the scent is debatable. I only applied a small amount and washed it directly with water, but I think the lifespan of the scent is quite short.

Arganics by NuMe.
First off, look at how THICK the formula is!! I thought it was honey at first, woah!
Another great thing is - this bottle of oil barely has any scent to it.

To be honest, I haven't tried argan oil in my entire life.  I've heard so many people rave about it, but for some reason I never had to urge to purchase it.  The description says that the oil is good for skin and hair.  I'm going to try it on my hair first, I'm not sure how confident I feel about rubbing oil on my skin. NUME is also a hair-concentrated site, so I'd assume that this is for hair, no?

I don't know.. any recommendations?
Should I, or should I not rub the oil onto my skin???

Additionally, here are two vouchers/brochures that were included too.
First one is an offer for ultimate anti-aging face set sampler. I haven't checked out their site yet, but I'm assuming with the purchase of something (or at least with S/H).
The 2nd one is a voucher for $100 at Nume's site... but everything there is like over 200 dollars! T^T) so expensive! I don't know if I'm going to purchase anything now, but I'm going to hold on to the certificate and see if there's anything I happen to fancy.

That's about it with this month's GlossyBox! :)


-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|: Instagram :|Bloglovin :|-

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  1. I use essential oils on my face all the time. I use neroli oil and rose geranium oil. It actually helps to reduce my pores, fade acne scars, clear blemishes, and keep my face moisturized. I posted a link on your FB page a while back ago recommending the products I use because you said you have trouble with acne. It may seem weird to put oil on your face, and it feels weird on your face as well. Your face will be a bit oily to the touch for a while, but if you can bear it, the oil will eventually soak into your skin and make it very soft and moisturized.

    1. Shanna~
      I can't find the post you posted on FB :'( do you remember when (like what month) you wrote it? I want to go back and read it again~~

    2. I wrote it on march 24th. I know that you get a lot of posts on your FB so Ill re-post the exact message to make it easier :]

  2. Hi Catalina, so happy to see more posts from you again. I never really believed in using oils until I tried DHC. I have really sensitive skin and so I avoided everything with oil in it. But after trying my first oil-based product in a long time (DHC) I have been trying others and I think it's fine to use oil on your face.. erm... sensitive faces prone to breakouts provided you've done your research, it's from a reputable brand and don't read a lot of reviews where tons of people complain about breakouts. I usually check makeupalley. :)

  3. wow that pencil is perfect color for brows... Looks great! :)

  4. awesome! i just got my novemeber glossybox, and the items are basically the same as yours this month. the only thing i'm not too happy about was the color of the illamasqua liner i got... it's a baby blue color! but definitely looking forward to trying the argan oil and the lierac face wash.


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