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Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

It's not one of the million products I've been researching or looking to buy. I needed an additional 10-ish dollars to spend at and this product caught my eye.

I've struggled with acne most of my adulthood (long-time blog followers probably know this since most of my past posts were somewhat related to skin problems :p) and have never been able to FULLY get rid of them. I still get random onesies every now and then. One of the biggest side-effects is the red/brownish scars that are left all over my face and neck. It's sad because most of the scars are due to my impatient picking on the acne, and with so many years layers on top of each other, my face has become one huge blob of redness.  I also have tiny disconnected (aka spider) veins all over my cheek and nose area that worsens the overall redness.

Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Color Correcting cream says 'it reduces signs of redness, uneven skin tone and acne and blemishes, ohhh??!  AND it's SPF 30?!! - I thought 'why not!'

Here's how it looks like out of the box:

For those with a curious mind, yet lazy fingers, here's a how Wikipedia describes Tiger Grass:
Thysanolaena maxima (amliso)[1] (Nepaliअम्लिसो), is a perennial grass plant found in hilly regions of Nepal, northern and eastern parts of IndiaBhutan, and Philippines. The flowers of this plant are used as cleaning tool or broom, which is known as कुच्चो kuchcho in Nepali.
"Tiger Grass" is a common name for this plant throughout the tropics where it is grown as an ornamental. It may be used to create the effect of bamboo, which it resembles, but to which it is not related. It also is called "broom grass" in areas where its flowers are used as a cleaning tool.

here's how the cream looks like in the jar:

It looks and feels pretty thick, but it spreads out quite matte and thin.
Not greasy-shiny, but also not toothpaste-matte. It's somewhere in the middle, and as an oily person, I like how it's not on the overly shiny side.
I have huge pores and oily/sticky skin, and the surprising aspect of this cream is that it sits on the skin with substantial coverage without being cakey. It's also a light mint color in the jar, but when you're applying on the skin it turns into a skin-toned beige, so no worries of a pasty white cast! :)

I use it after my sunscreen, and before my foundation.
I don't use a primer during the hotter days (80% of the year here in LA), so this somewhat of a primer step for me nowadays.

L-R: (1) Sunscreen already applied, Dr. Jart+ dabbed on. YOu can see redness around the nostrils and on the cheek area. (2) Dr. Jart+ evened out, foundation (2 colors mixed) on the skin; (3) All smoothed out - there's still some visible redness/scars on the cheek area, but nose area seems evened out. 

It's not a miracle cream, but I think it does a decent job.
I've tried it alone and also as a foundation base, and I think it definitely works better when paired with other foundation/BB cream/cushion foundation/etc. skin makeup.

What it's good for:

  • Color correction (moderate/mild redness)
  • Skin makeup base (OK as a primer replacement)
  • Mattifying oily skin 
  • Keeping foundation looking 'fresh' throughout the day

What it's not good for:
  • Pore coverage
  • Scar coverage 
  • Used as a concealer 
  • Stand-alone skin makeup (coverage is too weak on its own - it's not even at a BB cream level)

I'm not blown away by this product, but at the same time, I can't find faults in it either. 

I paid $18 for it at Sephora and 2 months into using this cream. I use a liberal amount daily and I feel like I've barely made a dent in the amount in the jar. 

I'm not actively looking for a 'better' product - but let me know if you guys have a holy grail color correcting product! I think I might need comparisons to really know what the true worth of this product is! :)


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