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First Impressions : Wet n' Wild Lipstick Haul + Swatches

-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|: Instagram :|Bloglovin :|-

I've gotta admit - I haven't been up to date with drugstore brands, and I was blown away when I was able to purchase 14 lipsticks with 30 bucks! You can't even buy two MAC lipsticks with that money o_O (..well, tax and everything kicks up the price from $15/ea)!

All inclusive cost was $30.35! woo-hoo!

I'm always on the hunt for good lipstick and I stumbled upon someone's review on the Wet n' Wild megalast lipsticks. With Walgreens having a 'Buy 1, get 1 half off' deal, I was able to pick out all the shades that tickled my interest without worrying about my wallet shrinking.

Initially, I ordered 16 lipsticks, but 2 were out of stock and I only received 14 in the mail.
5 MegaShield Lipcolor lipsticks and 9 MegaLast lipsticks.

Let's start with the five MegaShield Lip Colors.

First off, the packaging is atrocious... After pealing off layers and layers of packaging and tape, I was able to open up the plastic clear tops.
The colors are absolutely gorgeous, but the quality of the packaging is total garbage.. All of the lipsticks were smeared on the wall of the tube and I was constantly worried I was going to break the steam. Other than the packaging quality, the swatch quality and pigmentation is an absolute delight. 
The formula is extremely creamy and opaque, and it doesn't have the dry feel that some lipsticks have. 

When I was looking at colors online, I thought 'Within These Adobe Walls' was going to be the winner, but in real like I love 'It's a Girl' and 'A Current Affair'
Lovely, lovely! These were a dollar more expensive than the MegaLast lipsticks, but I think it's totally worth the extra dollar splurge!

Next is the MegaLast lipsticks (9 total). 

Again, the packaging......
Oh. My. Goodness.
I have never in my life seen such inconsistent packaging, ever!
The shape of the bottles were all different and the amount of stick showing was all over the place too. Most of the lipsticks managed to smear off the color on the inner part of the clear top. Dollhouse Pink came as a defect and doesn't even go up or down...

Oye, BUT! After going through the shock of the bad quality packaging, I took a deep breathe and started swatching the lipsticks on my wrist. I have to say, I really like the pigmentation and the thick consistency. 
The formula is matte, but not in a dry way.  The colors aren't as harsh as they seem in the tube. If you aren't sure about the application, these could work great with a lipstick brush too!

All colors in 3 layers

Out of them all, my top choices are 'Mauve Outta Here', "Smokin' Hot Pink' and 'Purty Persimmon'. I have pretty pale skin, so bold vivid colors tend to bring life to my face..

I purposely didn't swatch them on my lips because I still want to do individual reviews of all of these colors. Well, not just these lipsticks, but all of my lipsticks are on my 'To-Review' list. ;)

Anyway - my first impression of these lipsticks is..

It was worth the wait!! (for the package to be delivered :p)
The products lived up to my expectation and I am super excited to try these out and share my thoughts!

I will update you guys whenever I get to try out a shade for a whole day (or a couple of days). 

Let me know what shades you guys are interested in! :)


-|:Youtube :|: Facebook :|: Twitter :|: PrettyDNA :|: Vlog :|: FourSquare :|: Instagram :|Bloglovin :|-

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  1. Aww the packaging sounds so terrible! I never thought wet n wild has bad packaging like that. I was interested in this brand cause of the cheap lipsticks but now I'm not sure if I should try but the colors look so pigmented. I actually like dollhouse shade the most <3 thank you for your review ^^

  2. "It's A Girl" looks like something I would love, but would look terrible on me. Pinky shades tend to look a bit off on me.

  3. I really love their megalast range, so pigmented! crappy packaging but then again its so cheap hehehe. my fave shades are cherry bomb, bare naked their sugar plum fairy shade is a more pigmented dupe for mac rebel, while the vamp it up is a dupe for mac cyber/smoked purple <3

  4. those lipsticks looks amazing! thanks for the review.


  5. Catalina! I miss your YouTube videos because I get to see/hear your awesome personality and makeup looks. When will you come back to us?

  6. Catalina,
    Its my first time posting here, and i wanted to tell you how much i miss your youtube videos! I have watched your videos since 3-4 yrs ago, and you were and still are my favourite youtuber/beauty guru.

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