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Shea Moisture Review - I went dark brown

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Hi Everyone,
So I'm on this mission to give myself a makeover.  The first step is cleaning up immediate aspects of my life, such as hair, nails or the way I wear my clothes and shoes.  I've been feeling pretty low about myself lately and came to a realization that I don't really have to live with problems I can easily solve.  Out of the many things I've planned out, the very first step was cleaning up my hair.
The state of my hair was.. well.. hideous. I've dumped a ton of auburn/blonde colors on my hair a couple of times and the result was brassy bleached out frizzy hair.

I was flipping thorough InStyle April 2013 - trying to figure out the right hairstyle for me - and noticed how nice Zooey Deschanel's hair looked on her.  I always thought her hair was lush and cute so I decided to go dark brown like her!! It's a lame way to decide one's hair color, but it's a nice color anyway.

I went to target to pick up some hair dye and came across this product.

Shea Moisture 
The artwork on the box really pops and I liked the fact that it had no ammonia or sulfates in the product.  Judging by reviews and the artwork, I figured this product was targeted towards African-American women. That made it a even a better reason for me to get this product! It's the demographic that puts a lot of effort and research into hair, so it's almost guaranteed to work (no offense)!

So for the $14.99 price tag, there's a lot in the box. 

The usual gloves, developer, color cream, shampoo, conditioner, bottle + leave in conditioning oil and a  brush for professional application. 

The application bottle is huge and I had no problem covering a full head of color. The only thing was, when the color cream and developer is mixed it starts to heat up.. and that was a bit weird for me.  Also, the rinsing process reminded me of old school hair dye: the water wouldn't run clear for the longest time! I stood under the water rinsing out the product for 10 minutes and I still had some colored water coming off. 
Also, on the side note the instructions are VERY helpful.

Anyway - here's the before photos.
As you can see, my hair was an orange-aubrun color, disguised in weird blonde. 

And here's the after. 
The tips came out darker than the middle area, which is a bit obvious in natural sunlight, but in indoor settings it's not that noticeable. With the flash on, the reddish old color comes out a bit..

Overall, I love this box dye.  The massive quantity is great and the color applies very well, even on overly-processed hair like mine.  The shampoo and treatment that comes in the box is pretty nice too.  I'm not crazy about the finishing elixir, but other than that everything justifies the price. 
Of course my hair dried out a bit after the process, but I don't have the weird synthetic feeling in my hair when I'm trying to detangle my wet hair. 

Will I use it again next time? Of course!
I think this box dye is worth a try for people who are seeking drastic color change or have tough colors to cover up. 


-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|: Instagram :|Bloglovin :|-

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  1. personally i dye my hair a lot and had a fully bleached head of hair that was growing out for the longest time. I used the Sally's beauty Ion box dyes and mixed it up myself instead of using box dyes. It didn't dry out my hair and i take the time to usually layer my hair with the dye (for the best coverage) and it worked really well. Maybe you could try it out next time? it's cheaper too in comparison to box dyes.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi catalina!

    this seems like a promising product! i hope i can find this in my country. I haven't had any good experience with hair color so i'm a bit skeptical about this. i exactly know that feeling of having gummy like hair every after bath. i ruined my hair for continuous permanent straightening.

    this is kind of OT since i have no one to ask this and you have work experience so i'd go with that.

    anyway, im planning to find a (summer) job so i could do something with my life while i spend away my summer vacation. but i am kinda hesitant to send away resumes because, well my resume is too... how do i put this correctly....uhm.... too wordy? i'm a graphic arts graduate + technical education undergrad and i am completely in a bind whether if i have to make my resume more artsy or not. my current resume right now looks like a biodata/resume. more like a rushed up resume because i had to include it for me theses under curriculum vitae.

    my point is, im all up with trying to make it creative but i have lots of worries about it, like, the company might think im doing it too much, or, "its just resume why bother trying to make it colourful???" and among other things.

    also i have zero experience of work office but if you count my free lance experience then probably i had like 3. lol

    so uhm, what do you think? i really hope you can help me with this. thank you. if you have like really long answer for this you can just send it to my email:

  4. I love the dark brown on you, I think darker coloured hair suits you best. I totally feel you on the makeover situation. Sometimes you get into a rut and the best way to get out of it is to reinvent yourself. I also think it's the winter blues that tend to amplify these depressed feelings. Lucky for you you're in LA now so you don't have to deal with the wretched weather. Anyways glad to see you back and kicking it on your blogs and youtube. Keep it up.



  5. Omg you look gorgeous with this color! I wonder what you'll look like with pure black hair, it would be such an amazing contrast to your milky complexion <3

  6. Hair and make up look so purdy! I was having that same issue with my hair recently. The dyed/highlights were becoming horrendous as my hair grew out. After I dyed it a darker natural color, I felt like a new woman!

  7. the color really suits you ^_^

  8. What a lovely colour ^^ Suits you very well!!!

  9. you're right that many of us are obsessed with hair care hahaha i know i am! i've never tried the shea moisture hair color, but i like their other products. i think this dark brown looks great on you!

  10. Hey Catalina, I wanted to tell you because I just dyed my hair that the Ion Color Brilliance brand at Sally Beauty Supply is awesome! I felt like the drugstore hair color was drying me out, so I wanted to go with another brand (and there's not much selection for demi-permanent althought that line has both demi- and permanent color). If you decide to go with another brand next time, I would definitely check it out. The colors run very dark and it requires more research because they are like salon quality, but I am amazed at how shiny and healthy it has made my hair look. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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