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New Passion! -- Hint: Something Green

Something Green?
No, not money. Ok, maybe that too, but I've decided to write in this blog on something that I'm very passionate about.


From makeup to birds, to drawing to DIY.. I've had many passionate affairs with different topics over the past decades. None of them have fallen out of my interest, but bringing myself to share my interest with the world (again, after departing from makeup) was proven HARD.

I guess I just felt like people would be judgy about my interests.. I'm still very insecure about what people will think of me.

But, oh - what the heck. I really need a platform to talk about everything that interests me, so I decided to come back to my blog while I'm relatively still at the very beginning stage of indoor (and a bit of outdoor) plants.

So, here we go. I'm adding plants into the blog categories, and we can talk about all things green

I've also made a new Instagram, just to post about my plants and parrots.


...Original, heh? :)

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